Mary Doyle Keefe, ‘Rosie the Riveter’ Dies

il_fullxfull.508201205_1gbw-smallerWhen someone says ‘iconic model’ our minds may jump to a Cindy Crawford, a Kate Moss even the recently retired Gisele Bündchen (who we reported on just recently.) But we do well to remember that not all women modeling do so for fashion and in some cases they’re pictures do reach iconic status for reasons well beyond showing off their latest Instagram vacation pic or a super-neat Twiggy-like style change. Such was the case with Mary Doyle Keefe.

Keefe’s is certainly not a quickly recognized name (nor would her everyday picture ever be), but in U.S. history she looms large for her modeling…and only for one moment in time actually. Mary Doyle Keefe posed for the “Rosie the Riveter” poster painted by the American painter/illustrator Norman Rockwell, in 1943.

Keefe was raised in Arlington, Vermont, Rockwell lived in West Arlington, and the two met when Keefe was working as an operator. Rockwell created what would become one of the best recognized Saturday Evening Post covers ever from pictures his friend/photographer Gene Pelham took of the then 19 year-old Keefe, who was paid $5 each of two mornings she sat for Pelham and Rockwell. The Rosie shot was at the time and still is recognized as one of the most important visual ‘rally cries’ for the World War 11, recognizing American woman flooding into the work place to help with the war effort.

In real life Keefe was a small lady, not the beefed-up, big-armed Rosie who appears in the painting sporting a rivet gun with her feet resting on a copy of “Mein Kampf.” Such is the case of artistic license.Mary-Doyle-Keefe-Rosie

Keefe, who graduated from Temple University, worked as a dental hygienist and was married for 55 years, died Tuesday at the age of 92. The “Rosie the Riveter” painting is part of the Art In A Days Work permanent collection at Arkansas Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.


The World Just Got A Little Less Bizarre…Magazine

o-BIZARRE-MAGAZINE-570We are certainly aware of the rigors, especially present in this modern age, of publishing a magazine. When the commercial landscape shifted so drastically that the ‘e’ world became a legitimate part of publishing commerce, those of us who published print magazines and books knew we had to now include the digital dissemination of our wares to stay current in the marketplace. That alone killed a bunch of publications and making Von Gutenberg issues available forever onward in all Apple applications, for Android and Amazon readers was one of the most important advances we had to undergo. Add into this soup the fact that we publish a decidedly ‘niche’ global magazine, our concerns of staying alive and well in 2015 and beyond are ever present. Thankfully Von Gutenberg is not going anywhere and is indeed now working on our new issue, new features and ever new innovations, but not all publications of a ‘niche’ manner survive, and in this post today we say goodbye to one of the best and brightest of the bunch, Bizarre magazine.

The Huffington Post’s headline British Bastion Of Fetish, Freaks, Extreme Tattoos And Porn, Closes After 18 Years uses the word ‘Freaks’ but no Bizarre reader would think it a pejorative. The fetish faithful, tattooed, alt. life-styler and just-all-around-curious for something interesting came to this British institution for nearly two decades to read about sex, films, music, even politics. At the height of its publishing the magazine sold 100,000 copies per issue, at its low-presently-11,000. In a statement from Bizarre’s publisher Dennis Publishing it was noted that “with a large proportion of the printed magazine market suffering a decline with lower sales in an increasingly digital age, Dennis Publishing has made the difficult decision to close the publication.”

So, yes digital killed Bizarre.

In light of the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo and a decided homogenizing of world culture that often leads to too much political correctness (something a good dyed-in-the-wool alternative life-styler rejects at every turn) we are sorry to see Bizarre magazine folding and thank them for their unwavering work in the field of fueling all of us freaks for a very long time indeed.

Model Walks NYC City Streets San Pants Thanks to Model Pranksters

body of artFirst we had the actress Shoshana Roberts making her silent statement walking through NYC streets for ten hours through catcalls and men following her (see here). This past week we get model Leah Jung executing her own traipse through Manhatten wearing nothing from the wasit down but painted-on-jeans for a Model Pranskers video.

And New Yorkers pretty much not noticing.

