Kim Kardashian and Paper Magazine ‘Break’ Your Internet

Kim_cover_web_1[1]Sometimes it’s a week for high fashion. Sometimes latex couture sneaks in from something we’ve done or through a super hero movie. Occasionally the twain meet and we can all shout out a hearty “See, we told ya so!” And then there are those days when the net is abuzz with salacious news of some celeb or another flaunting their attributes in something sexy. Sometimes that celeb is sans wardrobe (actually, come to think of it, barely does a day go by these days without a story about some celeb recently releasing a naked selfie.) As none of us would doubt, the naked celeb story this week was of Kim Kardashian’s bare oiled butt Paper magazine shot.

In a climate that saw Prince snap his first selfie this week; Heidi Klum posing her bare self for a “Sharper Image” catalogue; Keira Knightley defiantly revealing her bare ‘untouched’ breasts in Interview as a protest against photo-shopping, Kim K’s cover for Paper Magazine and even more revealing shots littered across the net from that shoot (some full frontal) were released this week. The Paper pic of Kim promised to “break the internet,” though the net seemed to survive Kim’s oiled and bare derriere. We even all survived the admission for Paper’s editorial director Mickey Boardman that Kim’s picture was ‘retouched’…say it isn’t so!

French photographer Jean-Paul Goude and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic managed these photos of the famous reality star. But in an attempt of ‘imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery’ ex-T.V. talk-show host Chelsea Handler took a mirror selfie of her own bare butt a couple days after Kim’s reveal…sans oil, pro lighting and retouching.

How this all betters our lives or if indeed if any of this falls into the wide category of ‘fashion’ who knows. But it is certainly fashion-able for celebrities to show themselves and it seems, as much as themselves that they can these days.

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Fashion For Good: VARYD & Disruptive Voices


Declaring BE DIFFERENT, BE YOU. BE VARYD the clothing line VARYD gave birth to ‘wearable art’ in June 2013. But this designer, who uses models of different shapes, sizes and colors is about so much more then unique couture and championing body types. The labels’ founders, Korean National Rydia and Korean-American Vanessa are both survivors of sexual and physical violence and through VARYD they have now established the South Korean Facebook group Disruptive Voices.

There is no denying that marketing fashion couture is often a pursuit often determined by the capricious whim of the public. But Disruptive Voices is attempting to make some real change using their fashion platform and reach. This’ community/movement’ is looking to “support, empower, validate, and further raise awareness (about gender issues)” in Korea and beyond, a much needed concern as Rydia and Vanessa explain.

“We are survivors and know there is a lack of communicative and safe support for people to come together (on this issue).” Vanessa says. ”In order to move forward, I felt that (for myself) having a ‘circle’ or safety was essential, if not life saving.”

Rydia explains the prevailing attitude of her home country and why VARYD established Disruptive Voices:

“The issue of plastic surgery and the obsession of it in Korea…shakes up values. Women are expected to become ‘perfect’ and young men are raised to value that. Women are no longer fellow humans, they are objectified. I worry about how this effects and harms the youth and how they value themselves and one another. There is (also) a stigma with reaching out for psychological support or therapy. People are concerned with how they are viewed and judged, this negatively affects potential self-security.”

The founders hope that Disruptive Voices will be a place of safety for those women (they are starting with women’ issues, but admitted during a recent CNN interview they are just as interesting in tackling mens’ as well) who can’t find support from “family, peers, or police,” and further more, who might indeed be ridiculed-or worse-for coming forward about the abuses they have survived or are still experiencing.

Find VARYD here:

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Ah, Halloween Costuming 2014: The Sexy Ebola Containment Suit

1414328789985_Image_galleryImage_Item_Details_As_the_deadlThe last thing anyone can seem to decide on is, what’s sexy. We try all the time ourselves to present what we feel are the most arresting and provocative images of models in latex couture. But alluring, ‘hot’, kinky, downright sexy is all in the eyes of the beholder. Things get stretched even further to this subjective pov when one mixes the controversial with the sexual (deliberately or not) as the decidedly trending, maybe sexy, certainly controversial Sexy Ebola Containment Suit costume makes its presence known this Halloween.

