Clear Boutique’s Racy Couture

clear nOn 26 September, NY Fashion Week, guests queued around the block to see the fashion show for the celebrity designer of the moment, Kia Vonvega, and her Clear Boutique’s Racy Couture Collection. Kia designs gorgeous high fashion couture dresses, sexy 2 piece crop tops with pants and vinyl jump suits. Her stuff is becoming quite well known-and loved-by celebs as well as everyday fashionistas and fans. Clear Boutique’s collection is racy, wild and sexy and the production showing it off this night was put on by the innovative and inspiring Davina Reichman and NYC Fashion Runway.

There was a slew of Clear Boutique’s signature leotards revealed on leggy models….leotards created in such naughty fun style that they are only a millimeter away from revealing more than just leg! Fanciful indulgences, colored mesh lining, corresponding high heels and earrings along with complementing gloves adorned the runway cuties. The models as much sported swoon-worthy high ponytails, heavy cat’s eye makeup and pastel colored lips in mint green, with sky blue and dusty purple also in abundance. Styling here was by the NY Fashion Week stylists Shannon Davis & Rosalinda Biddle Stylist Team.

As we all well know fashion is all about individualistic expression….and there was lots of that on hand the night of Clear’s show. The sexy and more than slightly dominant Madam Marvelous opened the show dancing and singing her single “Broom Bitch”-looking stunning in a one-piece black outfit-while the models walked to Chriss Vargas ft. Sakura “I Control You” plus plenty other dope sounds.

Kia Vonvega herself designed a metallic stretch simple sexy outfit for the night’s pièce de résistance.

Clear Boutique’s couture is sold exclusively through the top high-end showrooms in the USA and online at:

Check out the Von Gutenberg couture here.


Photos by Adam Z Lein.

TYRA Beauty

Attempting to force the word ‘smize’ into the lexicon, heading “America’s Next Top Model,” working as a top model herself, recent graduate from Harvard and now launching TYRA Beauty where she wants to make everyone a business “man” just like herself, Tyra Banks certainly has her hands full.

The super model’s new e-commerce web presence is the portal for all that is the lady’s desires… and certainly where to acquire the make-up line she is selling. Coining another word, Tyra looks to as much sell her products for lips, eyes and face as she wants to cull independent contractors of ‘beautytainers’ (that’s the clever mix of entertainment and beauty, is you didn’t know) to sell her new make-up line. She calls it “CEOYou Selling” (one wonders if Tyra took extra linguistics courses at Harvard as she seems to like to invent words so often) where her minions “will sell products by throwing fierce parties at their homes and online” as well as create their own websites for “rackin’ up them bank signs!”

The lady does seem to have learned a thing about pyramid models and how to exploit the web.

Claiming beauty, business and badassery as her main site headings and the seeming touchstone of her philosophy Tyra claims she will teach the power of “tooching booties” “strutting thighs” and “smizing eyes” to whomever wishes her tutelage. Bad grammar and spelling not withstanding.

All this power-of-positive-Tyra-Bank-ery bank exists on a website that would probably make any feminist cringe; Tyra lays claim to how make-up helped her so much in her life. But one need remember that “Tyra beauty is not just a cosmetic line it’s a cosmetic experience.”

Where this will all take the fetching African-American lady, who knows? For right now, Tyra seems to be coining phrases and culling recruits.





Paris Hilton Fetish?

paris HIt’s not the first time we’ve seen her showing so much skin, nor the first time we have seen her sporting what we’d probably consider mainstream “fetish couture”; Paris Hilton indulged in what certainly has the makings of BDSM-themed wardrobe at NYC’s PH-D Rooftop Lounge last week.

Whether she is catching the wave of Fashion Weeks (the NYC one having happened the beginning of Sept.), looking to shock or simply enjoying the feel of leather gloves, the cutouts of a very revealing swimsuit, her thigh high boots, Paris was dressed for events like those we feature here. Photographer Renie Saliba, stylist Mark Jen Hsu, make-up artist Beau Derrick and hairstylist Ty Shearn had the blonde, lanky heiress looking about as far and away different from her usual soft half-lidded eyes look as possible. She looked good, chic, she look naughty, but she certainly still looked every bit as much Paris.

As we have all seen in many instances, far and away far from the models like Rubber Doll, Ophelia Overdose, Sabina Kelley whose work is indeed modeling fetish wear (and have also all worked with Von Gutenberg) Paris Hilton is another one of those celebrities who plays round the edges of alt. couture. And it’s not nessassarily a bad thing she does though, for when our more popular A-list-ers slip on something fetish-y (say Madonna and Katy Perry in that recent W magazine shoot…or even Ceine Dion who wore some very provocative and revealing outfits for a shoot a year or so back) it does get people to stand up and notice…and it gives a good old ‘shout out’ to those of us who work in the industry of alternative outfits.

As we applaud anyone anywhere wearing whatever they like, we recognize this recent foray of Paris Hilton’s to show a little more skin than usual in outfits that are not exactly in her wheelhouse.

Fetish alt. couture is in our wheelhouse…see here:

Baywatch Suit At The Quarter Century Mark

3974cf20-429e-11e4-990a-8d36f7c0f891_baywatch-swimsuits-pamela-andersonAs had Farrah Fawcett in her infamous one piece poster make young boys throughout the world men faster than they ever imagined they could be, so did the jiggle and taut play of those infamous Baywatch red suites capture the imagination and bulging eye of T.V. viewers in the early 90’s (the series ran from 1989 to 2001). Farah’s pic came fast, she did her own hair (actually squeezing lemon juice on her famous highlights and picking her suit from a bunch of others during a shoot even before her Charlie’s Angels fame) but for Pam Anderson, Nicole Eggert, and Alexandra Paul (the three ladies who have the distinction of wearing that TYR red Lycra first), they were merely wearing what most lifeguards wore at the time wore.

Greg Bonann, a Southern California lifeguard created Baywatch went to a competitive swimsuit house for the suits. At the time (and still pretty much as it still is) lifeguards came from the world of competitive swimming. Suits in that case have to be functional. Women simply can’t get into all the action they do as lifeguards donning bikinis!



Producers made sure the swimsuits were tailored to each actress who wore them and though some actresses who came to wear the infamous one piece after Pam, Alexandra and Nicole had various degrees of opinion. But many, like Anderson, liked the suit very much.

“I have the red Baywatch swimming costume in my safe. … I put it on once in a while, jump in the shower and rescue my boyfriend,” she told Elle mag. “I have had quite some moments in that suit.”

The suits went to a yellow color for show’s last two seasons which by then had moved off the mainland for Baywatch Hawaii.

No suits here, but still check out the red, black and all other wonderful colors of our latex here.

The Future of “Fashion Police”

fashion policeAs most of the world (America to be sure) mourned the death of comic legend Joan Rivers there  were those pop fashionistas left wondering about the status of her E! show “Fashion Police.” Up until the week of her procedure/hospitalizing/death Rivers had worked on an Emmy red carpet broadcast and on stage, in fact she was working as much as ever, often joking she’d die on stage.

Living 81 years pretty much doing what you love one can’t ask too much more out of life really.

But what will become of one of the most recently popular shows about fashion? Will Joan Rivers’ death kill-off the popular E! Network award-show broadcast feeding freezing? Will celebs be free now to walk the red carpet no longer fearing Joan and guest hosts comical jabs at what they are wearing? Like it or not, agree with the show’s findings and intent or simply dismiss it all as too much pop culture fodder, “Fashion Police” was a popular show that for many determined the does and don’ts of celebrity style. We don’t have an awards show these days without hours of prelim red carpet entrances, interviews and the ubiquitous “Who are you wearing?” and Fashion Police set the standard for the couture cutting up, wardrobe dress down.

Joan and crew took celebrity down a few notches poking fun at not only what American’s answer to royalty was wearing but how serious they were when wearing it.

