Freaks and Fetish Party Dallas

Erik von Gutenberg is proud to announce Freaks and Fetish

Back for its third year in a row, the Lizard Lounge and Allen Falkner Presents brings you the freakiest fetish event Dallas has ever seen, Freaks and Fetish! This party promises to be crazier and hotter than either of the previous years with the following performers:

Swing Shift Sideshow – Las Vegas’ Most Astounding Troupe of Extreme Circus Freaks – From the streets of Sin City come a team of performers guaranteed to shock and amaze. Andrew S., Kelvikta the Blade and Jenn O. Cide bring classic carnival entertainment screaming into the 21st Century. Witness ancient and deadly feats of skill along with jaw dropping “never before seen” original stunts. World Class sword swallowing, belly dancing and Mind Over Body demonstrations are just the beginning. What other sideshow performers would consider a grand finale is only a warm up for these innovative and fearless performance artists.

Mosh – Los Angeles –Like most phenomenal talents, Mosh took the alternative scene by storm. Within just a few years this petite-sized Russian beauty is now one of the most recognizable and sought after models in the industry.  In the fetish universe dominated by Betty Page look-alikes, Mosh shines brightly with her platinum blond locks and an angelic expression reflecting the state of perpetual ecstasy. Her performance at last year’s Dallas Fetish Ball was such an overwhelming success, that she’s being brought back once again.

Genne Laakso – Using a post-industrial aesthetic, the artist pushes the boundaries of jewelry by exploring ways to create rituals of wearing, marking, and recovery through the creation of objects that make physical demands upon the wearer. The audience is confronted by a contradiction: the visual elegance, and intricacy to each piece: beauty; and the threatening psychical attributes of the found objects: pain. The culminating pieces of the series knit together contemporary practices of ornament, piercing, the physical attributes of flesh suspension.

Southtownbaby – Arkansas – A beautiful young woman hanging from hooks in her flesh.  Need more be said?

Håvve Fjell – Oslo, Norway – The Headmaster provides a power packed rollercoaster of breathtaking entertainment, taking the audience on a ride trough beautiful and bizarre sideshow acts, pushing the limits of body and mind, making every performance a visual experience of brutal aesthetics and extreme body control that never ceases to shock and amuse! Every show will leave scars on the body and give the public a thrilling sensation never to be forgotten.

For more event information visit the Lizard Lounge Website –

Doors open at 9:00 – 18+ $10 over / $15 under 21 / $5 off with dog tag or Church VIP

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