Not that I am comparing the two staged events, but in another public/videod ‘prank’ executed by the infamous Model Pranksters ( the observant nature of New Yorkers was put into question. It seems nearly one million people have logged on to view Leah walking through busy Time Square, stopping in McDonald’s for lunch, even managing into “Forever 21” to ask a salesgirl where she can get the jeans she is wearing! Whether New Yorkers do not notice that Leah is pretty much naked, expertly painted as she is by The Body Art or that they don’t care, who can say. But really only one man seems to notice. as he snaps a quick cell phone pic of Leah’s bottom when she stands at a subway token machine not realizing the guy is behind her aiming his phone.

This Model Pranksters painted-on couture video garnered close to one million views in one day.

Surely this is not the first time a woman has taken to the busy streets of a city wearing very little, if nothing much at all. A model named Marie got her make-up artist friend to paint jeans on her (she wore a G-string though) to walk around the city of Lille in the north of France earlier this year. She was noticed though quite early on, giving one pause to consider what do the French recognize about fashion-or mode as they call it-(or the lack of it) and what Americans don’t.model pranksters


All Hallows Are Coming With ‘The Til Death Do Us Part fashion show’

1836778_958793447480935_5173778784216372290_oUsually we are throwing an event like the The Til Death Do Us Part fashion show onto our Fantasy Event List calendar. But as we have a connection to this event (a model/stylist and all around great friend of V.G. will be appearing at the show…find her here) and since we know it will be a unique evening marrying Halloween dress-up with couture, we figured we’d take a few moments to expound on what, for most of us into latex couture, always proves to be a wonderful holiday.

The Til Death Do Us Part fashion show is 10/28, three days before the wild Oct.31st full-on festivities. Have you managed to find your outfit yet? Have you amassed all the make-up you’ll need? Are you stepping-out as something truly creepy or maybe even as the opposite gender? Might you attempt to show slightly a bit more leg than you’re used to doing (or show lots of something else?)

This is the time of year to let your dressing-up inhibitions free, no?

The run down of adult costumes this year seems heavily concentrated (again) on zombies and superheroes, if the massive 9-site Costume Supercenter collective is any indication. Come to this party at the at SkyRoom NYC (330 W40th St.) you’re sure to see lots of different looks. It seems things these days go from the sexy, to the wild, to the bloody…sometimes all in the same costume!

As this is a few days before the big weekend, you could pick-up a few tips from Tawni Michelle of Team Dramatizon Make-Up design as well as some wild hair tips from Fallon Fitzpatrick of Fallon Fitzpatrick Hair Design; they will both be on hand at this fashion show.

Here are the full details for the party: Whether you attend or not, please enjoy a safe and happy Halloween from all of us at Von Gutenberg.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig Neil Patrick Harris

Starring in both his first-ever Broadway role as well as in the first-ever Broadway production of the now iconic rock trans musical, Neil Patrick Harris is revealing to audiences why he won a Tony award for his turn in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

This wild interactive musical is an alt. fashionistas dream, a kinksters scene and a shot-in-the-arm of to the big Disney-fied Broadway fare clustering-up the great white way these days. With song titles like “Angry Inch” “Wig in a Box” “Exquisite Corpse” and “Sugar Daddy” you have to know you are not getting The Lion King here or even mainstream kinkiness of Kinky Boots. Shows like Hedwig hardly ever make it to Broadway (the original Hedwig production that enjoyed much critical acclaim had a long run at an off-Broadway house).

It’s Harris’ celebrity and skills that make this revival so popular…and sold out. A T.V. star in his own right, from his years starring in “Doogie Howser M.D.” to being part of the ensemble cast of “How I Met Your Mother” he has proved a talented song-and-dance man, hosting the Tony’s himself in 2009, 11, 12 and 13. He’s also been out since 2006 and his raising two children he and his partner David Burtka adopted from a surrogate mom.

What makes “Hedwig” very cool from a fashion/theatre arts perspective is as much the animation featured into the action as well as how quickly the costume (and mostly wig) changes occur…on stage, in real time of the action. In fact there is only one real moment when Harris is actually off stage for a change, ducking down out of sight during a song, then back up in a totally different look. Once again it speaks to the talent backstage as well as on to make a show like this run smoothly, something Harris actually spoke about when he thanked his dresser during this Tony acceptance speech this year,.

A star-turning performance of rock and roll transgender sublime and high fashion art is occurring at the Belasco Theatre with Neil Patrick Harris recreating Hedwig And The Angry Inch.

