Well, Tat’s Just Dumb: Embarrassing Tattoos of Fantasy Football League


As you will certainly know by my hacking it here, our Von Gutenberg  #8, with Megan Massacre on the cover is our tattoo themed issue. We got goodies galore inside, Midori fiction, a House of Harlot photo display, Xander Design stuff, event coverage, and models like Bibiana Atada, Onna Sakura and of course Megan you will be glancing over again and again; it’s the usual VG splendifurous display. I’m ever so proud of this rockin’ candy colored cover of a book where we, as always, come to champion our love for latex couture, piercings and in this issue specifically tattoos-actually-and as always-V.G. champions any and all expression. Here at Von Gutenberg we really are into so many forms of ‘fashion’, whether it is in the clothes people wear or the things they do.

But it’s hard to champion expression when it is conducted in a way that is just downright frat boy foolhardy.

It seems a pack of Nebraska fantasy footballers set up a deal for their play…if you want to call what they do play. In these player’s “league” if you come in last you get tatted. The rule is the loser has to allow a tattoo placed on any four-inch-by-four-inch square on their person (luckily the loser can choose the tat) but as you will see from the clip below of Adam, Jordan and Spud (yes Spud)  when they appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the pics here, those tat’s can get out and out pretty embarrassing,…which is kinda the point I guess.

“The whole purpose of this league was to punish the loser so that everybody played as hard as they can every week,” was the quote from one of the boys.

Kinda dumb?

You decide.

See the video clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baroO1BcgBc, and look at the pic above.

See people who carefully chose their tattoos and didn’t get inked from losing a bet in our issue # 8:

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The Stockroom’s Black Unicorn New Year’s Eve Fantasy Ball/25th Anniversary Gala


For its silver anniversary The Stockroom teams-up with the Boulet Brothers to co-present the Black Unicorn New Year’s Eve Fantasy Ball/25th Anniversary Gala, what they are calling an “authentic club experience filled to the brim with choreography and decadence.”

A quarter of a century ago (can you believe it?) Stockroom Founder Joel Tucker began selling handmade specialty bondage items online…today they are equal to none in what they do and how well they do it. The company’s unique “gear” has appeared often in the mainstream, on “American Horror Story,” “True Blood,” and “The Tonight Show” to name just a few and currently The Stockroom operates from a 30,000 square foot space on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard.

Confirmed special guests for the party include N.J.’s own petite tattooed maven porn star Joanna Angel, Michael Vegas, Mischa Brooks and Wolf Hudson. For those lucky to attend (and definitely get your pre-sale $30 tickets…now!) Stockroom will be giving out commemorative gift bags, there will be a red carpet photo shoot entrance and of course a New Years champagne toast.

Great long standing friends with us here at Von Gutenberg we couldn’t be happier for The Stockroom and their twenty five years of success.

The party will be held at Dim Mak Studios and Room 86 in Hollywood. Pre-sale tickets are $30. For more info, visit the event’s Facebook page or check our Fantasy Event List for the event.

And wouldn’t you know it, you can get our just released Von Gutenberg Magazine #8, our tattooed theme issue, at The Stockroom. Drop in and tell them we sent you.

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Being Selfie -aware

Ah, the Selfie.

I would think it hard to be anyone under the age of twenty and not heard the term as I am sure many older folks (and younger) have a hint that it refers to those pictures and videos we all seem to be taking, of ourselves, via our mobile phones and devices. Call it narcissism, a modern approach to a dirty phone call (when said selfie is of some naked part of yourself) or just too many people finding they have too much time on their hands, either way the Moving Image London, located at The Bargehouse in London’s South Bank, has set-up a National Selfie Gallery featuring this modern age phenom.

The show, curated by Kyle Chayka and Marina Galperina, will feature short-form videos (not pictures) and according to the gallery’s press will feature two screens presenting “a rotating series of short videos commissioned for the project, each 30 seconds or less in length.” Some of the artists participating are Rollin Leonard, Yung Jake, Leslie Kulesh (there are 19 artists in all) and all will have their videos on sale for $500 in editions of five during the entire show.


