Happy Passover, Easter and Spring from Von Gutenberg

Happy Easter & Passover from Von GutenbergSo those two main religious spring holidays are upon us this week: Passover and Easter. We here at Von Gutenberg hope you enjoy either that you celebrate, or both if you do…or none at all and just get out and enjoy the fresh air. Grab a lover or family member, go egg hunting, sit at seder, or just run among the flowers.

This is the season for a literal ‘rebirth,’ even for those of us not even in an area of the world that experiences a true dark and cold winter season. We all feel those fallow times hopefully always followed by days and nights full of promise, potential and warmer weather. Think about peeling off work clothes and fitting on your favorite latex catsuit or those ridiculously high heels. How ’bout wiggling into your favorite corset (guy and girl both) heading out to a party or just to model for a lover? This sense of rebirth, change, ‘un’budding (if you will allow me) is something we all ache for and need.

Yes, we see the obligatory fashion runways full for Fall and Winter clothing, but aren’t we all so much more (or at least equally) interested in Spring and Summer lines? Even if you’re not ‘bikini ready’ (guy or girl) don’t you feel that niggling want to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine? There are Spring/Summer lifestyle latex events we are all especially aware of (check out fantasy event list for those) fans and fashionistas alike have been waiting a long cold dark winter for. For many of us we see Easter and Passover as the kick-off to a full warm delightful run of months where just about anything could-and should-happen.

Beyond the partying and alternative modeling there should be time to consider and enjoy family. Then again it shouldn’t take a holiday to grab your nearest and dearest close to you and get out and about with them. Let’s face it, time is too short not to zip-up and have some fun in the Springtime.

No matter what that fun happens to entail.

Check out the events on our Fantasy Even List calendar and check out the rest of the Von Gutenberg world.


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Rolling Stones’ Folly: Julia Louis-Dreyfus ‘Inked’ For The Country All Wrong

Rolling StoneWe are always on the lookout for anything that has to do with latex fashion, as much as we are anything ‘alternative.’ Certainly tattoo culture falls into this category, as Von Gutenberg issue #8 with Megan Massacre on our cover will attest. This tattoo-themed issue sees all manner of model and art, events and reporting about tattoos. It’s no wonder then when we catch wind of Julia Louis-Dreyfus wear a U.S. Constitution tat on her bare back as the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone Magazine, we would take notice.

We also took notice of what everyone is now learning is a mistake on that tat on her back.

Sure, it’s a sexy shot of the ex-“Seinfeld”, current “Veep” star bare on the magazine’s cover. The spunky brunette is bent slightly over to show off her adorned back (and a smidgen of the top of her booty) but there is a mistake on the tat. John Hancock’s signature can be clearly seen written across JLD’s tailbone, but as has now been made quite clear on blogs, in newspapers and on T.V. talking points, founding father Hancock did not sign the U.S. Constitution.

Uh oh Rolling Stone!

The magazine claims that Hancock sighed the Declaration of Independence which they say is printed on the Julia’s front. But running out of room across Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as one surely would, little lady that she is, R.S.simply put the Hancock signature on the lady’s back.

As any good comic actor would, Louis-Dreyfus laughed this all off when asked to comment in the Huffington Post. And really, in the end, it’s a cover that’s bound to catch your eye, no matter if it is historically accurate. The tattoo is rendered perfectly (if not at all permanently) and who doesn’t appreciate one of our better known female celebs baring a little booty and having fun?

Julia Louis-dryfus

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The Continuing Photoshopping Controversy

Jimmy Choo Nicole KidmanIn new pre-fall 2014 Jimmy Choo adds Nicole Kidman is all but unrecognizable because of photoshopping. And the point is? The 46 year-old actress can be made to look much younger and wholly unlike herself. Critics are lining-up to cry foul over a technique models have been undergoing since the days of airbrushing fueling the fire of the continuing photoshopping controversy.

This debate and the actual paradigm resulting from it, where the ‘thing’ that critics rail against becomes the actual ‘thing’ is akin to auto-tuning in modern day singers. Once simply a tool used by studio engineers for woefully out-of-tune singers, Cher made the actual auto-tuning ‘flange’ sound a recognized effect in her hit “Believe”. As we all know Cher can sing and Nichole Kidman in any stage of photo trickery is certainly worthy of any fashion modeling. It’s just that what used to pass as the effects and trickery used to bring people up to certain standards now seems to be the standard bearer.

H.B.O. “Girls” creator Lena Dunham appeared on a February Vogue cover obviously photoshopped. Her pictures ignited such a fire storm that website Jezebel offered $10,000.00 for the untouched images, which they did eventually get. To all this silliness Dunham tweet: “Some s–t is just too ridiculous to engage…let’s use our energy wisely, 2014.”

Yes, we could come to consider this all a great big cheat, but if pro baseballs stars are allowed to take drugs to enhance their current performance, and it becomes de rigueur, well that’s the playing field (pardon my pun) we are all now playing on, isn’t it? The couture world certainly is in the center of questions about the legitimacy of photoshopping, but really in almost all business a form of  ‘cheating’ (if we can even call it that) occurs all the time.

Is this cheating simply the evolution of our abilities?

Check out our photos in issue #8 here:

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Brawlers bandOn Friday April 11, 2014 alternative music publication, Soundsphere magazine will be working alongside The Duchess team to promote a special showcase event aimed at promoting the very best in rock music from around the region.

The headline act for the evening will be Alcopop! Records’ new signing Brawlers which features current and ex-members of some of Leeds’ most iconic alternative acts including Harry Johns of Dinosaur Pile-Up and The Old Romantic Killer Band, as well as Anthony Wright of Castrovalva. Vocalist Harry comments on  Brawlers’ part in the showcase: “We’re incredibly excited to come and play York. It’ll be a first for the band and we’re super happy it’s with Soundsphere as they’re a publication that has always been great to us and our previous bands – a great bunch of people with solid values and intelligence. Having said that: let’s get wrecked!”

In support will be some of York’s freshest and best known talent in the form of energetic garage rock two-piece …And The Hangnails, and up-and-comers Bull. Also on the bill will be Hull-based pop-punk outfit Less Deceived.

Soundsphere magazine editor, Dom Smith says that York’s music scene has never been stronger: “We’re in a very fortunate position to have lots of dedicated promoters of live music in this city, and it’s cool to take inspiration from them once in a while and put on a show with the almighty Duchess venue behind us.”

The Duchess’ Events Manager, Dean Shakespeare comments on the strength of the line-up, and the excitement within York’s scene at the moment: The Duchess already host many shows and is renowned regionally and nationally for the high standard of artists playing the venue, this alongside the musical talent and international exposure Soundsphere magazine brings to the table. Really makes us look forward to a continued partnership.”

For more information on the night, visit: www.theduchessyork.co.uk and www.soundspheremag.com

Soundsphere magazine, in association with The Duchess present Brawlers, …And The Hangnails, Less Deceived and Bull. Friday, April 11 7.30pm through until 11pm.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from The Duchess’ website for £3.50 or £4.50 on the night of the show.


Von Gutenberg Recommends: 1000 Tattoos by Taschen

search The new 1000 Tattoos by Taschen is a chock-full little hardcover. Not only are we treated to some amazing pictures of tattoos (and the people sporting them) but in usual inimitable Taschen style we get plenty of text about the history of ‘wearable art’. 19th century engravings and tribal body art are on display here. Classic biker designs and colorful famous circus ladies are revealed. There are designs featured from Japan and other ports-of-call of sailors. And the book includes modern day examples of folks who live what used to be an alternative lifestyle either by being tattooed or working in the field…or both.

As you will recall, Von Gutenberg issue # 8 is tattoo themed. We feature TLC “New York Ink” TV star Megan Massacre on our cover (and in a stunning pictorial between our pages.) We also featured model Soma Snakeoil (among other ladies in that issue) a provocative woman who sports quite some interesting ink herself. We have art and photo essays in number eight revealing lots of tatted skin and even a “Best of Celebrity” tats essay. Really, we are no strangers to the tattoo lifestyle sensibility. And of course as latex devotes we find a kinship to any subculture that defines itself by a specific mark, clothing or interest. This is why issue number eight is tattoo themed and why this new Taschen book thrills us so.

Taschen books also thrill us simply because we know well the consistent quality of the house. This provocative publisher with its many stores throughout the world (in cities like London, New York and Berlin to name a few) continues to publish books of high art and design. They also hit on the avant-garde and sneak in lots of sex in their hardcovers. Known as much for their tomes like “The Big Book of Breasts” and Liz Earl’s self-researched ‘Cougar” status, Taschen also publishes books on architecture, The Beatles, big coffee-table hardcovers on specific cities, movies and comics…and this tattoo book. The visual-no matter the subject-married with an always informed background on the subject (presented in 3 languages in each book) is what makes a Taschen book what it is.

Grab yourself a copy of 1000 Tattoos and even Von Gutenberg issue 8 and have at tats!

