Fetish Map London 2014/15

FMLcover8.2Our friends at PictureRama Publishing have released their latest Fetish Map London 2014/15, the UK’s leading map of all things fetish..and where to find the kinky and alternative. We report on the publication of each new map, thrilled as we are to announce this issue #8 as much as to champion non vanilla styles and lifestyles across the globe.

Good old London town attracts an abundance of fetish, kinky, alt. enthusiasts, old pros and newcomers both looking for essential information on clubbing events, dungeons, shops and meeting places. Whether one is a tourist, visitor from within the UK or happens to live/work/play in London, it cannot be stated enough that the grand old city is a haven for eccentricity, good times and safe play. The Fetish Map London recognizes all London and its outlaying areas have to offer by listing over 200 shops, clubs, services, munches, body art, hair and beauty, bars, parties, and annual events where hundreds of kinksters gather year after year.

As you’d expect the map features the full Pandor’s Box of pansexual possibilities: fetish, BDSM, TV, gay, bisexual, and kinky and reveals venues, saunas, bars, and meeting places for all tastes and inclinations.

Fetish Map has checked all listings to ensure authenticity, and researched the places they list for their readers’ convenience, saving us all time and effort in the time and effort they took to check things out.

Issue 8 boasts a wider array of advertisers and listings, covering much more than ever before and expanding its international reach the map supplies its fans with more then with what London has to offer.

In conjunction with PictureRama’s Fetish Map publication they also have revealed a reissue #3 of this year’s Burlesque Map London, specifically focused on that sexiest of live performance art. These unique maps are the perfect companions (see their YouTube promotions here: Fetish Map London: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE1hxMwjC6BJyV6Uz-I0_sw

Burlesque Map London: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3opmzVRBMiQlPkmTBiccA)


See our own issue #8 here:

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agentprovocteurErik von Gutenberg is proud to present the Classic Collection!

A hyper feminine sexiness is released with a luxurious sensual attitude towards perfection. Womanly silhouettes and amazing quality describes Agent Provocateur and the offering ranges from a wide range of products from decadent lingerie to more risque bedroom accessories, giving a broad appeal.

Elegance, Feminine and Erotic would describe the Autumn Winter Collection best!

For shopping or simply enjoying the stunning visuals click here:


Enjoy, Erik von Gutenberg


Kayne Masks, Naughty Halloween Costuming and ‘Evolving’ In Hollywood


As I always try to keep you ever abreast of fetish/latex/sexy/super hip stuff I figured why not report these latest stories here at end of Oct., fitting as they do not only the Von Gutenberg ethos but having a little taste of this time of year.

Check out this YouTube video from the brand new Sexually Evolved store: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP6i5IFVYLM. They boast over 1200 costumes (plus all the usual stuff you’d expect from an adult store). As their president Emily Aleece says: “Halloween is a sexy time and singles and couples should really experiment during the season…and beyond. And, we’re the go-to spot to get sexy for Halloween.” And while surely every adult shop is going to make this claim this time of year a store located in Hollywood of all places (at 6434 Hollywood Blvd. between Vine Street and North Highland Avenue to be exact) might just have what you’re looking for.

Did you know Americans spend 2.6 billion in costuming for the ghoulish season?

Not that music stars haven’t been down this road before (I’m thinking about Prince donning a mask for this “Thieves In the Temple Video”) but good old Yeezus himself is sporting masks in concert on his latest tour. Kayne West has been covering his face in concert for a few years now still; by all accounts he is truly kicking things up to high fashion with what he’s sporting on his latest tour.

The costume face coverings are from Parisian designer Maison Martin Margiela and have ranged from a tiled covering that seems as if Kayne has simply thrust his kisser into a disco ball to one seemingly haphazardly covered with jewels…all the masks completely cover the rapper’s face.

Why the masks you ask. Well as Kayne West himself says: “I haven’t figured out the whole backstory. Sometimes it’s just the freshness.”

Though I’d venture to guess there’s not a whole lotta ‘freshness’ going on after Kayne sweats into those mask each night.



From Head To Celebrity Toe

I’m shooting for some fashion news from further ‘north’ this week, as in:


Shot by the Steven Meisel, Brazilian bombshell model Gisele is sporting darker shorter locks of a decidedly  ‘flapper’ vibe (along with models Isabeli Fontana, Carolyn Murphy and Karen Elson) for Louis Vuitton’s new Fall 2013/Winter 2014 ad campaign. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel was also the leading lady in Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2006 campaign.

It seems Heidi Klum was rating a “10” over the 4th weekend (and if you get that number reference all the better for you). The 40 year old ex model now “America’s Got Talent” judge was frolicking across a Bahama beach sporting Bo Derek-like corn rows. But what was even wilder was the lady sharing pics on Twitter of her hair wild and frizzy after letting out the braids.

Her tweet photo caption: “I don’t know if I prefer the braids or the big curls…”


And wacky celeb of the hour Amanda Bynes arrived in court the other day sporting another wig, this time blue. Looking to give Phil Spector a run for the money on his outrageous judicial locks, Bynes arrived in a NYC court to answer for supposedly chucking a bong out the window from her Manhatten digs this past May.

