(Victoria’s) Angels Getting Married: Behati Prinsloo marries Maroon 5’s/The Voice’s Adam Levine

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo engagedBehati Prinsloo married Maroon 5’s/The Voice’s Adam Levine on Saturday. From their seemingly whirlwind engagement in the summer of 2013, to a wedding that saw 200 strong flood the Floral Farms in Los Cabos, the super celeb couple hosted the obligatory Facebook posts, blogs about the nuptials and well wishers in their stepping-out as man and model.

Behati is Namibian born, becoming main lady of Victoria’s Secret sub-brandPrink in ’08, then a full flegged “Angel “ (yes complete with wings) the next year. She has walked the runway for Chanel, Zac Posen, Miu Miu and many others and has appeared on many fashion magazine covers…Vogue, L’Officiel and “V” to name but a few.

And because a wedding is all about the bride really-poor Levine just had to show up and look metro handsome-bloggers (such as yours truly is about to) made note of her Marchesa gown and Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and (ex Angel) Erin Heatherton flittering around in their Rory Beca dresses.

Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine played during the ceremony (as did the rest of the band later) as well as Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and Sublime during the reception planned by star wedding planners Yifat Oren and Stefanie Cove.

Handsome, well known couples are certainly all the rage across the blog-o’-sphere. But whether or not the meeting of two people supporting super busy high profile careers a good marriage makes, time will tell in the case of Prinsloo and Levine. Still the affair seems to have made all the necessary news sources, plumped-up a goodly amount of fashion news and fed all our voyeurism for a least a day or so.

But Victoria’s Angels keep us all hopeful and lighter of step, knowing our wishes might come true, especially when they light down to earth to marry modern-day rock stars.

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What Jen Selter Teaches Us Jen Selter


Jen Selter literally has social media ‘on her ass’…and what a celebrated backside it is. The 20 year-old fitness model has built herself into an Instagram sensation with 4 million followers and a celebrity built as much around her fitness routines as her round bottom.

But the lady takes her modeling to often empowering heights. Just this past week the comely brunette added a picture of herself walking on a beach in a sexy small bikini (what else would she be wearing?) along with the motivational message:

“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.”

It might come to pass that all this self-attention could turn around and bite Selter on the butt (so to speak). Who knows what the future brings to and with celebrity built on the capricious wind of social media (some people have thrived because of it, others not). One thing is certain though models, musicians, sports stars, politicians even are enjoying up-to-the-minute recognition (good and bad both) over what they do, say, create, reveal across cyberspace. Does one need do or say something truly long lasting to sustain themselves beyond the simple fashion of the day, or is a motivational message an arresting yoga pants selfie, a controversy enough? Maybe in this day and age obsolescence is a foregone conclusion and fashion of every stripe should be changing at even ever blistering quick pace? Maybe if we learn nothing else from our faster-then-fast, look-at-me culture is that one needs to be constantly evolving their image and ideas and a career lasting a few moths should be celebrated, those lasting a few years is a paradigm long extinct.

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig Neil Patrick Harris

Starring in both his first-ever Broadway role as well as in the first-ever Broadway production of the now iconic rock trans musical, Neil Patrick Harris is revealing to audiences why he won a Tony award for his turn in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

This wild interactive musical is an alt. fashionistas dream, a kinksters scene and a shot-in-the-arm of to the big Disney-fied Broadway fare clustering-up the great white way these days. With song titles like “Angry Inch” “Wig in a Box” “Exquisite Corpse” and “Sugar Daddy” you have to know you are not getting The Lion King here or even mainstream kinkiness of Kinky Boots. Shows like Hedwig hardly ever make it to Broadway (the original Hedwig production that enjoyed much critical acclaim had a long run at an off-Broadway house).

It’s Harris’ celebrity and skills that make this revival so popular…and sold out. A T.V. star in his own right, from his years starring in “Doogie Howser M.D.” to being part of the ensemble cast of “How I Met Your Mother” he has proved a talented song-and-dance man, hosting the Tony’s himself in 2009, 11, 12 and 13. He’s also been out since 2006 and his raising two children he and his partner David Burtka adopted from a surrogate mom.

