The 2015 Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball

600X_LOGO_2015Yes, it might be a couple of months away, but those in the know should already be planning to attend what always turns out to be the Halloween party to be at. Two decades and running The 2015 Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball (FFHB) is the largest, longest running Halloween event in Las Vegas and one of the grandest of all Halloween parties.

First introduced in 1995 at “The ATTIC”, a once famous Las Vegas landmark, the first FFHB drew a crowd of about 700 curious local partiers. The following year, with a slightly larger budget and expanded marketing, the Ball moved to the famed Las Vegas strip, to the iconic Tropicana Hotel…thus a Vegas tradition was born.

Currently the FFHB is held at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s, a true centerpiece Halloween event.

With accolades such as “One Of The Earth’s Best Bashes” by Stuff Magazine, “One Of The Top 10 Events In The World” by the Travel Channel, and “The Worlds Wildest Halloween Party” by Bizarre Magazine, the FFHB has clearly established itself as one of the world’s top tier celebrations, and with the propensity for the wild at heart to flock to Las Vegas on big weekends, the FFHB has become the focal point for a who’s who of the nightlife world on Halloween weekend.

Latex, leather, lingerie, and saran wrap; anything and everything that’s not suitable for work (for most of us that is) will be on display.

The creators of the FFHB diligently surround party goers in a totally mesmerizing, fantasy laden world, decked out with otherworldly props and decoration. Top notch performers, DJ’s, and musicians, from both the US and abroad, add to the sensory overload which is the FFHB. Bands such as Shiny Toy Guns, The Tubes, and The Motels; DJ’s such as Headhunterz, Bad Boy Bill, Mix Master Mike; performers such as Dita Von Teese, Perish, the Vau De Vire Society and WildChild, have all graced the event. The Ball is a 6 hour extravaganza that features fire breathers, aerialists, wierdos, freaks, towering creatures, contortionists, the exhibitionist stage where party attendees receive their penance for bad behavior, and a collection of handpicked vendors who go all out to stir up the action… literally an inundation of erotic activity and entertainment.

The 2015 FFHB will be expanding to include an Expo element. The first ever Fetish & Fantasy Lifestyles Expo will piggy back on the success of the FFHB with a 3 day convention that will not only feature unique and exciting vendors from around the globe, but will also introduce the National Fetish and Fantasy Awards and a Fetish and Fantasy Hall of Fame. Nominees will be chosen and voted on by their peers and fans, and trophies will be awarded to the outstanding players in a wide range of categories such as “Clothing Designer of the Year” and “Best Live Performance Artist”, etc… anything and everything having to do with the erotic expression of human sensuality. To get further information for this story and on the event, visit the FFHB website at .


The First Annual Queerly Festival Celebrates Pride Week With Von Gutenberg Regulars

5e27d1048af41ed5f34c897f8cdf3f07831ee941[1]As you would expect, here at Von Gutenberg we certainly champion free expression of any point of view (if that p.o.v. condones freedom for all). Even the quickest perusal of our lifestyle events (see the latest in issue #9) or a regular read of this blog you’ll see we have supported plenty an artistic or cultural expression. Be thee working and living in the LGBT community, or be thee involved in fetish/alternative/kink couture design, modeling or performing, you know V.G. will not only support but continue to report on all the good works our family of friends are into. The Queerly Festival, produced by The Horse Trade Theatre Group of NYC, is one such grouping of events Von Gutenberg is behind, celebrating as it does Pride Week, NYC.
What’s even more interesting about this week of theatre pieces is that the show “Song, Word and Deed,” happening on 6/26, 8pm at the Kraine Theatre location is being directed and emcee-d by our very own editor-in-chief, Ralph Greco, Jr (Ralph has also written two pieces for the show.) The hour plus will also feature one of our past writers, Tom Kennedy, as well as techno music maven Madam Marvelous performing a song (read issue #9 to learn more about the provocative M.M.)

It’s going to be quite the Von Gutenberg family affair.

The first annual Queerly Festival, which runs 6/25-7/3 at both Horse Trade Theatre locations-the Kraine Theatre at 85 W. 4th in the village, NYC and UNDER St. Marks, at 94 St. Mark’s Place from 6/25-to-7/3, is presented a wide range of shows. Ralph’s is a variety hour of readings, one short one act and song, while there are other shows in the full week of the program that includes drag cabaret, Karaoke and lots more.
There is bound to be more than one show to tickle your naughty sensibilitieswill prove to a chock-full celebration of LGBT culture running between and , and one we are sure you do not want to miss.44e9994c7d0ec01202dd8c170028dd94_750x600[1]

Fun Sexy Couture Stories

Sometimes there is just too much good stuff going on in the world of lifestyle, couture and sexiness not to fill-up one big blog with a few stories.