See, it’s not just the classic ‘nip slip’ or new shoes a designer might be showing that gets us all gaga (not Lady Gaga in this case though). It can be what a lady (or man) is wearing in, on or as their hair.


Legs Everywhere In Shorts

Nicci_D__Daisy_Duke_by_GARTARTAs I have opined previously (every summertime here on the ole ‘vonguteberg’ blog) it’s that time of year when not only is the living easy, but the legs are out…and I am so happy

Look, I’m a hetero guy. I like looking at female skin and nowhere is female skin more evident than in seasonably warmer weather. And though surely I love me some bikinis-the ultimate in summer wear for women-today I’d like to talk shorts, specifically what’s trending in women’s shorts currently.

First there are leather shorts. But don’t just think black leather (as I often do, that’s just me) think colorful leather shorts or even ‘metallic’ tones. A looser style leather short will flatter a thigh (or two) by making them appear thinner than they are and God knows one can dress up leather shorts with more leather…a cool jacket, heels, gloves, even in summer.

Denim is in style as well. Not necessarily ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts (though I am a particular fan of those) but denim shorts of various lengths and tightness are all the rage. Denim is great too as one can as much dress-up a look as dress it down by what footwear they chose to wear. From sneakers to sandals to heels you can make those denim shorts work, girlfriend!

I was pleasantly surprised seeing suit sets featuring shorts. Certainly a specific look, and not one every lady exec can get away with I am sure, women’s short suit sets can rock clubbing outings as well as boardroom meets, if one happens to have a creative job where wild styling is encouraged (or you just happen to be the boss and simply dress anyway you like). A very sexy look indeed is the dichotomy of a suit…with shorts.

Sorry, today my mind happened to be on legs and the women’s summer wear, shorts specifically, that show them off.


Bjork at Bonnaroo…and other interesting music fashions for a rockin’ weekend

130616-bonnaroo-bjork-600-1371397420Nobody can ever claim that Bjork is not an interesting lady. Like or detest her warble, she certainly presents an interesting public persona, on stage and off. We all recall the infamous swan dress, but check out her wearing this ‘interesting’ headpiece designed by Maiko Takeda. The Iceland pop star was performing at the famous Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee and as you will see below, while she might have been one of the more shockingly outfitted, she wasn’t the only one rockin’ wild rock fashions.

Pop and rock stars do this like nobody else really. First, they have the bucks, the access to cutting edge designers and as much that part of their job is making music they are also supposed to make with the public persona, one aspect of which is dressing provocatively.


So, Bonnaroo supported such famous acts as ZZ Top, beards and all; Paul Macca McCartney clocking in an impressive 3hr set (and Sir Paul over 70!) but then it also had Jimmy Dixon of Django Django sporting electric tape-like stripes across his jacket, the red robes of The Polyphonic Spree, the triangular shades of duo chromatic Ariel Pink and the space age assault of Empire of the Sun’s outfits. Sure there are the followers of their own decided un-fashionable fashionable look, artists like Joey Burns, Milo Greene, Allen Stone all fronting a dressed down look, but for the most part you know how it is with our pop and rock stars, they do like to flaunt it.

And thank god they do.


John Galliano’s Fall…And Rise?

John-Galliano-at-the-Dior-007Hate him, love him (or his designs at least), dismiss or praise him, John Galliano is ‘back’. The fashion designer best known for working with Givenchy in the mid 90’s, Christian Dior 96-’11, making frocks for Kylie Minogue and running his own eponymous label is working for Oscar de la Renta currently and has even received a measure of absolution from the Anti-Defamation League, post his anti-semantic rant in a Paris bar. As with most things any of us say, but certainly celebrities, opinion, silly stunts, even our sex lives can go viral within minutes and this is exactly what happened to a supposed drunk Galliano back in ’11.

In a video licensed and broadcast by UK’s The Sun Galliano was seated at a table in L’Absinthe insulting a group of Italian ladies,certainly more then 3-sheets-to-the-wind at the time, saying, among other things “ I love Hitler”. Galliano was subsequently fired by Dior who he was working for at the time, and it seems in Paris one can be arrested for “public insults based on the origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity”, which Galliano was.

So much for free speech ‘gay ole Paree’ huh?


Certainly plenty of people damned Galliano’s comments, others stated that the man is not a racist or anti-Semite and that the rant was actually a bit of satirical living ‘theatre’, coming from a man certainly known for his theatricality. Galliano himself says he was a black-out drunk at the time, does not recall the incident (even when shown it) and that he does not, nor has ever held, such views.

He says now that he is “living amends every day”, happy to be back at work and no longer drinking.


