The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide: Contraptions, Creations and Curiosities Anyone Can Make.

Thomas Willeford has managed a full-fledged startling feast in his expanse soft cover The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide: Contraptions, Creations and Curiosities Anyone Can Make.  Illustrated by award-wining cartoonist Phil Foglio this book will keep you in the high fanciful fashion of the stuff of Steampunk, while providing you with the romping adventure of Isaac and Amelia.

(Remember our Steampunk issue?

Inside this over 200 paged book you’ll find instructions (with those wonderful Foglio colorful cartoons) of how to build a “Hook Launcher” (really how can any steampunker get along without one?) a “Decoder Armguard” (one of the more complicated pieces in the book) as well as a “Power Armor and Magnetic Amplification Gauntlet”. This last is where a design certainly starts a’walking ‘down our side of the street,’ if you know what I mean. There’s riveting to be done, tight belts to wear, Knuckle Guards to create, tailoring details, black “Fleather” ; if you don’t start thinking latex couture or fetish fashion, even a little bit, then you simply don’t read enough Von Gutenberg!



What I truly love about Willeford’s book is that he has cleverly woven in the story of the brother and sister team of Isaac and Amelia battling all manner of Steampunkian nasties as they attempt to rescue their uncle from a skyship piloted by a dastardly villain and his automaton helpers…if that’s not the great stuff of Steampunk literature, I don’t know what is.

Get into The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide: Contraptions, Creations and Curiosities Anyone Can Make and make all these wonderful accoutrements and read a swashbuckling tale as you do.

The book can be found here:’s%20Guide%3A%20Contraptions%2C%20Creations%20and%20Curiosities%20Anyone%20
VG issue # 8 as well as our Steampunk themed issue #7 can be found here:



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Fang Lee Goes To The Movies


Our good friend Fang Lee (see her artwork in our issues 6&7 and she’ll be in #8 too: has just announced that she has been signed on as Production Designer for the independent feature film, The Red Man to take place in Las Vegas beginning in Oct. and running through to December.

Fang creates the most stunning artwork, fantasy landscapes and startling portraits that capture the eye on journeys to far off spheres and sometimes dark daydreams. The lady herself is completely open and approachable, humble around compliments and a pleasure to work with (which we hope to always be doing.) To say we are thrilled with all good things coming Fang Lee’s way would be an understatement!

Jimmie Gonzalez directs the film, Shane Daly is the cinematographer, and Exxxotica regular Dan Diamond (it was at N.J.’s Exxxotica-happening Oct 4th through the 6th-and Fang will again be on hand) that we first met this fantastically talented lady. You Facebookers out there can follow the progress of the shoot here: Red Man Film Facebook page.

In light of Fang’s commitment to the film she is releasing her entire inventory for sale until next week…Oct 2nd (giving a 20% discount when one uses the code REDMAN). It will be her last studio sale of the year, but she’ll be updating all weekend with new items and editions so keep checking back to see if your favorite painting is in the inventory.

The Vimeo ‘concept trailer’ for The Red Man is here

And the website for Fang Ling Lee is here:


Taschen: True Crime Detective Magazines 1924-1969


It might seem odd to review books on this blog not directly about fashion or latex, but as was the case previously here once again is a wonderful book from Taschen, the publisher/bookstore, that releases such lush visual tomes, and sometimes of very sexy subjects,

The True Crime Detective Magazines 1924-1969 soft cover (but a big thick soft cover it is) written mainly by Eric Godtland  gives a historic succulent overview of ‘true’ crime writing in American magazine publications, Taschen editor Dian Hanson peppers in her observations in relationship to exactly how these magazines related sexual desires of their readers. Included is even Marc Gerald’s “I Was A True Detective Editor” piece, a ‘confessional’ of a gem about the man’s editing “True Detective” magazine near the end of this genre’s run in the 80s.

As is the case with most Taschen books, being the international company they are all text is translated into English, French and German.

But it is in the reproductions of these magazines covers where Taschen once again creates art, and art of a fashion and even about fashion in some instances, that elevates titles like “Smash Detective Cases,” “Startling Detective,” “True Gang Life,” and “True Cases of Women in Crime” and the marquis of these books “True Detective” to something worthy of a mention here. Damsels in distress in tight long skirts, nasty mistresses dressed all in black (some smoking no less!) all manner of cleavage-baring shirts, sweaters skewed off a creamy shoulder, plenty of b’gartered thigh on display and God know enough women bound to chairs to make any B&D kinkster thrilled, as Godtland and Hanson observe these magazines roll from artist rendered front covers to posed pics somewhere in the 50’s, creating lurid wonderful covers that are, in their own, masterpieces of American pop.

See the new Taschen: True Crime Detective Magazines 1924-1969 here: and see all the equally artful Von Gutenberg magazines offered digitally here :

Marloes ten Bhömer ‘steps’ into London

marloestenbhomerI’ve hipped you to the imaginative work of Marloes ten Bhömer’s before in this blog. Shirking fashion trends and styles ten Bhömer bases her research purely in the “parameters required to support a foot (in a high-heeled position” of course! “while in motion.” From her White Prototypes test pieces and video Material Compulsion-both of this year-gallery installations, applied tests and of course hour and hours of observation the results of ten Bhömer’s extensive research reveals both a link between “rationalized parameters, aesthetic intuition and structural understanding,” as well as a full questioning of just what importance high heel shoe wear takes in the overall role of “female identity.”

