Fun Sexy Couture Stories

Sometimes there is just too much good stuff going on in the world of lifestyle, couture and sexiness not to fill-up one big blog with a few stories.

A Lingerie Jail Break

safe_imageThey say clothes make the man…but sometimes they fuel a prison break as well. In a Brazilian jail last week three women dressed in the outfits you see here (not exactly latex but certainly close to some of the couture we sell here) entered the lock-down promising the guards of Nova Mutum prison an orgy. The women seduced the guards to take them down to the guards’ sleeping barracks, where the ladies then slipped their companions spiked whiskey that soon left the guards unconscious and very soon relieved of their clothes, keys to cells and handcuffed. The women then proceeded to free 28 inmates.

Miley Cyrus On…Then Off

Hanna Montana has certainly grown-up in everyone’s estimation to the tongue totting Miley Cyrus of video, stage and twerking. One of the videos she used on her Bangerz Tour, titled “Tongue Tied,” was entered in the NYC Porn Festival happening at the end of February. Well at least it was submitted as the beginning of the week. It now seems Miley’s people have retracted the submission which shows Miley in fishnets, tied to a chair with a strip of black tape across her breasts.

It doesn’t seem that Cyrus is balking at being shown so bare, in a decidedly bondage-influenced ‘wardrobe,’ but according to the film festival’s organizer, the word ‘porn’ being used in the title of the event is what gave the Cyrus camp cold feet.miley-cyrus-enters-nyc-porn-festival-with-a-short-film-0

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover controversey

Not that bikini-clad models walking beaches and languidly showing their curves in an infamous yearly issue of a famous sport’s magazine doesn’t garner enough attention and derision each and every year. This year’s 2015’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has got lots of people weighing in over its cover alone! It seems 24 year old model Hannah Davis is just showing too much of herself for public decency.

Hannah is being criticized for pulling her bikini bottom just too low down her front (you judge for yourself, see the picture to the right). One should note though, that it’s this issue that features the first-ever plus-sized model (Ashley Graham) in a S.I. issue. hannah-davis-swimsuit-cover-reveal-2015

Ah, Halloween Costuming 2014: The Sexy Ebola Containment Suit

1414328789985_Image_galleryImage_Item_Details_As_the_deadlThe last thing anyone can seem to decide on is, what’s sexy. We try all the time ourselves to present what we feel are the most arresting and provocative images of models in latex couture. But alluring, ‘hot’, kinky, downright sexy is all in the eyes of the beholder. Things get stretched even further to this subjective pov when one mixes the controversial with the sexual (deliberately or not) as the decidedly trending, maybe sexy, certainly controversial Sexy Ebola Containment Suit costume makes its presence known this Halloween.

Twitter has been blazing with the erroneous claim that this is being called a “Sexy Ebola Nurse” (or Dr.) costume, but still, linking the words ‘sexy’ with ‘Ebola?’ The add for the costume claims: ‘As the deadly Ebola virus trickles its way through the United States, fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style.’ But one wonders if good taste should prevail or if the designers here are at least traipsing into the comedy never-never land of making sport of something way too soon from when that thing happened (and in the case of the Ebola spread, still happening.) The description of the outfit hints at an even more fashionable reason to buy: “The short dress and chic gas mask will be the talk of Milan, London, Paris, and New York as the world’s fashionistas seek global solutions to hazmat couture.’

See it here.

And of course there is a male version as well (see here) it’s not  as sexy though.ebola-containment-suit-costume-4

Lots of people weighing in on the merits of this particular costume and just what is and isn’t sexy are pointing out the close resemblance to the Breaking Bad costume so popular last year.

If you’re in need of a gas mask, or any other couture for your costuming, check out our wares here: Ebola nowhere in (or on) site:


Paris Hilton Fetish?

paris HIt’s not the first time we’ve seen her showing so much skin, nor the first time we have seen her sporting what we’d probably consider mainstream “fetish couture”; Paris Hilton indulged in what certainly has the makings of BDSM-themed wardrobe at NYC’s PH-D Rooftop Lounge last week.

Whether she is catching the wave of Fashion Weeks (the NYC one having happened the beginning of Sept.), looking to shock or simply enjoying the feel of leather gloves, the cutouts of a very revealing swimsuit, her thigh high boots, Paris was dressed for events like those we feature here. Photographer Renie Saliba, stylist Mark Jen Hsu, make-up artist Beau Derrick and hairstylist Ty Shearn had the blonde, lanky heiress looking about as far and away different from her usual soft half-lidded eyes look as possible. She looked good, chic, she look naughty, but she certainly still looked every bit as much Paris.