Twitter has been blazing with the erroneous claim that this is being called a “Sexy Ebola Nurse” (or Dr.) costume, but still, linking the words ‘sexy’ with ‘Ebola?’ The add for the costume claims: ‘As the deadly Ebola virus trickles its way through the United States, fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style.’ But one wonders if good taste should prevail or if the designers here are at least traipsing into the comedy never-never land of making sport of something way too soon from when that thing happened (and in the case of the Ebola spread, still happening.) The description of the outfit hints at an even more fashionable reason to buy: “The short dress and chic gas mask will be the talk of Milan, London, Paris, and New York as the world’s fashionistas seek global solutions to hazmat couture.’

See it here.

And of course there is a male version as well (see here) it’s not  as sexy though.ebola-containment-suit-costume-4

Lots of people weighing in on the merits of this particular costume and just what is and isn’t sexy are pointing out the close resemblance to the Breaking Bad costume so popular last year.

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Baywatch Suit At The Quarter Century Mark

3974cf20-429e-11e4-990a-8d36f7c0f891_baywatch-swimsuits-pamela-andersonAs had Farrah Fawcett in her infamous one piece poster make young boys throughout the world men faster than they ever imagined they could be, so did the jiggle and taut play of those infamous Baywatch red suites capture the imagination and bulging eye of T.V. viewers in the early 90’s (the series ran from 1989 to 2001). Farah’s pic came fast, she did her own hair (actually squeezing lemon juice on her famous highlights and picking her suit from a bunch of others during a shoot even before her Charlie’s Angels fame) but for Pam Anderson, Nicole Eggert, and Alexandra Paul (the three ladies who have the distinction of wearing that TYR red Lycra first), they were merely wearing what most lifeguards wore at the time wore.

Greg Bonann, a Southern California lifeguard created Baywatch went to a competitive swimsuit house for the suits. At the time (and still pretty much as it still is) lifeguards came from the world of competitive swimming. Suits in that case have to be functional. Women simply can’t get into all the action they do as lifeguards donning bikinis!



Producers made sure the swimsuits were tailored to each actress who wore them and though some actresses who came to wear the infamous one piece after Pam, Alexandra and Nicole had various degrees of opinion. But many, like Anderson, liked the suit very much.

“I have the red Baywatch swimming costume in my safe. … I put it on once in a while, jump in the shower and rescue my boyfriend,” she told Elle mag. “I have had quite some moments in that suit.”

The suits went to a yellow color for show’s last two seasons which by then had moved off the mainland for Baywatch Hawaii.

No suits here, but still check out the red, black and all other wonderful colors of our latex here.

Eva Green Stirs A Fashionable Controversy in “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”

o-EVA-GREEN-SIN-CITY-A-DAME-TO-KILL-FOR-570If there was one movie that truly displayed a unique visual style (about as unique as the comic book it was based on) it was “Sin City.” The metallic black and whites, the color washes, the film noir vibe and over-the-top characters shone very much like well-lubed latex; hell, the fashions of the costumes could certainly be called alternative, if not outright fetish at times. The first Sin City (released in 2005 ) was a feast for the eyes, the follow-up, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” being released 8/22, looks like another sumptuous feast…it might also prove controversial. Coming from directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller (Miller is the writer of the comic and this movie) the sequel is already mining some press…due to its wardrobe (or lack of one) on a main character played by Eva Green.

The ABC network (owned by Disney who has already curtailed some programming on the network and its cable offshoots) would not air the new Sin City trailer. The claim here is that Eva Green simply exposes too much of herself in the strategically open white robe she wears in the trailer and poster. Her outfit (or lack of one) makes the lady “appear to be naked” the network says in two scenes in the recently released trailer and the powers-that-be over at ABC rejected airing the clip on its stations.

The Sin City poster of Green in that naughty outfit was also taken to task by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Though edits on Green’s attire were attempted from the movie studio that made “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” they did not mollify ABC. But as Green herself told Vanity Fair “I’m not naked. It’s suggested.” But it would seem the suggestion is too much in this case and good press or bad, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” is getting attention because of its fashion sense.

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What Jen Selter Teaches Us Jen Selter


Jen Selter literally has social media ‘on her ass’…and what a celebrated backside it is. The 20 year-old fitness model has built herself into an Instagram sensation with 4 million followers and a celebrity built as much around her fitness routines as her round bottom.

But the lady takes her modeling to often empowering heights. Just this past week the comely brunette added a picture of herself walking on a beach in a sexy small bikini (what else would she be wearing?) along with the motivational message:

“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.”

It might come to pass that all this self-attention could turn around and bite Selter on the butt (so to speak). Who knows what the future brings to and with celebrity built on the capricious wind of social media (some people have thrived because of it, others not). One thing is certain though models, musicians, sports stars, politicians even are enjoying up-to-the-minute recognition (good and bad both) over what they do, say, create, reveal across cyberspace. Does one need do or say something truly long lasting to sustain themselves beyond the simple fashion of the day, or is a motivational message an arresting yoga pants selfie, a controversy enough? Maybe in this day and age obsolescence is a foregone conclusion and fashion of every stripe should be changing at even ever blistering quick pace? Maybe if we learn nothing else from our faster-then-fast, look-at-me culture is that one needs to be constantly evolving their image and ideas and a career lasting a few moths should be celebrated, those lasting a few years is a paradigm long extinct.

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Pippa Middleton, a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and The Rear Heard Round The World

Talk about creating a story over an ‘also ran,’ a runner-up, bridesmaid-and-not-the-bride (literally in this case) Pippa Middleton has now revealed (finally!) that the famous bridesmaid dress she wore to her sister’s wedding, was meant to be “insignificant”.

My God, now that the truth is out, how is the world going to deal?!

You might recall Pippa’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen creation in white that hugged her rear in such a fantastic way she was accused of taking attention from her sister the Duchess of Cambridge. When the bride’s sister held the wedding gown train her back to the camera, Pippa showed the world exactly what a fabulous bottom she sported and from then on the press has been on the story. Yes, the Duke and Duchess’ wedding was a very big deal, but as Pippa says of her dress: “I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress. Really just to sort of blend in with the train.”

Kate's dress holding Dutchess trainDo you ever get the feeling that with all cyber space to write stories across that so much of what we read, tweet, post, write even is trivial at its best, completely useless at its worst? Yes, Pippa is a celeb of sorts (as are the Duke and Duchess, all the royals actually) but wasn’t this her sister’s special day…and wasn’t the wedding enough of a media circus to begin with? Must we really be still talking about this lady’s pert round bottom displayed in her bridesmaid dress three years after the fact?

This story is about fashion (of a sort), celebrity and spectacle (a trio no one can truly ignore) but somehow we still have Pippa’s booty on our minds. It’s a story that doesn’t seem to be able to die.

And one we happen to be blogging about it.

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The Book of Filthy Sex Games A Guide to Kink, Fetish and BDSM Through Adult Play By Jackson Rocco: A Review

BOFSEG coverThere truly is no stone left un-turned in Jackson Rocco’s The Book of Filthy Sex Games A Guide to Kink, Fetish and BDSM Through Adult Play.

As one would hope when delving into the world of intimate kink games the subject is taken seriously as much as it is rendered for good old fashion fetish fun here. Let’s face it, when one is looking to indulge in some ‘alternative’ play one should know well what one is getting into. That Rocco takes the better part of the first near 50 pages of this book to discuss subjects like “pulse points” “safe words” and “aftercare” (to name but a few) certainly might seem a slow read before the good stuff. But believe me it shows the man thought well about this subject and has done his research. There’s a wealth of information in this first section alone I think worth the price of this book.

And then comes the…

There are 69 ‘games’ here making-up the true meat-and-taters of Rocco’s book. Beginning forays like “Coming Home to Lovedoll” to “The Handyman or Nurse” or the self-explanatory title of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” are all informed by Rocco’s long laundry list details and descriptions.  At the Intermediate level there are games like “Fluffy Domination” the Tantra-infused “No End in Sight” and the nasty “40 Cellophane Hell O’ Pain.” At the Advanced level games like “Fox and Hound” with a suggested venue of ‘fields, forest/woods, great outdoors’ and equipment: ‘butt plug, lube, maps, torch’ truly up the ante for players.