What makes “Hedwig” very cool from a fashion/theatre arts perspective is as much the animation featured into the action as well as how quickly the costume (and mostly wig) changes occur…on stage, in real time of the action. In fact there is only one real moment when Harris is actually off stage for a change, ducking down out of sight during a song, then back up in a totally different look. Once again it speaks to the talent backstage as well as on to make a show like this run smoothly, something Harris actually spoke about when he thanked his dresser during this Tony acceptance speech this year,.

A star-turning performance of rock and roll transgender sublime and high fashion art is occurring at the Belasco Theatre with Neil Patrick Harris recreating Hedwig And The Angry Inch.

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Pippa Middleton, a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and The Rear Heard Round The World

Talk about creating a story over an ‘also ran,’ a runner-up, bridesmaid-and-not-the-bride (literally in this case) Pippa Middleton has now revealed (finally!) that the famous bridesmaid dress she wore to her sister’s wedding, was meant to be “insignificant”.

My God, now that the truth is out, how is the world going to deal?!

You might recall Pippa’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen creation in white that hugged her rear in such a fantastic way she was accused of taking attention from her sister the Duchess of Cambridge. When the bride’s sister held the wedding gown train her back to the camera, Pippa showed the world exactly what a fabulous bottom she sported and from then on the press has been on the story. Yes, the Duke and Duchess’ wedding was a very big deal, but as Pippa says of her dress: “I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress. Really just to sort of blend in with the train.”

Kate's dress holding Dutchess trainDo you ever get the feeling that with all cyber space to write stories across that so much of what we read, tweet, post, write even is trivial at its best, completely useless at its worst? Yes, Pippa is a celeb of sorts (as are the Duke and Duchess, all the royals actually) but wasn’t this her sister’s special day…and wasn’t the wedding enough of a media circus to begin with? Must we really be still talking about this lady’s pert round bottom displayed in her bridesmaid dress three years after the fact?

This story is about fashion (of a sort), celebrity and spectacle (a trio no one can truly ignore) but somehow we still have Pippa’s booty on our minds. It’s a story that doesn’t seem to be able to die.

And one we happen to be blogging about it.

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Queen Elizabeth II and the Game of Thrones Throne

queen-elizabeth-GoT ThroneWhat one person calls a throne another may not…

Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to Ireland’s Belfast set of “Game of Thrones” last week, demurring to take a seat on the show’s prop throne. The H.B.O. mini-series just wrapped its fourth season in its usual spectacularly gory fashion, its high magic, ever-trending blood and sex and tight intrigue making it a very popular series indeed. The Queen’s visit heralded quite the press-making moment to be sure.

The queen declined an offer to sit on the throne from the show, a decidedly nasty looking fetish-like seat more reminiscent of some of the stuff you’d find at one of the events we list on our http://fantasyeventlist.com/. It’d also fit well into a modern Steampunk story. As the show legend goes the throne is supposedly made of the swords of defeated warriors. Either way it is an intimidating seat and one assuredly the 88 year-old monarch would avoid.

The Queen does well visiting the set seeing as “GoT”, which has been filming in Northern Ireland for the past five years filters in millions to the local economy by providing countless onset jobs. The show also bolsters tourism as bunches of rabid fans eager to see show’s environs descend on the area yearly.

The Queen also met ‘showrunner’ David Benioff, writer/producer Daniel Weiss actress Lena Headey who plays “Cersei” on the show, Kit Harrington who plays “Jon Snow,” Sophie Turner who plays “Sansa Stark” and a host of others. The royals also met the show’s prop, costume and set designers, the unsung heroes behind bringing author George R.R. Martin’s series to life.

Whether Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of the show (or has even ever seen an episode) she did secure a model of the famous throne to take away with her.

See the video here of the royal’s visit.

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Baci Coming On Strong Summer 2014…With Delicate Lingerie

baci vodcast

Baci is a name synonymous with lingerie couture. This summer 2014 sees lots happening with the international unmentionable’s brand, from new product launches to the company being represented in various trade shows around the world.