As we have all seen in many instances, far and away far from the models like Rubber Doll, Ophelia Overdose, Sabina Kelley whose work is indeed modeling fetish wear (and have also all worked with Von Gutenberg) Paris Hilton is another one of those celebrities who plays round the edges of alt. couture. And it’s not nessassarily a bad thing she does though, for when our more popular A-list-ers slip on something fetish-y (say Madonna and Katy Perry in that recent W magazine shoot…or even Ceine Dion who wore some very provocative and revealing outfits for a shoot a year or so back) it does get people to stand up and notice…and it gives a good old ‘shout out’ to those of us who work in the industry of alternative outfits.

As we applaud anyone anywhere wearing whatever they like, we recognize this recent foray of Paris Hilton’s to show a little more skin than usual in outfits that are not exactly in her wheelhouse.

Fetish alt. couture is in our wheelhouse…see here:

Queen Elizabeth II and the Game of Thrones Throne

queen-elizabeth-GoT ThroneWhat one person calls a throne another may not…

Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to Ireland’s Belfast set of “Game of Thrones” last week, demurring to take a seat on the show’s prop throne. The H.B.O. mini-series just wrapped its fourth season in its usual spectacularly gory fashion, its high magic, ever-trending blood and sex and tight intrigue making it a very popular series indeed. The Queen’s visit heralded quite the press-making moment to be sure.

The queen declined an offer to sit on the throne from the show, a decidedly nasty looking fetish-like seat more reminiscent of some of the stuff you’d find at one of the events we list on our It’d also fit well into a modern Steampunk story. As the show legend goes the throne is supposedly made of the swords of defeated warriors. Either way it is an intimidating seat and one assuredly the 88 year-old monarch would avoid.

The Queen does well visiting the set seeing as “GoT”, which has been filming in Northern Ireland for the past five years filters in millions to the local economy by providing countless onset jobs. The show also bolsters tourism as bunches of rabid fans eager to see show’s environs descend on the area yearly.

The Queen also met ‘showrunner’ David Benioff, writer/producer Daniel Weiss actress Lena Headey who plays “Cersei” on the show, Kit Harrington who plays “Jon Snow,” Sophie Turner who plays “Sansa Stark” and a host of others. The royals also met the show’s prop, costume and set designers, the unsung heroes behind bringing author George R.R. Martin’s series to life.

Whether Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of the show (or has even ever seen an episode) she did secure a model of the famous throne to take away with her.

See the video here of the royal’s visit.

Pay a visit to the Von Gutenberg couture collection, here.

Well, Tat’s Just Dumb: Embarrassing Tattoos of Fantasy Football League


As you will certainly know by my hacking it here, our Von Gutenberg  #8, with Megan Massacre on the cover is our tattoo themed issue. We got goodies galore inside, Midori fiction, a House of Harlot photo display, Xander Design stuff, event coverage, and models like Bibiana Atada, Onna Sakura and of course Megan you will be glancing over again and again; it’s the usual VG splendifurous display. I’m ever so proud of this rockin’ candy colored cover of a book where we, as always, come to champion our love for latex couture, piercings and in this issue specifically tattoos-actually-and as always-V.G. champions any and all expression. Here at Von Gutenberg we really are into so many forms of ‘fashion’, whether it is in the clothes people wear or the things they do.

But it’s hard to champion expression when it is conducted in a way that is just downright frat boy foolhardy.

It seems a pack of Nebraska fantasy footballers set up a deal for their play…if you want to call what they do play. In these player’s “league” if you come in last you get tatted. The rule is the loser has to allow a tattoo placed on any four-inch-by-four-inch square on their person (luckily the loser can choose the tat) but as you will see from the clip below of Adam, Jordan and Spud (yes Spud)  when they appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the pics here, those tat’s can get out and out pretty embarrassing,…which is kinda the point I guess.

“The whole purpose of this league was to punish the loser so that everybody played as hard as they can every week,” was the quote from one of the boys.

Kinda dumb?

You decide.

See the video clip here:, and look at the pic above.

See people who carefully chose their tattoos and didn’t get inked from losing a bet in our issue # 8:

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Interview with Zane Pihlstrom

1-VG 1-p

photo Phillip Van Nostrand 

Company XIV and The Saint At Large have produced a spectacular sexy reworking of a classic take in their N.Y.C. premiere of Nutcracker Rouge. As I attempt to keep you (and myself) ever abreast of intriguing and sometimes quite alluring fashion-shows, designers, performers-so I do of intricate costuming that uses all manner of latex, lace, leather and in this case, yards and yards of G-string. I had occasion to speak with the show’s is the set and costume designer, Zane Pihlstrom about what he does, how he does and where he does it.