Well it seems E! will indeed keep the popular show running. The announcement from the entertainment television network is that “Fashion Police” will indeed return on Monday, January 12th 2015 for Golden Globe Awards coverage. Who all will be on the show that has, at times, featured guest hosts George Kotsiopoulos, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne E! is not yet saying but it seems Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa has a lot of say here and with the network will probably have things well figured before that beginning of January airing.









art undressedBoasting as “South Florida’s sexiest Art Show” ARTundressed celebrates the artistic, humorous, and sensual aspects of creative nude art; both in visual and performance arts. Since its inception, this event has toured many different countries and numerous cities from all over the world, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Berlin (Germany), as well as Montreal and Toronto (Canada). The collection of exhibited artworks is always top-notch showcasing some of today most talented, creative, renowned artists and photographers.

Those submitting to ARTundressed undergo a very calculated and selective process for the show to feature top local, national and international artists, exhibiting some of the best nude art that exert the highest level of creativity. In addition to displaying the best creativity in the nude art genre, a great amount of effort is spent on complimenting the “visual arts” portion of the event with Outrageous Fashion and Tantalizing Entertainment including Top International Deejays, Live Music, and Sexy Performance Art.  Attending the ARTundressed event is truly a memorable, interactive, and erogenous experience.

ARTundressed is known as a “Creative Nude Art” Festival based on the simple fact that, although the event encompasses a lot more attractions than just the art exhibition, the principal element of its essence is depicted by high-quality, unique, provocative and very creative work of art.The entire art collection is fun, humourous, inviting, thought-provoking, and sparks interesting conversations mainly from the co-relation of the subject to the innate sense of self.

The ARTundressed International Art Exhibition is now opened for submissions to all artists worldwide.

To submit go to the |Info| menu of the website and click the “To Submit Your Art” page in the ‘Registration’ section, or access the form directly via this link:

As you know reading Von Gutenberg, coming to our blog, in all the things we do we celebrate all expression of art. You can see our ‘expression’ in our issue #8, click the links below to see it. And be sure to get your art undressed!



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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Wedding Dress Blues?

angelina-jolie-wedding-veil-childrens-designsNew bride Angelina Jolie once told Marie Claire magazine that: “Artists raise their children differently.” Maybe this is true for artists with big bucks, where ‘differently’ is often synonymous with ‘expensive.’ But beyond the fact that it sounds more than slightly pretentious when anyone calls themselves an ‘artist’ (it’s like calling yourself a rebel) there’s no denying that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got their artistic kids involved in their wedding on 8/23.

When American royalty marries-and let’s face it Hollywood celebs are indeed American royalty-it is big news…even if the American royalty marries in France, like Brad and Angelina did. But beyond the big news about the day, and the pictures from it, what seems to have hit the net is how involved Brangelina’s kids actually were in the ceremony.

Beyond ten-year-old Pax baking the cake (as Jolie said “all eight of us are getting married,”) she might indeed be rearing her kids differently than the everyday mom’s and dad’s when one considers her Luigi Massi tailored dress came complete with a veil covered with the couples’ many kids’ drawings.

“Vivienne, Knox and, indeed, all six of our children are such wonderful artists,” the 39 year old daughter of Jon Voight said. “And what better place to reflect their creative talents than my gown.”

Jolie’s veil and train sported motorbikes, Eiffel Towers, “mouse-like creatures” and other artwork rendered by the kids. The words “buttock fattock” were also embroidered on the back of the dress, just about where one’s buttock fattock would be.

Fashion statement or question? New trend for wedding dresses of the future? A celebrated couples’ overindulgence of their kids? A slap in the face to wedding couture the fashion world will never recover from? Who truly knows. All that is true for now is that the world is talking about Brad and Angelina’s wedding, and their kids once again.


There’s no kids involved with Von Goutenberg Couture. Take a look here:

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech: Ladies & Gentlemen, Once Again Science & Fashion Meet


At the 2014 U.S. Open, happening right now, we will see ball boys sporting the newest high tech T-shirt available, the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech.

This “smart shirt” with biometric tracking capabilities carries the recognizable Ralph Lauren couture touchstones, basically the shirt has a giant yellow Polo logo on its front, but its ultra scifi innards were developed by OMsignal. Basically a snug black nylon compression shirt the tee has conductive threads woven into it with a small snap-on module (what Ralph Lauren call the “Black Box) that relays information- heart-rate and breathing data-to a Bluetooth-connected to iPhone or iPad.