A Lingerie Jail Break

safe_imageThey say clothes make the man…but sometimes they fuel a prison break as well. In a Brazilian jail last week three women dressed in the outfits you see here (not exactly latex but certainly close to some of the couture we sell here) entered the lock-down promising the guards of Nova Mutum prison an orgy. The women seduced the guards to take them down to the guards’ sleeping barracks, where the ladies then slipped their companions spiked whiskey that soon left the guards unconscious and very soon relieved of their clothes, keys to cells and handcuffed. The women then proceeded to free 28 inmates.

Miley Cyrus On…Then Off

Hanna Montana has certainly grown-up in everyone’s estimation to the tongue totting Miley Cyrus of video, stage and twerking. One of the videos she used on her Bangerz Tour, titled “Tongue Tied,” was entered in the NYC Porn Festival happening at the end of February. Well at least it was submitted as the beginning of the week. It now seems Miley’s people have retracted the submission which shows Miley in fishnets, tied to a chair with a strip of black tape across her breasts.

It doesn’t seem that Cyrus is balking at being shown so bare, in a decidedly bondage-influenced ‘wardrobe,’ but according to the film festival’s organizer, the word ‘porn’ being used in the title of the event is what gave the Cyrus camp cold feet.miley-cyrus-enters-nyc-porn-festival-with-a-short-film-0

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover controversey

Not that bikini-clad models walking beaches and languidly showing their curves in an infamous yearly issue of a famous sport’s magazine doesn’t garner enough attention and derision each and every year. This year’s 2015’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has got lots of people weighing in over its cover alone! It seems 24 year old model Hannah Davis is just showing too much of herself for public decency.

Hannah is being criticized for pulling her bikini bottom just too low down her front (you judge for yourself, see the picture to the right). One should note though, that it’s this issue that features the first-ever plus-sized model (Ashley Graham) in a S.I. issue. hannah-davis-swimsuit-cover-reveal-2015

Thievery Corporation Rocks Webster Hall, NYC

ThieveryCorporationV#FE8E54 There are just some events that occur in NYC that can’t be missed. Yes, it is a wild rockin’ city just full to the brim with theatre, films, poetry reading, concerts, etc. And getting to even a few of these events can stretch one’s time, temperament and budget to be sure…especially post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas! But the one place the Von Gutenberg team got to this crazy week of one holiday and before another was Webster Hall down on 11th street to see Thievery Corporation.

As a lifestyle, latex and fantasy portal we try and keep up with all that tickles the senses (as you can see on our Fantasy Event List Rob Garza and Eric Hilton’s Thievery Corporation provided quite the tickle…and then some. The sold-out crowd standing at Webster Hall, danced, bounced, sung and other wise rocked this night (as our video below will attest) to the D.C. D.J.’s collection of amazing musicians. The multi-member band ran through their mélange of music styles, from Indian classical, bossa nova, ballads and modern ska, giving us the full smorgasbord of their talents.

One could barely catch their breath in all the wild lights and deep rich sounds. Standing as close as we were to the stage (as our pictures will surely show) we were especially struck with the clutch and sway of the groove coming off the stage and shooting out over the crowd.ThieveryCorporationV#FE90D6

We’d like to say you could catch the band tonight at Webster Hall, but they are sold out. An act this hot wasn’t going to roll through a city like Manhattan-and this time of year no less-and not sell tickets! Here is the link for the venue anyway and for Thievery Corporation, A trip downtown might prove fruitful if you can scalp a ticket; it is well worth trying!

Sometimes all the elements come together famously and you experience one of those nights…this was certainly one of those nights. Great music, great crowd, great venue in a great city that can be as inspiring as it can be intimidating.

Von Gutenberg thanks Thievery Corporation for a great night in a fabulous city.

ThieveryCorporationV#FE8FD2Photos & Video credit: Erik Von Gutenberg.

All Hallows Are Coming With ‘The Til Death Do Us Part fashion show’

1836778_958793447480935_5173778784216372290_oUsually we are throwing an event like the The Til Death Do Us Part fashion show onto our Fantasy Event List calendar. But as we have a connection to this event (a model/stylist and all around great friend of V.G. will be appearing at the show…find her here) and since we know it will be a unique evening marrying Halloween dress-up with couture, we figured we’d take a few moments to expound on what, for most of us into latex couture, always proves to be a wonderful holiday.

The Til Death Do Us Part fashion show is 10/28, three days before the wild Oct.31st full-on festivities. Have you managed to find your outfit yet? Have you amassed all the make-up you’ll need? Are you stepping-out as something truly creepy or maybe even as the opposite gender? Might you attempt to show slightly a bit more leg than you’re used to doing (or show lots of something else?)