Coming up for the artist researcher is a presentation during London Fashion Week and London Design Festival at designjunction, Crafts Council, Real to Reel (9/14-9/22, link here: Exhibition) and the Victoria and Albert Museum, Fashion Galleries, Room 40 (9/22), link here Exhibition
For more information and to view the work visit:

Theresa Vail, First Tattooed Miss America Contestant?

38479f22-fdf4-44eb-b8cf-a966395c2d75_1085160_10152137453462942_696742533_oI guess you could say I’m a little tat obsessed lately, what with our soon-to-be released issue #8 being our tattoo issue, featuring mega tat star Megan Massacre on the cover. But what I am on about today is less the actual magazine-believe me when it is released (in print and digital) there will be lots I’ll want to brag about)-and more this story I just read about Miss America and the taboo of tats.

In the 92dn annual beauty show Miss Kansas, a tatted boxer/mechanic/bow hunter/student and U.S. Army Sergeant showed her tats during the swimsuit competition. As Theresa Vail, the lady in question says of the coverage she is generating from her coverage: “My whole platform is empowering women to overcome stereotypes and break barriers. What a hypocrite I would be if I covered my ink. How can I tell other women to be fearless and true to themselves if I can’t do the same? I am who I am, tattoos and all.”

Though there are no rules forbidding the showing of tats in the pageant, and many pageant contestants sport them for sure, choosing to cover them with make-up or well placed outfit pieces, the twenty two year old blonde is certainly the first woman to truly show-of her ink in such a major pageant.

Vail’s ink? On her left shoulder is the insignia of the U.S. Army Dental Corps, and the Serenity Prayer (very visible the other night she strutted in her suit) runs down Vail’s right side.

13387816-mmmainThere have been Miss Tattoo USA and in Australia, Inked Beauties (started after Samantha Platt was rejected by competitions because of the full ‘sleeve’ of tats she sports).

In what seems to be a ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ quandary (or as Woody Allen famously quipped, “But if the beholder is blind, ask the guy next to you.”) it is yet to be seen if Vail will be rejected because of her reveal, (though no one would admit this) or even garner very much ‘ink’ after a winner is crowned, if it’s not her that is.


Yolinda Vixen’s My Sultry Confessions

Yolinda Vixen’s My Sultry Confessions will be released on September 9th, by CPRomance. Available in all (internet) bookshops, both as hardcover volume and eBook, this lusty collection of fantasy woven with reality tales is illustrated with stylish photographs.

Cover My sultry confessions-front

Yolinda Vixen is a fetish and pin-up model, modeling for (among others) Very Cherry’s boutique as well as being a cover model for CPRomance and its parent company Celtica Publishing. Born in 1990, Yolinda grew up as a shy, blond girl with blue eyes in a small town in the vicinity of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. When she was in high-school, she wrote poems and short stories and as she grew older so did those stories grow sultrier. Besides being a model, and with the publication of My Sultry Confessions now a published author, Yolinda is a professional make-up artist, works in a vitamin & sports nutrition shop in Rotterdam as well as studying to become a food nutritionist.

My Sultry Confessions contains an autobiographic intro as well as its super hot stories.

About the publisher: CPRomance is short for Celtica Publishing Romance. This part of the parent company, Celtica Publishing, was founded in 2012 as the romantic and more realistic “sister” of a publisher that mainly aims for the fantastic genre. With My Sultry Confessions Celtica expects to reach a broad and international public, with CPRomance growing at the same rate as its parent company.

Yolinda Vixen

Find more info on My Sultry Confessions as well as Celtica Publishing and its CPRomance line here: &

Roksanda Ilincic takes residence in Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse


Who says toys don’t speak to the high-water edge of fashions happening now!

Recently designer Roksanda Ilincic partnered with SHOWstudio to re-imagine one of the most iconic little girl toys to ever appear on the market, a toy that had us all drooling-guys and girls both-for the real life version of it. Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse is being given a $25 million update…but only virtually. Mattel created a fictitious listing for ‘the property’ with real estate company Trulia, featuring Ilincic’s make-over.

Ilincic is no stranger to Barbie, having managed an outfit for the doll’s 50th anniversary. She created an ‘edgy’ look for Barbie then, dressing the doll in a black pencil skirt with bows, pairing it with a cinch-waist jacket.

Hot stuff for a plastic lady with no genitalia!

Look at the before and after pics here and see if you can’t dream placing yourself in the updated version and whiling the hours away waiting for the hunky Ken to come visit or to romp in slumber-party like abandon with your B.F.F.’s Midge or Christie or even your little sister Skipper.

(In the spirit of the above we’ll send out a few copies of past VG mags to the first person to contact us with Barbie’s full name).