Through it all Rocco painstaking details every aspect of not only what players need in order to play each particular game but what they might feel and what might happen when and if they do. There’s an ending library of kink and fetish books here where Rocco recommends some reading, a glossary of terms and acknowledgement of his references.

Sure there is lots of naughty fetish fiction out there ripe for the plucking (50 Shades of Grey certainly comes to mind). But for a serious and at the same time fun non-fiction instructional romp about BDSM you won’t find a better book then The Book of Filthy Sex Games A Guide to Kink, Fetish and BDSM Through Adult Play
Find it here:

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Happy Passover, Easter and Spring from Von Gutenberg

Happy Easter & Passover from Von GutenbergSo those two main religious spring holidays are upon us this week: Passover and Easter. We here at Von Gutenberg hope you enjoy either that you celebrate, or both if you do…or none at all and just get out and enjoy the fresh air. Grab a lover or family member, go egg hunting, sit at seder, or just run among the flowers.

This is the season for a literal ‘rebirth,’ even for those of us not even in an area of the world that experiences a true dark and cold winter season. We all feel those fallow times hopefully always followed by days and nights full of promise, potential and warmer weather. Think about peeling off work clothes and fitting on your favorite latex catsuit or those ridiculously high heels. How ’bout wiggling into your favorite corset (guy and girl both) heading out to a party or just to model for a lover? This sense of rebirth, change, ‘un’budding (if you will allow me) is something we all ache for and need.

Yes, we see the obligatory fashion runways full for Fall and Winter clothing, but aren’t we all so much more (or at least equally) interested in Spring and Summer lines? Even if you’re not ‘bikini ready’ (guy or girl) don’t you feel that niggling want to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine? There are Spring/Summer lifestyle latex events we are all especially aware of (check out fantasy event list for those) fans and fashionistas alike have been waiting a long cold dark winter for. For many of us we see Easter and Passover as the kick-off to a full warm delightful run of months where just about anything could-and should-happen.

Beyond the partying and alternative modeling there should be time to consider and enjoy family. Then again it shouldn’t take a holiday to grab your nearest and dearest close to you and get out and about with them. Let’s face it, time is too short not to zip-up and have some fun in the Springtime.

No matter what that fun happens to entail.

Check out the events on our Fantasy Even List calendar and check out the rest of the Von Gutenberg world.


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The Continuing Photoshopping Controversy

Jimmy Choo Nicole KidmanIn new pre-fall 2014 Jimmy Choo adds Nicole Kidman is all but unrecognizable because of photoshopping. And the point is? The 46 year-old actress can be made to look much younger and wholly unlike herself. Critics are lining-up to cry foul over a technique models have been undergoing since the days of airbrushing fueling the fire of the continuing photoshopping controversy.

This debate and the actual paradigm resulting from it, where the ‘thing’ that critics rail against becomes the actual ‘thing’ is akin to auto-tuning in modern day singers. Once simply a tool used by studio engineers for woefully out-of-tune singers, Cher made the actual auto-tuning ‘flange’ sound a recognized effect in her hit “Believe”. As we all know Cher can sing and Nichole Kidman in any stage of photo trickery is certainly worthy of any fashion modeling. It’s just that what used to pass as the effects and trickery used to bring people up to certain standards now seems to be the standard bearer.

H.B.O. “Girls” creator Lena Dunham appeared on a February Vogue cover obviously photoshopped. Her pictures ignited such a fire storm that website Jezebel offered $10,000.00 for the untouched images, which they did eventually get. To all this silliness Dunham tweet: “Some s–t is just too ridiculous to engage…let’s use our energy wisely, 2014.”

Yes, we could come to consider this all a great big cheat, but if pro baseballs stars are allowed to take drugs to enhance their current performance, and it becomes de rigueur, well that’s the playing field (pardon my pun) we are all now playing on, isn’t it? The couture world certainly is in the center of questions about the legitimacy of photoshopping, but really in almost all business a form of  ‘cheating’ (if we can even call it that) occurs all the time.

Is this cheating simply the evolution of our abilities?

Check out our photos in issue #8 here:

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