This is rather a costume ‘heavy’ show. Who comes up with the idea of the pieces? Is it you alone, you and Austin (Austin McCormick conceived the show, directed and choreographed it), Austin having a starting vision and you coming in saying what is or what is not possible? I know you two work together often and have won awards together.

Austin McCormick and I work very closely when we are developing our ideas for Company XIV productions. We are true collaborators in that we always choose the best idea regardless of who thought of it. We often build our ideas off of what one of us has started. Austin has an addiction to collecting gorgeous vintage pieces of lingerie or corsets that he knows he wants incorporated into the design well before I am brought into the process. It really is a co-design process that works.

What actual materials are used in the costumes of the show…and why?

Our design studio is largely made up of problem solving materials. Metallic stretch fabrics, elastic in every color and trims and notions we use to re-enforce the fragile vintage pieces and make wearable.  We have bins of rhinestone applique and racks of old opera and theater costumes that we pillage for interesting collars or useful bodices. 

In a show like this with so much movement, exists and entrances-not to mention changes-what is your biggest nightmare on the wear and tear of the pieces each night?

There really is no way to protect the clothes from the inherently violent choreography. The dancers absolutely murder the clothes every night and therein lies the secret to the beauty of Company XIV’s aesthetic.  There is a violation or a tension between something beautiful and seemingly fragile (the design) and the calculated thrashing and forceful invasion of the choreography.  I think a great part of the success of the visuals is getting to witness this battle between the two every night in a live theater environment.

Working in the many different countries you do can you tell us of specific and different sensibilities to such highly charged sensual material, dancing and costuming


I’m still surprised by how different countries have vastly different attitudes towards sexual images on stage. Perhaps it’s not a surprise but in my experiences in Germany (Berlin) is that they are very open to provocative design; full nudity is almost a requirement there to create beautiful theater. I would say the most conservative place I’ve worked is China (Shanghai), where it was difficult to even convince a male actor to wear a pair of high heels on stage. The production was a ridiculous comedy and not sexual at all but the fear of being labeled as homosexual can ruin a career there. After five weeks of convincing I won the battle and he appeared on stage in beautiful lingerie and heels (though wearing a real bear head as a mask to hid his identity.  Finland (Helsinki) was a surprising breath of fresh air where I put a Greek Chorus of men is full dominatrix inflatable latex body suits and rhinestone jewelry and everyone loved it! It’s still quite a mixed bag here in the USA. On one hand we love producing classical operas and texts that are filled with femme fatales, courtesans and horrific rape scenes but we prefer to romanticize it with no more than heaving bosoms and maybe a shirtless man. 


photo Phillip Van Nostrand 

What’s on your personal agenda come the new year?

As a freelance designer I rarely know more than six months in advance which companies will ask me to work with them. So far the work hasn’t slowed down so I guess it’s part of the excitement of this job.  I do know I will be designing in Poland in 2014 and hoping to get back to Finland for another breath of fresh air soon.

For more info about Zane visit


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Von Gutenberg Magazine Issue 8 with Megan Massacre


Erik von Gutenberg is especially proud to announce Issue 8 with Megan Massacre, an amazing artist, great person and friend of Von Gutenberg!

TLC star Megan Massacre lights up tat-tastic issue # 8 of our international fashion quarterly, Von Gutenberg Magazine. Megan is the star of shows “N.Y. Ink” & “America’s Worst Tattoos” and along with models Bibiana Atada from Switzerland and Germany’s Onna Sakura, the petite tattooed T.V. star graces the startling candy colored cover of our fall 2013/winter 2014 issue.

Regulars Armando Huerta and Fang Ling Lee are on board with their fantasy art, Robert Archer’s House of Harlot and Louis Fleischauer’s AMF Korsets from Germany are the featured designers and photographers like Phillip Faith and Florida’s Antonio Angelo Piracci add to the provocative latex mayhem that makes Von Gutenberg the one-of-a-kind lifestyler’s dream publication.

Offered as both a print periodical and digitally for all eReaders, this latest issue of Von Gutenberg Magazine is another in a fine line of elegant issues released from your most trusted name in Fetish Fashion Couture.