Grab yourself a copy of our issue #8:

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First-Ever Tattoos Exhibition to Feature at 2014 BIG Industry Show and U.S. Cannabis Cup

imgresAmericans spent a staggering $1.65 billion on tattoos every year. Add to this fact that 2014 saw (and continues to see) maruianna legalization at the forefront of U.S. news. It stands to reason then that a tattoo exhibition occurring during the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup 2014 in Denver, Colorado (4/16-4/20) is the perfect timely marriage.

If you have feasted your eyes over Von Gutenberg issue number 8, you have caught TLC tattoo TV star Megan Massacre on our candy pink cover. We feel it’s our duty then to hip you all to the above tattoo happening at such a cool event. We are proud to announce the first ever tattoo exhibition occurring at the innovative Industry Show and High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup.

The event runs from April 16 thru 20, beginning with the two-day BIG Industry Show celebrating the 420 lifestyle’s leading business-to-businesses. The Galleria glass exhibition will follow on April 18. Featuring work of glass-blowing artists at the forefront of the marianna smoking industry, this day will be open to the public for the first time. The whole weekend concludes with the two-day U.S. Cannabis Cup on April 19 and 20.

Tattooing will be available at the event, beginning with that huge two day Industry Show. Featured tattoo stars scheduled to appear (and tattoo) include John Anderton, Forrest, Daniel Walker, El Whyner, Cesar Morales, Karl Berringer, Garrett Harper and many more.

The weekend will be held at the Denver Mart exhibition center. The huge event space is sure to see upwards of 30,000 for this get together of 420 advocates, tattoo fans and just the lay person interested in both smoke and tattoo ‘fashion’. This weekend will prove to be one of the most talked about events of early 2014, a true marriage of stylish cultures and mores.

Suffice it to say, all are welcome.

And all are welcome to check out our tattoo issue # 8 here:



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Oscar Couture 2014: The Good, The Bad and The McConaissance Of Fashion

Jared Leto OscarWe really do get so caught up with the pomp and circumstance. We know it is all just A-list asslicking, still we get wrapped up. Surely Angelina Jolie doesn’t need any more recognition, Julia Roberts another moment to seemingly be amazed or Meryl Streep another nomination. And God knows the whole blessed thing goes on far too long. But we will never give up our love for Oscar night…or Oscar couture.

This year we had Jennifer Lawrence tripping outside not even ‘in’ the theater yet…as she did tripping up the stairs on the way to accepting her Oscar last year. This time she wore a trippingly fantastic form-fitting orange/red strapless number from Dior. Lupita Nyong’o was in Prada blue that she designed herself. Leonardo DiCaprio wore an Armani tux. Best actor Matthew McConaughey sported contrasting Dolce & Gabbana jacket and pants and Jared Leto white Saint Laurent shirt and jacket, black pants and red bow tie.

So there was a lot to see, lots for E TV to cover and everybody else to quibble over. Plenty of fashion designers got shout-outs and there were hours pre the show to get a good look at everybody. It all made for another great turn where we watched, wished and applauded as Hollywood patted itself on the back.

Host Ellen Lee DeGeneres broke Twitter with a seflie, “Gravity” grabbed a whole bunch of technical awards. Bruce Dern got passed over but the 86th Academy Awards came and went with its fashions and we took notice.

Take notice of what is happening in Von Gutenberg issue #8 with cover girl Megan Massacre.

300: Rise of an Empire…Blood, Action and Hot Leather Couture


It’s time to get turned on by overly saturated metallic colors and dudes in bare chest-ed fashions flexing in slow motion; 300: Rise of an Empire is marching towards us faster than even we could imagine.

In this more-then-a-fantasy sequel to 2007’s 300 General Themistokles is leading the charge against invading Persian forces led by the mortal-turned-god Xerxes and commander Artemisia. It’s more than just super cool wardrobe that spurn these men on though, as these films are known for their slow motion action style…sure to be evident in this new film as well.

After its victory over Leonidas’ 300 (the first movie) the Persian Army under Xerxes marches towards the major Greek city-states in Rise. Athens lies first on Xerxes’ path so it’s up to Admiral Themistocles fleet, aligned with his enemy Sparta, to do battle against Xerxes. In this film we are also said to witness the Battle of Salamis.

Audiences seem to like historical recreations of insurmountable odds (300 did very well at the box office) as well as leather, sweat and hunky nearly bare dudes (sounds like quite the fetish gathering, huh?) All that stretched leather, metal and even sweat certainly plays well to us here at Von Gutenberg; we wouldn’t be worth anything in the old latex lifestyle fashion field if we couldn’t recognize some thrill with what 300 Rise of an Empire is throwing on the big screen.

