Burlesque Map London 2011

Erik von Gutenberg is proud to present the second Burlesque map of London in the UK!

Your Route to Glamour – An exclusive lifestyle guide

Burlesque Map London 2011, created by PictureRama Publishing, has launched the second edition of the London unique street map, Route to Glamour. The pocket size, easy to use guide to all things Burlesque and Retro, is your ultimate accessory for an all encompassing burlesque lifestyle.

Don’t encumber yourself with pages and pages of information, or days of internet research to find your burlesque necessities. This one of a kind publication features a map of London and over 200 listings of the most relevant and valuable places, all checked for you, comprising shops, hotels, vintage and burlesque, hair and beauty, accessories and associations, together with cabarets and shows, cafés and bars, venues and monthly, annual events.

Burlesque Map London is a valued source of essential information forproducers, performers, promoters, publishers and others, searching foreach other, thus creating a most comprehensive guide for key people, and key groups within the burlesque milieu.

All you need in one Map, to find the path to all your shopping needs anddesires, to a personal and special learning opportunity with the bestteachers and performers of burlesque, and to find the best venues and events in London.

No more excuses for not being part of this sensual, exciting and exotic movement. All you need in one easy to carry Map with abundant information.

Copies of Burlesque Map London can be purchased for just £3 (plus p&p)in our on-line shop at: http://www.burlesquemao.co.uk.

This unique publication is also available across 100s of tightly controlled distribution points including carefully selected shops, cabarets, bars, clubs and hotels across London and other national and worldwide outlets.

Also: www.vongutenberg.com/shop

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