Also on display will be an interactive app and installation created by Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach so visitors can take their own “warped meta-selfies,” of course “sold in an exclusive edition….suitable for avatar use and sharing everywhere.” Because God knows we not only cannot walk into a public place without our cell phone on and reacting to it as much as what we have come into the public space to enjoy, but we need to be able to interact and if possible shoot out our opinion about what we are seeing.

Ah the future looks so bright I need to wear shades.

Next time you’re snapping a odd-angled pic of your booty to send to your boyfriend or turning the iPad to you to take video of you and your bros enjoying the football game happening behind you, remember you are creating art…or at least as we define it these days.

If you want to see the ‘art’ as we personally define it at Von Gutenberg, go here: http://vongutenberg.com/e-book/ or here: http://vongutenberg.com/e-magazine/

Comic-Con Cares About You And Your Latex


There’s a whole summer and more between the infamous Comic-Con in San Diego and the one happening this weekend in NYC, and granted the one in Cali sees more Hollywood movie stuff and the one in at the Javits Center in Manhattan is replete with gamers. But the one thing you can be sure of in both is a crowd full of cosplay fans, latex wearers and all manner of high-end self-made marquis costuming.

The people of Comic-Con are aware of the dressing-up course, encourage it in fact and bandy about ‘survival tips’ for the over one hundred and thirty thousand folks that are predicted for this weekend’s convention. For the Princess Leia’s, Alf’s or ubiquitous Batman pre-weekend warnings are a good idea (let’s face it, lots of people who attend Comic-Con are kids or overly enthusiastic dresser-uppers who only dress-up in latex, rubber and spandex this one time of year). I know readers of Von Gutenberg are well aware of the do’s and don’ts when wearing your finest high-fashion freaky finery, but not everyone is adept as you. And while the ‘effect’ Comic-Con costumers are going for might be different then what you hope to achieve when stepping out to some gathering we have mentioned on our Fantasy Event List, we’re all brothers (and sisters) under our codpieces, wings and corsets aren’t we?

It seems to be an accepted rule that somewhere along the line-be one at Comic-Con or at a lifestyle event-things might slip and slide, wrinkle or pull and you might not be looking as good as you did when you first entered the prom. Suggestion then: Check your outfit on a semi to regular basis during the show/event/convention.


I know a lot of young ladies at Comic-Con conventions take the opportunity to show-off skin they usually don’t in their everyday dress and surely the events you hit are all about revealing and enticing, but if one is indeed layered, lubed into latex, wiggled up into a fully zipped-up cat suit-with a mask even-from Comic-Con to a Von Gutenberg Fetish Weekend, keep hydrated-and that means drinking water not just soda or alcohol-is of primary importance

And though the Comic-Con troopers warn of having snacks on hand to thwart overly priced convention food stands and the ‘get there early rule’ might be prudent I think what we all know (and many revel in, let’s admit it) but a convention novice might find disheartening at first, is that one must expect a level of discomfort.

Dressing like your favorite super hero or a fetish fashionista for some Florida frolicking is going to take some forethought, preparation, attention to detail and not a small amount of pull, clutch and chafe.

But it’s so worth it, isn’t it?

V.G. Ring-Around The Mainstream


We skirt a fine line here at Von Gutenberg, an 800# gorilla-in-the-room ethos we are all well aware of and ‘throw bananas’ at occasionally in an attempt to mollify a ring-around the mainstream balance in all we do. As a niche lifestyle fashion publication considering and featuring latex more than most publications and websites, we have occasion to hip you to happenings on our Fantasy Event List that are not your ‘usual’ fashion runway get together’s, we feature talented folks-designers, models, photographers and other artists-who indeed have slightly more-then-interesting approaches and styles, and we’re ever exploring ideas in our fiction and articles that could certainly be seen as slightly off-center of the everyday.

But who wants to be like everybody else? We present what we do not only because we have a passion to do so, but because we believe everyone should have a voice. And we’d have it no other way! We are proud of the magazine, the fact that we have marched it into the digital age as well as keep printing and that you are all our friends and support us on this journey…just as we support you on yours.