The question is, can this second movie make as startling an impression as the first?

Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel writing (the man who some would say resurrected the Batman franchise) and featuring the costuming talents of Alexandra Byrne (and a make-up department I can’t even list here there are too many names) 300: Rise of an Empire is released 3/7.

We will certainly be there.

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Von Gutenberg mourns the un’fashionable’ (and untimely) death of Fashion Designer Michele Savoia


Some very unusual things do happen round NYC city way…as you can well imagine. Fetish, fashion (alternative and straight), fun, frolicking, abound in the winter months in the Big Apple as well as any other time. In the case of the Fashion Week that just passed, sometimes all those ‘f’s’ come together…and it’s a good time had by all.

But sometimes news from the NYC fashion world is not co couture-tastic.

It seems that fashion designer, Michele Savoia was ‘discovered on Feb. 16th, Sunday afternoon near his houseboat in Manhattan’s very cold Hudson River.

The 55 year-old Savoia was born not so far from the site of his body being discovered, across the water in Hoboken N.J. Hoping to pursue a career as a cartoonist at Disney, Savoia was encouraged to change the course of his life for a more ‘serious’ career of fashion designer, by both his father and his grandfather who was a master tailor.

Graduating from NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology in the ‘70s, Savoia trained under designer Bill Kaiserman than launched his House of Savoia in the year Orwell loved.

Celebs like Matt Dillon, Robert DeNiro, and Mickey Rourke wore Savoia’s designs, and the man also created costumes for Broadway shows like the revival of “Evita” and Nora Ephron’s  ”Lucky Guy.” He also designed nightclub interiors and owned two clubs –sexy lifestyle village bar the Fat Black Pussycat and The Cheetah Club — until mid-1990s. Quite the Big Apple character, “Savoia the Tailor” loved art deco, rode motorcycles and enjoyed tattoos like our latest Von Gutenberg cover girl, Megan Massacre.

Working in latex or not we salute all iconoclast designers at Von Gutenberg Magazine. The alternative fashion world, as well as the world in general will miss a spirit like Michele Savoia’s.


Gettin’ Your Kicks…Sarah Jessica Parker/Victoria Beckham/The Beatles


As I have been reporting the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (two of them actually) happened in NYC just recently. ‘On the heels’ of all that fashion-if you will allow me the phrase-I wanted to pay a little attention to what’s new in the world of shoes for this blog. As much part of couture as any other article or accessory, footwear deserves a mention I feel…even if some of what I report below had nothing to do with Fashion Week.

With a very NYC –based flavor/reputation to be sure, it seems that Sarah Jessica Parker has partnered with Manolo Blahnik to create a shoe line. Featuring a strip of grosgrain running up the back seam of every shoe (reminiscent the actress/designer says of the signature ribbon she always wore in her hair as a child) the SJP shoe line features pumps, flats and T-straps, with prices ranging from $195-$475, quite the price break from the usual higher prices of Manolo Blahnik. As Ms Parker claims: “…I really tried to give women beautiful silhouettes and colors and excellent quality for their money.”

Ms. Parker created a “Carrie heel,” for the line from the name of her character on Sex In The City.

Speaking of something directly related to fashion week, at NYC’s Parsons The New School for Design Victoria Beckham (in town with hubby and children to attend/show at Fashion Week) admitted that she not only wants to add shoe designing to her considerable empire but managed a shout out to designers present in the 800 strong audience to present their ideas to her: “If anybody here is a shoe designer, please do come and see me!” she said.

There were big doings in the Beckham design camp during New York Fashion Week as it was feared Beckham would be cancelling shows, not have a line ready etc. (she had her show though with hubby and kids in attendance.)

She also added during her talk at Parsons that she can see developing men’s shoes as well.

If you haven’t realized it was the The Beatles 50th anniversary in coming to America you must not have been near a T.V. radio or your computer this past month. In keeping with the spirit of The Fab Four’s debut on American shores and not forgetting fashion one little bit Vans is releasing a footwear collaboration with The Beatles, featuring four sneakers with artwork inspired from their animated Yellow Submarine film. Retailing from $65-$75, the line includes four different sneakers, from classic “Slip-Ons” showing sea monsters in an ocean of pink, “The Era” showing John, Paul George and Ringo wearing rainbow pants and hanging out in a yellow garden and the “Authentic” with “Allyouneedislove” littered across the sneaker in purple, yellow and green.

So, will the above get you out and about stepping high in the next few months?

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