The UK’s infamous Erotic Trade Only Show in Birmingham is where anybody who is anyone in erotic clothing and alternate designs comes to show. In addition to showcasing all of their usual collections at the ETO Show, Baci will be displaying the new items featured in their Spring/Summer Supplement. These include Corsets by Baci, White Label Seduction, Dreams Volume 3, Dreams Hosiery, After Dark Hosiery, and Fetish by Baci. These startling intimate outfits and accessories are sure to be a huge hit at the ETO where Baci is also nominated for a “Best Lingerie Brand” award. Two of Baci’s distribution partners, Kevco and Eropartner, are nominated for “Best Lingerie Distributor” and “Best International Distributor” respectively.

‘Across-the-pond’ the Baci team will also be attending ANME in Burbank, California in July, and the big lingerie/swim suit show Curve Expo at The Javits Center in New York come August.

Talk about globe-trotting to spread the good word about undies!

This summer will also see the introduction of two dedicated hosiery collections from Baci: the afore mentioned Dreams Hosiery will be available in early July, the After Dark collection later in the season.

Baci is as much known for their clothing as for compelling video and photo shoots. They have shot, dressed and featured their models in the most amazing global-wide locations, present their wares in packaging second-to-none in the industry and currently boast twenty partners around the world helping to promote their unique intimates’ fashion vision. Baci has two stories in the U.S. (in L.A. and Miami) as well as monobrand locations in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and Scandinavia.

A brand not to be beat and certainly very busy in 2014, check-out the complete Baci story here.

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La Galerie Provocatrice (Sexy Art Gallery)

erikfoto-eu-0333Never let it be said that Von Gutenberg only champions alluring and provocative photographs. Certainly we love our models, from Ophelia Overdose to Bibana Atada to Rubberdoll. We are proud as punch to work with the designers we do, thrilled with the array of worldwide photographers’ works we display and love the writers too. But just as important to all these other pieces and parcels to our magazine and website are the drawings, paintings and general artwork that we’ve come to love to feature. We’ve worked with truly the best in that regard, names like Armando Huerta, Fang Ling Lee, kinkyrocket.com. This is why we want to let you know about the awfully wicked sexy art gallery summer sale happening over at La Galerie Provocatrice.

The mission of this unique gallery is to advocate and encourage an openness and willingness to enjoy provocative art. The art shown in the Sexy Art Gallery is based on the premise that art can and “should stimulate a positive atmosphere wherever it is placed.” Buy showing and selling a chock-full collection of work from artists from around the world La Galerie Provocatrice gives width and breath to the sexy, the often-times fetish, the always artful and even sometimes fashionable.

The gallery and museum features shows and exhibits like “Rubber, Frills & Thrills.” and “Pornsaints” and artists like Antonio Biella from Italy, Claudie Hek from The Netherlands, Amy Matthews and Alejandra Guerrero from the USA and Australia’s Nila Vanwolf

The Sexy Art Gallery at the Erotic Museum (3rd floor) is at O.Z. Achterburgwal 54 Amsterdam open 11am to 1am f-sat 11-2 and they can be reached via: http://www.sexyartgallery.com/la-galerie-provocatrice-2/

They take online orders in dollars or euros, through all credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer. It would be in your best interest to give the gallery a walk thru if you are in town or a look through when online, You’d be surprised how provocative the world can be.

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Angelina Jolie: From Maleficent to Cleopatra?

Angelina JolieBy now we all know how very well Disney’s new movie Maleficent is doing (it had a $70 million dollar opening weekend.) But beyond the super cool costumes and look, the usual Disney movie magic (not to mention the product tie-ins from toys and a MAC cosmetic line) we all know the star power of a Angelina Jolie helps sells tickets…especially when the woman so perfectly inhabits the forest-queen-gone-bad. It seems though that Brad’s lady is going to take on the role of another famous queen, and very soon…Cleopatra.

As Jolie says of tackling the role of the famous Egyptian lady in a soon-to-be-seen remake: “There have been lots of different ideas of directors and lots of different discussions.” She has also implied that this might very well be the film that ends her professional acting career, “It’s one of those that you feel like well, maybe that’s the one you put everything into and that’s where you end it, that’s where you finish,” the super star says. “In a great way, what could you do beyond that one?”