Check out our ‘ranting’, such that it is, here: http://vongutenberg.com/e-magazine/



The 6th Annual London Fetish Weekend

As with many things that come to my attention here at the expansive Von Gutenberg office suites and horse stud farm, an announcement was just emailed to me by the powers that be (one in fact who will be appearing in our issue #8) that tickets are now on sale for the 6th annual London Fetish Weekend. As always it will no doubt be a wonderful few days in September out there in ole London town. Early bird tickets are a great value for all the fun that’s going to take place from September 13th to the 15th.

The weekend kicks off with a seriously fun play party in the plush venue Protocol, in Vauxhall. Sponsored by Hog Spy & Domme Trips there will be a playroom, couples area, chill-out area and dance room. Saturday sees the return of the London Alternative Market at Electrowerkz in Islington. Double in size to a regular LAM it will be the host to 50 plus stallholders. Special offers and deals will be available on everything from clothing to equipment and shows, workshops, drinks and food will be available throughout the day.

You can book a stand if you want at: terry@londonalternativemarket.com

The LFW Ball this year is a collaboration of FIVE top London fetish events; Bound, Club Decadence, Imaginarium, Wonderland and Club Subversion who will all be bringing their unique style to the multi-roomed venue, The Colosseum, in Vauxhall. If you have ever gone to our Fantasy Event List you’ll see we list many events during the year by the LFW’s sponsors and we can attest to how perfectly they get the details right for lifestylers. At the ball the Decadence Team will greet guests, there will be a huge dungeon by Subversion, a dance and performance room by Imaginarium, a fun play area and separate naughty room by Wonderland and a bondage stage and performances by rope expert Esinem & Bound.

It’s a whole bunch of fun and socializing under one roof.

Not that the weekend is over on Sunday. That afternoon there will be a screening of the cult film, Preaching to the Perverted, at the boutique Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey Square near London Bridge. The LFW have donated 5 pairs of weekend ‘all events’ tickets to help support their Kickstarter campaign to digitally re-master the film and all profits from the event will go towards the project.

Right now you can get a limited release of weekend packages for ALL events at just £50 and earlybird LFW ball tickets at just £15. For more details on all this one-of-a-kind happening and to buy tickets go to: www.londonfetishweekend.com


Be sure to tell the LFW we sent you :) http://vongutenberg.com/e-magazine/


Fashion Accessories…For All ‘Around’

Doing this as long as I have (granted not so very long by some people’s standards, a goodly amount of time by others) I have seen some amazing fashions pass my sight, stuff I never would have been introduced to (the latex and shoes especially), others that I have been either reintroduced to or have seen re-imagined by a brand new designs yearly. Some I get my hands on (literally) and still others I can’t get my mind around. I tend to like sexy stuff on ladies (being hetero), but if I can see a bit of function to a piece as much as a cool sleek line or some copious splash of skin pushed-up or displayed I’m usually doubly tickled (which might explain this thing I have for 40’s lingerie, which seems to be more industrial strength than anything else).

Then too are accessories, the hats, shoes, collars, gloves, you name it I get to either help our models snap-on, smooth out or teeter in. And jewelry, there’s tons of that to. Some pieces actually part of an outfit, others that set-off a shirt or dress. Some of these accessories, as you will see visiting either of the sites below, are for areas of the body one might not see models showing-off down a runaway, yet they are all interesting pieces to be sure and fashion for ‘all around’.

http://www.tyesbytara.com/ features some very interesting pieces to be sure.  It’s a company that presents  flirtatiously feminine jewelry, accessories and gift brand dedicated to inspiring your independence, femininity & confidence. And does so by selling “flirtatiously feminine accents on your neck, hands, feet and even more sensual areas.”

Then I found this site: http://bodyteaser.com and was introduced to knee jewelery…not a portion of the body I ever thought could need or want jewels. But here you have it all the same, along with lots of stuff for lots of other places-hands, wrists, etc.

So if you have a desire might you give these sites, and the many more out there, a little gander for accessories beyond the usual when it comes to fashion accessories…For All ‘Around’.



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2013 Anyone?

Can you believe how fast 2012 flew? For us here at Von Gutenberg the startling amount of changes we got into- little things like redesigning this website, going digital with the magazine, getting together an enormous array of talent for issue 7-it was quite the year and we hope you all had a good 2012 and that your 2013 is even better.

I find I don’t much make New Year’s resolutions, do you? It’s not so much that I won’t stick to them as life just rolls by so fast I get up and into doing something-writing copy, lubing models, hanging with family and friends, basically living my life-that I don’t even know I am sticking to or breaking a promise I made to myself until well after I am into whatever I am doing; I think that’s true for all of us really. The best we can hope for is to make some headway, keep our chins up and hope those we love stay healthy.

So you’ll get no list of ‘things I want to get to this year’ promises and I am not going to check on you periodically to make sure you have stuck to your resolutions, even if you declare them aloud. In this particular case I actually advise ‘going gentle into that good’ day, taking it easy on yourself, revel in the things you do get to and don’t beat yourself up for those you do not, life spanks us around enough as it is.

From all of us here at V.G., have a spectacular 2013!

If you are of a mind to check out what is happening round here this new year here are the digital links to issue #7

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