I recall G.I. Joes sporting ‘life-like’ hair and have recently scoured Ebay from outfits for my old Mego Planet of The Apes figures, so don’t think this doll fashioning is kiddie stuff by any means.

Ah, if life were all but a dream…a Malibu Dreamhouse dream to be exact.

barbiedreamhouseDream with us and check-out our virtual digital world here:


The Golden Age of DC Comics


Ok, so accuse me of pimpin’ for Taschen this week, but they hit me with another great big book that relates us here. The Golden Age of DC Comics by Paul Levitz (one of a series of 5 that will cover the artwork, characters who created the books as well as the characters in them, and the business) is a sprawling sumptuous affair and well worth a look for anyone even mildly interested in the visual artistry of comics and this specific part of American history.

But in the comic panels, book cover and original sketches we get so much fun fashion, stuff often times bordering in the naughty, fetishistic and downright outrageous I feel it fits our trio aesthetic of fashion, latex, lifestyle.

I have expounded on this subject before and most likely will again (I do tend to repeat myself as I am sure even the most casual reader of this blog will notice) that the imaginative costuming our comic characters wear is often times too amazing and too sexy to ignore. In The Golden Age of DC Comics your exposed to the very beginnings of the outfits; those fluttering capes, bathingsuit like trunks, boots, tight shirts of various bright colors sporting emblems rippled from copious amounts of muscles, corset-like bodices, one-piece catsuits (there is a color picture here from a Sensation Comics No. 26 that shows Wonder Woman running so fast her customary shorts resemble open-ended pantaloons…I am sure quite the thrill in its day) and Mary Marvel’s skirt.


Then too is the copious amounts of femme fatales in their various stages of undress that I am sure made many a pubescent male drool for reasons he did not understand.

As one would expect from the years this book represents-1935-1956-there is lots and lots of Superman here…the true really great first superhero, plenty of Batman and Robin and then scores of other superheroes you have never probably heard of…and lots of pics of what they are wearing. And if you are even slightly familiar with the look of our modern comic book character’s costumes you’ll certainly see from The Golden Age of DC Comics where all this fashion started.

And it’s perfectly fine to think some of this stuff is hot..because it is.

You know what else is hot?

Von Gutenberg Magazines on Apple, Amazon and Google Android and the web for Laptop & Desktop:




Dian Hanson’s History Of Pin-Up Magazines Volume 1


Our old friend’s Taschen, publisher of some of the most visually arresting big hardcovers of recent years (some of them on very provocative subjects) has just produced Dian Hanson’s History Of Pin-Up Magazines Volume 1.

Might you want a history lesson on mores and fashion, this could be the book for you.

Sure, Pin-Ups are not generally known for wearing so much in the ways of clothes, but with the reproduction of the many covers of magazines here, Dian’s explanation of the how’s and why’s of things, the history of the Pin-Up magazine, and a look at Paris from 1900-38 (and the US in the same decades) Germany too, plus lots of other chapters (some not even written by Dian) we get quite the overview of what was happening in this genre and what fantasy women were fantasized wearing.
Sure, there are lots of garters showing (oh what I wouldn’t give for those days pre-invention of pantyhose) but we also get to see bathing suits, long gowns slit open and a myriad of fanciful outfits. Yes, mostly what the covers reveal cartoons or drawings of sexy reposed women but there are moments here when real pictures grace the covers of these magazines-in that French section, the almost always nude German one and later on when movies became all the rage-so we do get a good peak into actual fashions of the day…albeit realized by male photographers!

It’s hard for me not to get excited by a Taschen book (I have written about them here before) they really do provide the most sumptuous visuals. Here having Dian Hanson aboard, as she is for many Taschen books, we get painstaking research on what I feel is a very fashionable subject indeed.

If you have a chance Dian Hanson’s History Of Pin-Up Magazines Volume 1 might be something you’ll want to check out.

You also might want to check-out:

Von Gutenberg Magazines on Apple, Amazon and Google Android and the web for Laptop & Desktop:

Von Gutenberg Magazine Issue 4 with MOSH

Erik von Gutenberg is proud to announce issue 4 of Von Gutenberg Magazine now available for purchase in the VG shop!

Von Gutenberg Issue 4 better than ever with MOSH in stunning latex from Polymorphe, ego assassin and Atsuko Kudo. Fetish superstar Perish in never published photos and exclusive interview. Aisl, Olivia and Idelsy in extraordinary outfits show the beauty of this fantasy lifestyle.

VON GUTENBERG, issue 4 is inspired by fantasy, futuristic ideas and all that moves us ever forward. As always, we hope VON GUTENBERG provides a fantasy for you, a respite from your daily actives and allows your mind as well as body to open up further to the fantasy of Love and Sex.

Sex colmnist Midori with a uniwue article, Violet Blue writing about the cyberspace and we the most exclusive fantasy art with legendary Surayama.

Fashion Pure with Cyberesque from Germany and worldwide leading Fashion designers including HW design, Murray & Vern, Hilarys Vanity and many more in that issue.

Enjoy Issue 4, a visual stimulation of all your senses and a collector item for everybody who loves Fashion, Fantasy and unique Lifestyles.