Fashion Accessories…For All ‘Around’

Doing this as long as I have (granted not so very long by some people’s standards, a goodly amount of time by others) I have seen some amazing fashions pass my sight, stuff I never would have been introduced to (the latex and shoes especially), others that I have been either reintroduced to or have seen re-imagined by a brand new designs yearly. Some I get my hands on (literally) and still others I can’t get my mind around. I tend to like sexy stuff on ladies (being hetero), but if I can see a bit of function to a piece as much as a cool sleek line or some copious splash of skin pushed-up or displayed I’m usually doubly tickled (which might explain this thing I have for 40’s lingerie, which seems to be more industrial strength than anything else).

Then too are accessories, the hats, shoes, collars, gloves, you name it I get to either help our models snap-on, smooth out or teeter in. And jewelry, there’s tons of that to. Some pieces actually part of an outfit, others that set-off a shirt or dress. Some of these accessories, as you will see visiting either of the sites below, are for areas of the body one might not see models showing-off down a runaway, yet they are all interesting pieces to be sure and fashion for ‘all around’. features some very interesting pieces to be sure.  It’s a company that presents  flirtatiously feminine jewelry, accessories and gift brand dedicated to inspiring your independence, femininity & confidence. And does so by selling “flirtatiously feminine accents on your neck, hands, feet and even more sensual areas.”

Then I found this site: and was introduced to knee jewelery…not a portion of the body I ever thought could need or want jewels. But here you have it all the same, along with lots of stuff for lots of other places-hands, wrists, etc.

So if you have a desire might you give these sites, and the many more out there, a little gander for accessories beyond the usual when it comes to fashion accessories…For All ‘Around’.



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