A’Lookin’ & A’Shoppin’ In Wholly New Von Gutenberg Ways

A website is no good to anybody if it isn’t consistently attended to. If any site, whether a daily news site, a dating network or in our case a portal for a magazine does not undergo revisions, shifts, additions it will grows dust…or get left in it.

We recently made some nips and tucks to the Von Gutenberg site, namely here:http://www.vongutenberg.com/shop/ and here: http://vongutenbergcouture.com/. In our continued commitment to making your experiences with us the best they can be, whether in the actual magazine itself (and that meant us launching issue #7 digital as well as in print and increasing our distribution scope in both mediums) keeping up with our Fantasy Event List or making sure your purchases are easy to process, we are always trying new approaches, forever revising the look and wording of landing pages and working diligently to make sure when you click on us you never regret it.

But none of this is done in a bubble. Though we hire the very best people we know for the jobs at hand, are constantly accessing and considering ever newer technologies, we are also always open to suggestion. That’s why I work to keep this blog an open forum between us and you. It might not seem to be at times, my words might err on the side of pontifications or a terse yawp or two about a fashion faux pas or some trend I assure you we want to hear from you here about whatever it is you want to say about/to us, so please drop us a line if and when you have the time.

For now check out the urls indicated above and also have a gander at where are currently in the digital world I mention above here: http://vongutenberg.com/e-magazine/


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