Check out the our alt. fashions at



La Galerie Provocatrice (Sexy Art Gallery)

erikfoto-eu-0333Never let it be said that Von Gutenberg only champions alluring and provocative photographs. Certainly we love our models, from Ophelia Overdose to Bibana Atada to Rubberdoll. We are proud as punch to work with the designers we do, thrilled with the array of worldwide photographers’ works we display and love the writers too. But just as important to all these other pieces and parcels to our magazine and website are the drawings, paintings and general artwork that we’ve come to love to feature. We’ve worked with truly the best in that regard, names like Armando Huerta, Fang Ling Lee, This is why we want to let you know about the awfully wicked sexy art gallery summer sale happening over at La Galerie Provocatrice.

The mission of this unique gallery is to advocate and encourage an openness and willingness to enjoy provocative art. The art shown in the Sexy Art Gallery is based on the premise that art can and “should stimulate a positive atmosphere wherever it is placed.” Buy showing and selling a chock-full collection of work from artists from around the world La Galerie Provocatrice gives width and breath to the sexy, the often-times fetish, the always artful and even sometimes fashionable.

The gallery and museum features shows and exhibits like “Rubber, Frills & Thrills.” and “Pornsaints” and artists like Antonio Biella from Italy, Claudie Hek from The Netherlands, Amy Matthews and Alejandra Guerrero from the USA and Australia’s Nila Vanwolf

The Sexy Art Gallery at the Erotic Museum (3rd floor) is at O.Z. Achterburgwal 54 Amsterdam open 11am to 1am f-sat 11-2 and they can be reached via:

They take online orders in dollars or euros, through all credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer. It would be in your best interest to give the gallery a walk thru if you are in town or a look through when online, You’d be surprised how provocative the world can be.

You might be surprised by how provocative our the Von Gutenberg couture collection could be as well. Check our wares out here:


Artist Tal Peleg Creates Eyelid Art

soundofmusic__by_scarlet_moon1-d7e04d9I have often heard tattoo artists opine how they see the body as a canvas. Coming in close contact with Megan Massacre for our issue #8 as I did, I could indeed see that axiom proved again and again. Megan not only sported quite the canvas of super cool tats but as a tattoo artist herself she regaled me with her vision of how she saw her art…and the surface she paints on. But ‘painting’ on one’s skin does not have to be permanent and not relegated to the ‘usual’ places we’re coming accustomed to. Artist Tal Peleg creates eyelid art that simply is too unique to ignore, all in a very ‘unusual’ area of the body to paint on.

From an iconic image from “The Sound Of Music” rendered across a subjects eyelid, or colorful harlequin-like tears trickling down the cheekbones of someone else, the Israeli artist Peleg, who goes by the nickname Scarlet Moon truly uses the smallest areas-canvas-to complete her masterpieces.

Using eye shadow and eyeliner, Peleg as much uses her talent for painting and drawing as she does the alternate contours we all have in the areas around our eyes.

In the case of what Tal Peleg manages not only is the old axiom ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ as evident, but truly the eyes ‘have it’, in a manner of speaking. Whether these eyelid art Peleg designs will catch-on (they already have their own Pinterest Page) and if that isn’t success I don’t know what is!) they certainly provide a fashion created with make-up not so often seen.

Who is to say what is and what isn’t art, as much as who can say what is or not fashionable. Tal Peleg certainly has something to contribute and as we always do at Von Gutenberg, we celebrate another artist’s unique approach.

See Tal Peleg’s Facebook page, here.

See Von Gutenberg issue #8 with Megan Massacre for

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Von Gutenberg Recommends: 1000 Tattoos by Taschen

search The new 1000 Tattoos by Taschen is a chock-full little hardcover. Not only are we treated to some amazing pictures of tattoos (and the people sporting them) but in usual inimitable Taschen style we get plenty of text about the history of ‘wearable art’. 19th century engravings and tribal body art are on display here. Classic biker designs and colorful famous circus ladies are revealed. There are designs featured from Japan and other ports-of-call of sailors. And the book includes modern day examples of folks who live what used to be an alternative lifestyle either by being tattooed or working in the field…or both.