In another ring-around the mainstream attempt I have been reporting about and now that they are upon us will once again roll out the invite for two events happening this month, one in London and one in N.J., USA: The 2013 Exxxotica Expo (in NJ) and Erotica 2013 in London. These are marquis lifestyle events where you’d be bound to find not only lots of latex but our friends like Rubber Doll and Max Absolute respectively. Where an artist like our friend Fang Ling Lee will be on hand (at Exxxotica) as much as too many design houses and toy makers to name (the space at Erotica alone, at Tobacco Dock, London, is massive).

Erotica 2013 can be found here:  http://erotica-uk.com/, it happens the last weekend of Oct.

The Exxotica Expo 2013 (in N.J.), beginning today in fact, can be found here: http://nj.exxxoticaexpo.com/




Marloes ten Bhömer ‘steps’ into London

marloestenbhomerI’ve hipped you to the imaginative work of Marloes ten Bhömer’s before in this blog. Shirking fashion trends and styles ten Bhömer bases her research purely in the “parameters required to support a foot (in a high-heeled position” of course! “while in motion.” From her White Prototypes test pieces and video Material Compulsion-both of this year-gallery installations, applied tests and of course hour and hours of observation the results of ten Bhömer’s extensive research reveals both a link between “rationalized parameters, aesthetic intuition and structural understanding,” as well as a full questioning of just what importance high heel shoe wear takes in the overall role of “female identity.”

Coming up for the artist researcher is a presentation during London Fashion Week and London Design Festival at designjunction, Crafts Council, Real to Reel (9/14-9/22, link here: Exhibition) and the Victoria and Albert Museum, Fashion Galleries, Room 40 (9/22), link here Exhibition
For more information and to view the work visit: www.marloestenbhomer.com

Theresa Vail, First Tattooed Miss America Contestant?

38479f22-fdf4-44eb-b8cf-a966395c2d75_1085160_10152137453462942_696742533_oI guess you could say I’m a little tat obsessed lately, what with our soon-to-be released issue #8 being our tattoo issue, featuring mega tat star Megan Massacre on the cover. But what I am on about today is less the actual magazine-believe me when it is released (in print and digital) there will be lots I’ll want to brag about)-and more this story I just read about Miss America and the taboo of tats.

In the 92dn annual beauty show Miss Kansas, a tatted boxer/mechanic/bow hunter/student and U.S. Army Sergeant showed her tats during the swimsuit competition. As Theresa Vail, the lady in question says of the coverage she is generating from her coverage: “My whole platform is empowering women to overcome stereotypes and break barriers. What a hypocrite I would be if I covered my ink. How can I tell other women to be fearless and true to themselves if I can’t do the same? I am who I am, tattoos and all.”

Though there are no rules forbidding the showing of tats in the pageant, and many pageant contestants sport them for sure, choosing to cover them with make-up or well placed outfit pieces, the twenty two year old blonde is certainly the first woman to truly show-of her ink in such a major pageant.

Vail’s ink? On her left shoulder is the insignia of the U.S. Army Dental Corps, and the Serenity Prayer (very visible the other night she strutted in her suit) runs down Vail’s right side.

13387816-mmmainThere have been Miss Tattoo USA and in Australia, Inked Beauties (started after Samantha Platt was rejected by competitions because of the full ‘sleeve’ of tats she sports).

In what seems to be a ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ quandary (or as Woody Allen famously quipped, “But if the beholder is blind, ask the guy next to you.”) it is yet to be seen if Vail will be rejected because of her reveal, (though no one would admit this) or even garner very much ‘ink’ after a winner is crowned, if it’s not her that is.


Fetish Map London

The production team of James, Eva, Hugh, and SatinGoth publish what is one of the very best up-to-the minute events listings and all around kink scene manifestos, the Fetish Map London. We keep you abreast of happenings on our own fantasyeventlist.com but if you take a look at Fetish Map London you will see as much what’s happening currently and in the future in the wild lifestyle U.K. city as much as will be able to locate and take a peak at stalwart haunts where kinsters congregate. Fetish Map London also gives one the skinny on shops, services, and bars as it does where one might have their make-up done or where one might go to network.