Video on You Tube  from Issue 8 here: 


  • Megan Massacre
  • Onna Sakura
  • Mistress Absolute
  • Bibiana Atada
  • Soma Snakeoil


  • House of Harlot
  • Mad Duck
  • AMF Korsets


  • Phillip Faith
  • coJac
  • Ali Mere
  • Antonio Angelo Piracci
  • Toni Chaptom

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It’s Not Always What You Wear When You’re There: The World Naked Bike Ride

Did you know that last weekend was the annual World Naked Bike Ride…the biggest and original one held in Portland, OR? I happen to have a close buddy who happened to be on the street looking (taking video from her phone) and hipped me to the event (and sent me a pic) then I went here: to find out about it all.

Far be it for me to ever declare what is ‘fashion’ or fashionable and keeping with what we provide on our Fantasy Event List, I thought it would be fun to report about this ride, one of 100 documented Naked Bike Rides that actually occur around the world. It all started in 2004 there in Portland, the first year boasting 125 riders; last year 4200!


What I saw from the video captures and the mini Vimeo documentary (and I tuned in merely for research purposes you understand) was a relatively sedate bunch of folks (most sporting some sort of panty or bottom undies) riding through the night streets of Portland, being maneuvered by the kind slowl steady hand of police in cars that followed or flanked them, folks on the sidewalks cheering and basically everyone ending down at a riverside park to dance and celebrate the near seven mile ride.

Body painters volunteered their skills, there were bike mechanics on hand to lend a hand (or wheel), plenty of volunteers along the way. There’s a lot to the reasons behind the ride but let me leave you with this with a quote from Conrad Schmidt, founder of The Work Less Party and Artists for Peace and WNBR and organizer for WNBR Vancouver, B.C. to enlighten and inspire:

“Our message to the world is one of simplification, human harmony and love. For a future to exist for tomorrows generations, we have to stop wasting the life blood energy of the Earth, stop fighting and killing in the name of consumerist wealth accumulation and learn to love and respect all life on this planet.”

How’s that for fashionable?

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Featuring: The Red Hand Gallery, Denver, CO.


The motto of the Red Hand Gallery is: ‘Creative sexuality is living art’ and this Colorado space celebrates ‘fetishism’ (and define that word any way you like) and sexuality truly as an art form with ‘the scene’ regarded as a creative performance. These performances are offered in various multimedia experiences coming at participants from all directions and the ‘art’ in the space ranges from performance to videos, to paintings and photography, all having one thing in common: the subject matter in one way or another relates to various expressions of sexuality.

The Red Hand Gallery opens its doors to the public for a monthly ‘First Friday art walk’ in addition to designated gallery hours. Artists from all over the globe are getting involved, with a new one featured each month. Artists who have been featured thus far include Julie Simone (USA), Catasta Charisma (U.K.), Robert Babylon (U.K.), and a variety of artists local to Denver.

Events at the Red Hand Gallery are designed to motivate people to participate as well as observe…there is a heavy emphasis on ‘play’ here.

The studio/gallery itself has lots of character-the space was actually once an alley-with two buildings joined some time back. There is a docking bay which serves as a stage located in the largest room which features a 24 ft high ceiling. There are 6 active rooms, each room very different, housing art installations that change frequently.

The Red Hand Gallery really is as much a social experiment as art space and we are thrilled to feature them, ‘opening’ their doors, if you will, here online to your poking around. If you get out to Denver go on by and tell them we sent you.


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Super Bowl Halftime Stylin’


According to designer Rubin Singer in 2 months time there were at least five fittings, 200 man hours and a team of 14 working on Beyoncé Pepsi Super Bowl’s Half Time show look. Not only designing the singer’s opening ‘dress’ (which was just a skirt) and outfitting J-Z’s wife with the lace-bottomed body suit she wore under it, as well as a cropped motorcycle jacket she quickly disposed of, the NY-based designer also dressed the 120 background singers for the show and also Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams.

But really, were you listening to the music anyway?

No knock on Miss Knowles but a half time concert is less about the music then it is a big American event (like the Super Bowl itself being less about the football and really the commercials shown in between the game.) It’s no wonder so much attention has been turned to what Beyoncé wore and if and when Destiny Child would show up. But the look of the production-and when I say ‘look’ I really do mean what the star was dressed in-as much as lighting effects, is what catches the public eye.


Beyoncé  ran through “Love on Top,” “Crazy in Love,” and “End of Time,” and more, Destiny’s Child “Bootylicious” and “Independent Woman” to name two, but really lots of people (me included) were much more focused on what the ladies on stage were wearing. And dare I come off as an objectifying pig (which I certainly can be blamed being at times) I think we’ll all admit Mr. Singer did a great job in dressing, but Beyoncé and all the other ladies a better job of wearing.

Check the video of the show here:

And check the just-as-important (at least to us here) V.G. digital link: