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Jen Selter literally has social media ‘on her ass’…and what a celebrated backside it is. The 20 year-old fitness model has built herself into an Instagram sensation with 4 million followers and a celebrity built as much around her fitness routines as her round bottom.

But the lady takes her modeling to often empowering heights. Just this past week the comely brunette added a picture of herself walking on a beach in a sexy small bikini (what else would she be wearing?) along with the motivational message:

“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.”

It might come to pass that all this self-attention could turn around and bite Selter on the butt (so to speak). Who knows what the future brings to and with celebrity built on the capricious wind of social media (some people have thrived because of it, others not). One thing is certain though models, musicians, sports stars, politicians even are enjoying up-to-the-minute recognition (good and bad both) over what they do, say, create, reveal across cyberspace. Does one need do or say something truly long lasting to sustain themselves beyond the simple fashion of the day, or is a motivational message an arresting yoga pants selfie, a controversy enough? Maybe in this day and age obsolescence is a foregone conclusion and fashion of every stripe should be changing at even ever blistering quick pace? Maybe if we learn nothing else from our faster-then-fast, look-at-me culture is that one needs to be constantly evolving their image and ideas and a career lasting a few moths should be celebrated, those lasting a few years is a paradigm long extinct.

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