Infamously (some would say) played by and starring Elizabeth Taylor in 1963 Cleopatra was the film that nearly bankrupt 20th Century Fox. Starring Taylor’s off-again/on again husband Richard Burton as Mark Antony, the film is legendary as much for its cost, location changes as its stunning scenery and the even more stunning turn by Taylor…big shoes indeed for Jolie to fill. The new adaptation, at least the one the powers-that-be are sticking to presently was written by Forrest Gump writer Eric Roth.

Award-winning director Ang Lee is supposedly on board as well.


A remake of such an iconic film with one of today’s biggest stars sounds like a box office slamdunk. And in light of Maleficent’s numbers one would think Jolie can do no wrong. But nothing is ever set in Hollywood and as fashions so quickly change so do the fickle film public’s fanaticism over celebrities.

Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra? Only time will tell.

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Dos Santos new site design

German leather designer Dos Santos has infused their website with a brand new appearance. With all their pictures now clearly arranged and finally offering their text in English http://www.petradossantos.com is now launched for optimum viewing.

You can check out this video the design house is proudly displaying, a spontaneous bit of cheeky fun that came from their last shooting and of course you can play around on the website to see all those unique Dos Santos offerings. Those offerings include clothing for men and women, accessories, uniform-like styles and fetish wear, high couture fashions and even toys.

In what is a very unique bit of special fun and quite a refreshing humble admission, Dos Santos is offering a sexy present to anyone who currently finds a programming flaw on their site. As we all know, none of us are immune to mistakes and when a new site launches or changes are made there are bound to be something’s overlooked. Petra dos Santos and her crafty enchanting team of artisans invite you to have a very good look around indeed.

Dos SantosAs has always been the case with Do Santos their exclusive leather designs are made in Berlin, they use only the very best in European leather and render and design to the strict German certification regulations that guarantee absolutely no cancer causing agents. With the net exploding daily with alternate clothes designers, unique stylists (or at least ones claiming they are unique) and the vast landscape of the net to explore and buy from it is good to find a designer/creator like Dos Santos. Here is a brand that truly delivers high quality leather goods.

As for the future of the brand? Well Dos Santos just revealed their new collection in Munich at http://www.boundcon.com  and will be revealing it once again on June 7th and  8th in Berlin at the http://www.german-fetish-fair.de .

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Costumes of Downton Abbey: Fashion Is Everywhere

Downton-Promo-shotWhat is ever interesting about fashion is how it slithers its ubiquitous tendrils through all levels of media and society. Exactly what ‘it’ is really no one can rightly say (what you find fashionable and hip someone else will call trash.) From passing fads to haute couture the fashion wind-of-constant-change has its course altered as much by the taste of a select few as by commerce. Influenced these days as much by YouTube as movies, what Jada Pinkett Smith might wear, ever-wed to rock and roll, fashion as always finds itself at the forefront of our lives (it certainly fuels the VG business). The new exhibit Costumes of Downton Abbey at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware make clear how every bit fashion is important in our media and to one of the most popular television shows currently running.

The expansive Winterthur Museum with its 60 acres of gardens, adjoining exhibits and the 175 room house itself hosts this very impressive exhibit of period costume-ry until January 4th. The Sunday evening PBS Masterpiece series period (you could even say ‘vintage’) clothing is on display from “Anna’s” apron all the way ‘up’ the social strata ladder to “Lady Edith’s” wedding dress. Lady Sybil’s” harem pants are here as are plenty of suits, dresses and accessories specifically designed for the Downton Abbey show. Nearly 35 pieces with their story are included in the collection, enough for any late 18th-century aficionado to drool over, a fashionista to adore, period costume piece historian to want to take home or Downton Abbey fan to just die for.

Yes, it is true fans of this ever popular show with the adorable Maggie Smith at the helm declare their love for the situations and characters, there is still no denying the lure of the clothes of a television series, especially those of a period piece. How many times have you heard people speak about the fashions of Mad Men, the costuming on superhero shows like Agents of Shield. One could write whole blogs about the amazing shoes Lucy Liu sports as “Joan Watson” on the U.S. ‘updated’ version of Sherlock Homes Elementary or the PBS Sherlock where actor Benedict Cumberbatch sports the ubiquitous Deerstalker hat as his own version of the famous detective.sherlock deerstalker hat

Yes fashion is everywhere…and thank God for that!

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