“Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right.”

The two lines of lyric above from the David Bowie song Fashion, sung almost as barking orders, have always struck me pretty much spot-on with how I view fashion; whether we turn left or turn right fashion happens around us at a break-neck speed and some of us follow it, others battle it, many make livings from it, still others are tripped-up by it, but there is no denying fashion exists and its mecurial dictates run our world.

Here at Von Gutenberg we maintain our place in the fashion world and located where we are it doesn’t go unnoticed when Fashion Week rolls into NYC. There is lots happening in Sept. here in regard to fashion and with the cross pollination of fashion and music, fashion and media, fashion with just about everything else we’ll do our best to keep you abreast of the doings. ¬†Here’s the big website to check-out if you are of a mind:¬† Recognizing of course that NYC is not the only city hosting Fashion Week events and that Von Gutenberg is a global lifestyle portal, like you we are all about promoting events, models and designers from around the world, so I promise we’ll be on the look-out for fashion happening worldwide, as we always do.

So head in and out my friends. There are so many people, places and especially clothes to get hip to as Fashion Week descends and as fashion continues to challenge us.

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