This is the time of year to let your dressing-up inhibitions free, no?

The run down of adult costumes this year seems heavily concentrated (again) on zombies and superheroes, if the massive 9-site Costume Supercenter collective is any indication. Come to this party at the at SkyRoom NYC (330 W40th St.) you’re sure to see lots of different looks. It seems things these days go from the sexy, to the wild, to the bloody…sometimes all in the same costume!

As this is a few days before the big weekend, you could pick-up a few tips from Tawni Michelle of Team Dramatizon Make-Up design as well as some wild hair tips from Fallon Fitzpatrick of Fallon Fitzpatrick Hair Design; they will both be on hand at this fashion show.

Here are the full details for the party: Whether you attend or not, please enjoy a safe and happy Halloween from all of us at Von Gutenberg.


art undressedBoasting as “South Florida’s sexiest Art Show” ARTundressed celebrates the artistic, humorous, and sensual aspects of creative nude art; both in visual and performance arts. Since its inception, this event has toured many different countries and numerous cities from all over the world, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Berlin (Germany), as well as Montreal and Toronto (Canada). The collection of exhibited artworks is always top-notch showcasing some of today most talented, creative, renowned artists and photographers.

Those submitting to ARTundressed undergo a very calculated and selective process for the show to feature top local, national and international artists, exhibiting some of the best nude art that exert the highest level of creativity. In addition to displaying the best creativity in the nude art genre, a great amount of effort is spent on complimenting the “visual arts” portion of the event with Outrageous Fashion and Tantalizing Entertainment including Top International Deejays, Live Music, and Sexy Performance Art.  Attending the ARTundressed event is truly a memorable, interactive, and erogenous experience.

ARTundressed is known as a “Creative Nude Art” Festival based on the simple fact that, although the event encompasses a lot more attractions than just the art exhibition, the principal element of its essence is depicted by high-quality, unique, provocative and very creative work of art.The entire art collection is fun, humourous, inviting, thought-provoking, and sparks interesting conversations mainly from the co-relation of the subject to the innate sense of self.

The ARTundressed International Art Exhibition is now opened for submissions to all artists worldwide.

To submit go to the |Info| menu of the website and click the “To Submit Your Art” page in the ‘Registration’ section, or access the form directly via this link:

As you know reading Von Gutenberg, coming to our blog, in all the things we do we celebrate all expression of art. You can see our ‘expression’ in our issue #8, click the links below to see it. And be sure to get your art undressed!



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(Victoria’s) Angels Getting Married: Behati Prinsloo marries Maroon 5’s/The Voice’s Adam Levine

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo engagedBehati Prinsloo married Maroon 5’s/The Voice’s Adam Levine on Saturday. From their seemingly whirlwind engagement in the summer of 2013, to a wedding that saw 200 strong flood the Floral Farms in Los Cabos, the super celeb couple hosted the obligatory Facebook posts, blogs about the nuptials and well wishers in their stepping-out as man and model.

Behati is Namibian born, becoming main lady of Victoria’s Secret sub-brandPrink in ’08, then a full flegged “Angel “ (yes complete with wings) the next year. She has walked the runway for Chanel, Zac Posen, Miu Miu and many others and has appeared on many fashion magazine covers…Vogue, L’Officiel and “V” to name but a few.

And because a wedding is all about the bride really-poor Levine just had to show up and look metro handsome-bloggers (such as yours truly is about to) made note of her Marchesa gown and Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and (ex Angel) Erin Heatherton flittering around in their Rory Beca dresses.

Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine played during the ceremony (as did the rest of the band later) as well as Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and Sublime during the reception planned by star wedding planners Yifat Oren and Stefanie Cove.

Handsome, well known couples are certainly all the rage across the blog-o’-sphere. But whether or not the meeting of two people supporting super busy high profile careers a good marriage makes, time will tell in the case of Prinsloo and Levine. Still the affair seems to have made all the necessary news sources, plumped-up a goodly amount of fashion news and fed all our voyeurism for a least a day or so.

But Victoria’s Angels keep us all hopeful and lighter of step, knowing our wishes might come true, especially when they light down to earth to marry modern-day rock stars.

And go here to find stuff to make you look like a rock star, model, angel…or even a  devil:

First-Ever Tattoos Exhibition to Feature at 2014 BIG Industry Show and U.S. Cannabis Cup

imgresAmericans spent a staggering $1.65 billion on tattoos every year. Add to this fact that 2014 saw (and continues to see) maruianna legalization at the forefront of U.S. news. It stands to reason then that a tattoo exhibition occurring during the High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup 2014 in Denver, Colorado (4/16-4/20) is the perfect timely marriage.