So far nearly 60,000 copies of PictureRama Publishing’s ‘map’ have found its ways into people’s hands in its decade of existence. Through its outreach the map travels outside London too (their most recent efforts have been to infuse the map with a global reach); recently they ran a piece on Paris’ kink store Metamoph’Ose. The map is also building and promoting ever stronger connections with fetish tourism across the world and their Twitter and Facebook pages are a’booming!


You can peruse the Fetish Map London as much for the Erotica convention http://erotica-uk.com/ which is making its way back to London in Oct. as you can look for a mistress any old time. Or even advertise with the good people at the map and get the full feel of their wide reach.

Check out our friends here: http://www.fetishmap.co.uk/


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013 New York City

mercedes-benz-fashion-week-ny-ss-2013Down at Lincoln Center the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013 big doings were running away (on the runway) and around town this first week of Sept. and will still run into the 2nd. Bulging beyond big tents in Lincoln Center (where currently there is a lawsuit afloat to have Fashion Week not return there) some designers hold their showings far from the center of the hubbub in High Line Park to art galleries (this year also marks the end of the infamous Fashion Night Out free for all). And then there are the parties, dinners and get together’s post the runaway shows every bit as important to attend as the fashion shows themselves.

Let’s get right to some of the highlights, shall we?

Showing for the first time this year are designers Desigual and AllSaints, while New York’s own Eden Miller presents her own premier of sorts unveiling the first ever plus-sized collection to appear during Fashion Week.

Tommy Hilfiger held his what used to be evening show before 12 noon at Pier 94.


Also on hand were Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, Rebecca Minkoff, Jenni Kayne and many others.

None other than Lady Gaga showed At The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media awards, Kelly Osbourne hosted a live streamed online show that featured Janelle Monae. And of course legions of fans and execs who don’t fly into town catch what they can on Facebook, YouTube, off of designer’s sites and streaming live-as-it-happens on Twitter and Instangram.

And if you can still get in by the time you read this, hit the end of the event big wingding Calvin Klein party celebrating designer Francisco Costa’s 10th year.

I just wanted to give you a smattering, as the week progresses I will regale you to the specific of trends and also the skinny on the future of NYC fashion week, you might just be surprised at what experts have to say about it all.

Stay;fashionable yourself, why not ‘try on’ one of our magazines digitally: http://vongutenberg.com/e-magazine/







As you may or may not be aware NYC hosts an annual NYC Film Festival (this year will prove to be its 51st year). It is the highlight of not only the fall season when it occurs, but is one the big culture touchstones a city known for its diverse culture displays. And within the Film Festival there are short windows of time, sometimes a few days only, when specific films are showcased under a specific banner of type.

This is what NewFest is.

Keeping you in the loop as we do here with ‘lifestyle’ happenings on our Fantasy Event List (and we know how that one word can encompass a whole bunch of concepts and ideas…from a German latex designer’s launch of a new line, to a mistress get together in San Francisco to a Toronto Shibari demonstration) I wanted to let you know about NewFest, running as part of the New York Film Festival, from 9/6th to the 11th (I’ve listed it in our Fantasy Event List as well). The films shown in this series sponsored by H.B.O. are specifically of a LGBT type and presented via a partnership between Outfest and the Film Society of Lincoln Center…as they have been doing for a quarter of a century now.

Films by Stacie Passon, Ravis Mathews, Rose Troche and Malgoska Szumowska will be shown as well as the Kink documentary James Franco produced about the infamous online kinky depository and play space The Armory (a movie I am personally looking forward to seeing).

There’s even a series of shorts to be shown too. Check out the information here: www.FilmLinc.com and don’t forget to check out all issues of Von Gutenberg now available digitally here http://vongutenberg.com/e-magazine/, plus our first ever eBook All The Word’s A Rage, available here: http://vongutenberg.com/e-book/.