As you will recall, Von Gutenberg issue # 8 is tattoo themed. We feature TLC “New York Ink” TV star Megan Massacre on our cover (and in a stunning pictorial between our pages.) We also featured model Soma Snakeoil (among other ladies in that issue) a provocative woman who sports quite some interesting ink herself. We have art and photo essays in number eight revealing lots of tatted skin and even a “Best of Celebrity” tats essay. Really, we are no strangers to the tattoo lifestyle sensibility. And of course as latex devotes we find a kinship to any subculture that defines itself by a specific mark, clothing or interest. This is why issue number eight is tattoo themed and why this new Taschen book thrills us so.

Taschen books also thrill us simply because we know well the consistent quality of the house. This provocative publisher with its many stores throughout the world (in cities like London, New York and Berlin to name a few) continues to publish books of high art and design. They also hit on the avant-garde and sneak in lots of sex in their hardcovers. Known as much for their tomes like “The Big Book of Breasts” and Liz Earl’s self-researched ‘Cougar” status, Taschen also publishes books on architecture, The Beatles, big coffee-table hardcovers on specific cities, movies and comics…and this tattoo book. The visual-no matter the subject-married with an always informed background on the subject (presented in 3 languages in each book) is what makes a Taschen book what it is.

Grab yourself a copy of 1000 Tattoos and even Von Gutenberg issue 8 and have at tats!

Grab yourself a copy of our issue #8:

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Ink On The Wrist


Surely if you take a gander across our cover girl of issue number 8, Megan Massacre or flip through the pages of the issue, you are going to see lots of tattooed female flesh. And being a latex couture magazine we are we as much champion whatever one wears on their skin, permanent or not, clothes, piercings or ink, but in the world of celebrity you often find a sprinkle here, a dash there, not so much brazen attempts as Megan sports (being in the tattoo business as she is). And you often find celeb tats in some interesting places (no, not there! Get you mind out of the gutter, naughty birdy!)

I am thinking of wrists.

Lea Michele has I Believe in a pretty teal; Katy Perry sports J.C.’s first name (her parents are pastors if you recall) and Kelly Clarkson went religious as well with a cross and then the words “Love them more”…all these are adorn the celeb’s wrists. Sure we are seeing words scrawled down the inside of arms or near a side boob and God knows who is sporting what we don’t see (at least we don’t see all that often) little symbols and quotes on one’s wrists seem appropriate for the celebrity set these days for sure. And let’s not forget the guys. Ryan Reynolds sports a few tats, but the one on the underside of his wrist “Know Thyself” fits with the above; Shia LaBeouf sports some numbers and somehow- celeb Brody Jenners got ink there too.

Inked or not check-out issue number eight of Von Gutenberg via the links below and before you go a’ inking always give it a good long consideration…no matter where on your body you are thinking of adding ink, wrist or anywhere else.

Von Gutenberg Issue Number Eight Available:



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Well, Tat’s Just Dumb: Embarrassing Tattoos of Fantasy Football League


As you will certainly know by my hacking it here, our Von Gutenberg  #8, with Megan Massacre on the cover is our tattoo themed issue. We got goodies galore inside, Midori fiction, a House of Harlot photo display, Xander Design stuff, event coverage, and models like Bibiana Atada, Onna Sakura and of course Megan you will be glancing over again and again; it’s the usual VG splendifurous display. I’m ever so proud of this rockin’ candy colored cover of a book where we, as always, come to champion our love for latex couture, piercings and in this issue specifically tattoos-actually-and as always-V.G. champions any and all expression. Here at Von Gutenberg we really are into so many forms of ‘fashion’, whether it is in the clothes people wear or the things they do.

But it’s hard to champion expression when it is conducted in a way that is just downright frat boy foolhardy.

It seems a pack of Nebraska fantasy footballers set up a deal for their play…if you want to call what they do play. In these player’s “league” if you come in last you get tatted. The rule is the loser has to allow a tattoo placed on any four-inch-by-four-inch square on their person (luckily the loser can choose the tat) but as you will see from the clip below of Adam, Jordan and Spud (yes Spud)  when they appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the pics here, those tat’s can get out and out pretty embarrassing,…which is kinda the point I guess.

“The whole purpose of this league was to punish the loser so that everybody played as hard as they can every week,” was the quote from one of the boys.

Kinda dumb?

You decide.

See the video clip here:, and look at the pic above.

See people who carefully chose their tattoos and didn’t get inked from losing a bet in our issue # 8:

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