If you have feasted your eyes over Von Gutenberg issue number 8, you have caught TLC tattoo TV star Megan Massacre on our candy pink cover. We feel it’s our duty then to hip you all to the above tattoo happening at such a cool event. We are proud to announce the first ever tattoo exhibition occurring at the innovative Industry Show and High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup.

The event runs from April 16 thru 20, beginning with the two-day BIG Industry Show celebrating the 420 lifestyle’s leading business-to-businesses. The Galleria glass exhibition will follow on April 18. Featuring work of glass-blowing artists at the forefront of the marianna smoking industry, this day will be open to the public for the first time. The whole weekend concludes with the two-day U.S. Cannabis Cup on April 19 and 20.

Tattooing will be available at the event, beginning with that huge two day Industry Show. Featured tattoo stars scheduled to appear (and tattoo) include John Anderton, Forrest, Daniel Walker, El Whyner, Cesar Morales, Karl Berringer, Garrett Harper and many more.

The weekend will be held at the Denver Mart exhibition center. The huge event space is sure to see upwards of 30,000 for this get together of 420 advocates, tattoo fans and just the lay person interested in both smoke and tattoo ‘fashion’. This weekend will prove to be one of the most talked about events of early 2014, a true marriage of stylish cultures and mores.

Suffice it to say, all are welcome.

And all are welcome to check out our tattoo issue # 8 here:



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2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


The first of 2014’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in NYC officially kicked-off in grand old style this week. Running from 2/6-2/13 the bi-annual run-thru of upcoming fashions is centered (as it has been many a year now) in “the tents” set-up at Lincoln Center, but there’s also shows off site (Alexander Wang is at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for example).

Of course even the layman will have heard of the fashion houses coming to Manhattan to show; Nicole Miller, Carolina Herrera, Naeem Khan (and many more) but this year there is a notable exception in Rachel Zoe cancelling her show due to too many other commitments and that fact that her new son is simply too young to travel to the Big Apple …just yet.

This Fashion Week is supposedly full with a grand diversity in models; a wide variety of ethnicities are said to be represented in the women who walk the runways as well as there being a goodly amount of plus-sized ladies among the throng.

Beyond this evolved ethos though, the designers, as usual, were out to out do one another.

Betsey Johnson models twirled, those infamous twin designers The Blonds had their models sporting perfectly round gold beehives and one dressed as Tweety Bird and another an astronaut. Ralph Lauren had ladies wearing sunglasses; Thom Browne seemed to have plucked models from the cast of The Walking Dead and Kate Spade’s Spring/Summer line revealed models in striking ‘retro’ winged eyeliner.

And this was all just in the first week.

While cities like Milan, Paris and London battle for supremacy in world culture very few can argue that New York City is the mega for all things hip and this bi-yearly Fashion Week certainly makes for lots of news in magazine and websites across the world. There is another week to go and surprises are sure to pop up, celebs will be posing for paparazzi and all manner of fashionistas and fans will be making predictions. For now we simply wanted to give you a taste of what’s been going on.

What’s going on in the world of Von Gutenberg? Check out our Fantasy Event List for happenings and issue number eight with Megan Massacre on the cover, available in these formats:



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Miss Bey Catches The Spotlight Again

And you’d think the President, more than 500 guests and big birthday bash for first lady would be enough to get press. But it seems what people are most on about is what Beyoncé was wearing.


And I guess being a fashion portal we should take notice too.

In a gold Randi Rahm mini, sporting nude patent-leather heels and a mess of Lorraine Schwartz bangles, it was Miss Bey who made the biggest impression on a whole bunch of net news outlets. Certainly the pictures she took were enough to fill Beyonce’s Tumbler page with stuff, as once again the rich and shameless do their best to convince us how much better their lives are. And yes, hubby Jay Z and the couple’s newest edition Blue Ivy was at the party too but it was Beyoncé mostly anyone and everyone was interested in seeing (and seeing lots of her as they did in that dress that showed off the lady’s gams in a spectacular fashion) as she made the scene and even performed six songs.

This is not the first time Beyoncé has stepped out in something provocative, that her appearance at an event is the most important moment of that event, that she has walked into a spot with her child and Jay Z only to catch all the attention, and it won’t be the last. Let’s face it, as much as we all might be interested in catching what a Leonardo DiCaprio or Hugh Jackman are wearing (and in the case of a Jackman it’s sometimes as interesting to catch what he’s not wearing) in the case of world wide fashion couture, be it in clothes, tattoos, hairstyles or jewels, it is the opposite of what old James Brown sang, it is a woman’s world to be sure!

Step into the Von Gutenberg world by checking-out our issue #8:




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