In addition to the above, both an accelerometer and gyrometer help track the number of steps a wearer takes and their calories burned.

This shirt is the first public showing of this new line from Polo, right now specially fitted for tennis, but certainly going to be expanded come the Spring when it debuts to the general consumer. The Black Box will be made smaller. And Ralph Lauren claims the technology here will move past pure high fashion tech statements into monitoring of all kinds. For now at the U.S. Open specifically, this shirt can help answer questions about ball boys’ health, standing-out in the sun for countless hours as they do, running sprints across court to gather balls. And truly this shirt is for ball ‘boys’ having been developed only for males presently. But Ralph Lauren promises another of their advancements will be making the shirt for both sexes.

Wearable tech is a burgeoning field…in science and fashion. The overall wisdom is that even if these items are technically technical, in the end when it comes to wearing anything, for whatever purpose, a designer stepping in to give their name or distinctive branding will certainly make the consumer more comfortable to buy the product.

You can be plenty comfortable in and buying anything from our Von Gutenberg couture line. See here.


Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” Video, Fashion Product Placement

Well, it’s no surprise the new Nicki Minaj video for her new single “Anaconda” is getting a lot of attention…and a lot of views. The singer is certainly dressed (or undressed, see here) quite provocatively in what amounts to pretty much a video clip celebration of her celebrated body part (there might be a song in the midst of all that gyrating and skin showing.) But also the video is a modern day testament to great fashion product placement, maybe the best use of fashion product placement any of us have yet seen.

In the video and quite a few stills from it Nicki sports a pair of Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro GS Sneakers in Game Royal color. She also wears a beige Beach Bunny Runny Hot Underwire Bikini Top and Black Faster by Mark Faster mesh leggings. How do I know? Well all this stuff (and more) can be found on the site

Steak Her Style not only hosts a whole bunch of Nicki’s clothes from the past-every time she steps out she seems to be sporting some designer wear-but they host a whole bunch of celebrities doing the same thing…basically being seen in public in clothes that the public can get their hands on.

It used to be we never truly knew who was wearing what in a music video. It was enough we’d get amazed at styles, hairdos and make-up effects. But we live in a world where all information is disseminated at the blink of an eye, if you want to know something you can damn well find it out. Why shouldn’t a designer, couture house, alternate wardrobe maker not be able to advertise their wares if in fact the public cares, as they seem to these days.

We want the information, we get the information. Whether we are Googling for facts on our smart phone the second someone posts a question or we watch the new single “Anaconda.”


V.G. couture info


Fetish Map London 2014/15

FMLcover8.2Our friends at PictureRama Publishing have released their latest Fetish Map London 2014/15, the UK’s leading map of all things fetish..and where to find the kinky and alternative. We report on the publication of each new map, thrilled as we are to announce this issue #8 as much as to champion non vanilla styles and lifestyles across the globe.

Good old London town attracts an abundance of fetish, kinky, alt. enthusiasts, old pros and newcomers both looking for essential information on clubbing events, dungeons, shops and meeting places. Whether one is a tourist, visitor from within the UK or happens to live/work/play in London, it cannot be stated enough that the grand old city is a haven for eccentricity, good times and safe play. The Fetish Map London recognizes all London and its outlaying areas have to offer by listing over 200 shops, clubs, services, munches, body art, hair and beauty, bars, parties, and annual events where hundreds of kinksters gather year after year.

As you’d expect the map features the full Pandor’s Box of pansexual possibilities: fetish, BDSM, TV, gay, bisexual, and kinky and reveals venues, saunas, bars, and meeting places for all tastes and inclinations.

Fetish Map has checked all listings to ensure authenticity, and researched the places they list for their readers’ convenience, saving us all time and effort in the time and effort they took to check things out.

Issue 8 boasts a wider array of advertisers and listings, covering much more than ever before and expanding its international reach the map supplies its fans with more then with what London has to offer.

In conjunction with PictureRama’s Fetish Map publication they also have revealed a reissue #3 of this year’s Burlesque Map London, specifically focused on that sexiest of live performance art. These unique maps are the perfect companions (see their YouTube promotions here: Fetish Map London:

Burlesque Map London:


See our own issue #8 here:

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