Fantasy Captures With Liz Earls

So, it was another trip down to Taschen at down 107 Greene St. I have said it before; Taschen is the book store to beat when it comes to beautiful photography books. Even though they are known for their erotic photo-essays, the store has some resplendent titles dealing with everything from architecture to fashion to filmmakers to comics.

This day Erik our CEO (quite well dressed for the occasion I might add) and I got to spend some time with photographer and author Liz Earls over her book Days of The Cougar, The Outrageous Visual Diary of A Sexual Adventurer and editor/writer, to this book and a bulk of Taschen releases Dian Hanson. Liz, dressed in a simple black dress, low on the cleavage, high on the leg (not that I noticed) was one of the most gracious people I have yet to meet and Dian Hanson just as attractive in her little black number and a font of information about the publishing world.

You can tell Liz’s love for her subject by the smoking “fantasy captures” that the book is made of and by how passionately the lady spoke about traveling the world to chronicle the procuring of younger men….this is one lady who truly loves the work she does. As Liz happily informed me: “Younger guys are very self-confident these days. They have been exposed to the Internet much more than anyone. One guy I said, my God how did you learn that? I was so impressed!”

As I have mentioned before when hitting these kind of outings, hanging in a cool location, sipping a nice cocktail (gratis by the way) and meeting people so passionate about adult material like Liz and Dian, plus being treated like gold by Taschen’s public relations manager Creed Poulson just makes us feel we are on the right track here at Von Gutenberg. We always suspected at this magazine that there is a great big wide world out there aching to be teased, titillated and stimulated and that the life0stylers of the population want high-end stuff just as much as they want gonzo porn. It’s actually the credo of Von Gutenberg that for every possible lifestyle choice you make or fetish you might court, whether you’re wearing a simple little black number like Liz or Dian, a naughty piece of latex (look here for a good cross-section of them( or even a man wearing a pair of women’s panties under your three-piece power suit, you fit in to the overall mix of people in this world and there is a community out here for you.

Once again it was a good time for Von Gutenberg, Erik and I at Taschen and we thank Creed Poulson, Liz   and Dian for spending time with us and making us feel so right at home.

Liz Earls’ website:

her book at Taschen:

Taschen’s NYC store:

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