Cupcakes, Corsets and Puppy Dog Tails

I am coming to learn that not every kinky event need be specifically so kinky.

Living in the NYC area I am exposed to and can attend many a party/munch/convention…but truth be told, I rarely do. It’s not that I think I am above it all, that I don’t have or can’t find friends at these get to-gethers, that some of what we list in our Fantasy Event List: don’t just sound like the bees knees of a good night out to me, it’s just that I am crotchety and don’t really get out much.

But I had been keeping-up a correspondence with Justina Walford of NYC’s own Bare Naked Bake Sale organization: the marquis group who mix some good old fashion topless fun, yummy baked goods and collecting funds for organizations like the Fallen Heroes Fund and last night’s cause for rescued pets. As Justina’s group say they are out to “change the world with the shirt off your back”.

Pet-dressed attendees were allowed free admission and I saw as much bouncing boobs on display as I did attached tails and various types of faux animal ears. It really was a happy crowd down at Madam X lounge in the village of NYC, a perfect plush venue for those of us as interested in corsets and cleavage as those who have a penchant to dress-up like a tiger…and the cupcakes were damn good too!

Hardcore to mild, the see-to-be-scensters to strict voyeurs, spankos to power-exchange couples playing in foursomes, to those into belonephilia or straight porn fans who attend conventions amassing autographs of their favorite stars to being among a nice Thursday night group of women baring boobies, selling cupcakes and working hard to raise awareness for pets really there are so many events happening that a lifestyler could enjoy.

I just happened to hit one of them and now am back in my little hovel once again avoiding the light of a new day.!/pages/Von-Gutenberg-Couture/198437400176423!/groups/261144418631/!/Von_Gutenberg

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