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00-copyMARQUIS AMERICA had the pleasure and honor to get an exclusive interview with Justice Howard. She is simply inspiring, an extraordinary artist and photographer!

Here our hot questions for Justice, “femme extraordinaire”:

Give us an inside look at your career as a photographer and artist, what drives Justice these days from a professional perspective?

Well the first thing is that I never  do  anything  twice.  I never  replicate anything that  I have already done.  A lot of people fall in love with a certain photo and want me to  copy  it and I refuse to do that. I mean, why would I want to  do something I’ve ALREADY DONE? That is not  progressively  or artistically moving forward  in my opinion.  SO that is one thing that drives me. Another thing is that I try to shoot people that  inspire me. Whether  it is thier look, or thier style, or thier spirit. IF I  bond with someone thier shots  come out  phenomenally. Example: Perish is someone I really like to shoot and we really “synched” together well I think and his look really inspires me  as well as his professional ethics. I remember a  photo shoot a while back I had  three guys for a fashion shoot for Junker  clothing and Perish was THE most incredible of all of them and THE  most professional plus  he had great professional work ethics, The other guys were  joystikkin’ around, popping pills, etc etc  and Perish  was taking his shit serious so when he stepped in front of the lens he just  ROKKED IT HARD!  Needless to say his shots were the winners of the day!

0709Describe your unique signature style!

I think my art is very clean , well lit, and technically tight   however, also   on the  edgy side. I did an interview last month where  they asked me to describe my art in one word. I  had to think about that one  for a while and the word I eventually  landed on was “DISTINGUISHABLE”. 

What are your personal favorite models worldwide?

Well  the people I like ‘personally’ are the people I like professionally too. I find that if I  genuinely  dig someone  thier photos  turn out amazing!!!   I just did  some shots of  this gorgeous  chica who flew in from San Francisco to shoot with me and I had spoken to her on the phone for about an hour  previous to the shoot and I was quite enamoured with her spirit!  When I met her in person this was  immediately  validated  as she was just as cool in person as she was  on the phone and  since I really cared about her as a person  I wanted to do an amazing job for her  and that was EXACTLY what happend. Her shots  are through the roof  and she was very  very happy with the outcome. More specific answers to that question  would  also  be as  follows:






Where do you pick up your wardrobe for your photo shoots?

I dont ever go looking for anything unless its something  that is very specific to a certain I styling of the shoot itself. Most of the  things I use are from friends and once again, people I like and what I do in alot of  cases I trade  useage for useage. Which means  they give me useage of  the clothing and I give them useage of the photos as long as the shots have my copyrighted logo on  them , so its a reciprocal deal.

snowwhite-scrollWho is your favorite designer?

Id say Thierry Mugler . I remember seeing this piece  he had designed a while back and I’ve never forgotten it.It was a leather corset and  it  actually  had   motorcycle  handlebars  with  rear view  mirrors with flames on the top of the corset. It was really quite soemthing  and to this day I’ve never forgotten that outfit! 

What are you always on the hunt for?

Great locations. Any time im driving in a car I’m scouting locations. I have a little booklet I write them all down in. When I see a great one I write the crosstreets down and  a note beside the  location as to what style would look good there. 

What was your most bizarre photo shoot?

Probably the “ILL PISS ON YOUR GRAVE”  shoot. A while back I got to thinking that people always say that  and I was thinking it would make a great photograph  with that title. Thing is, all graveyards are now really hard to get into so we had to bust into one in East L.A.  at 3 AM  with a crowbar. It was  located in East LA and I remember it was  myself and Nikki Sinn and Henri Pachard (famous porno director)  and my  pal Casey Chaos who at the time was in a band called Christian Death. Nikki  had been drinking cofffee all  night so she  could piss well for the camera  and I was  trying to find the   perfect gravestone visually for the photo. She kept yelling “hurry up hurry up I have to piss!”  and finally I found the perfect  looking grave  and she came over in her dainty looking shoes and  this dainty looking  frilly skirt and let this stream of piss go  that  lasted 2 – 3 mins  while  I rapped off mega- frames with my motor drive. I showed the  photo  at an exhibit I had and a lawyer bought it  and everyone  loved it. Thats not  really  THE  most bizarre shoot but it is  a good  story that I can tell here  on this  upscale Marquis  website!

2752a-copyWhich music style do you like?

Hard & heavy baby!

I like :



       DEATHRIDERS  (my boyfriends band)



      TOM WAITS 

Are you a fetish or fashion photographer?


Neither one, now.  However, when I first started out I was a fetish photographer  and   there were  only 5 of us shooting fetish related material back then. I had an exhibit a long  time ago,  9 years ago now,  that was called BLACK & WHITE & BRUTAL  and  it was all fetish related  imagery  and no one even knew what  fetish was back then at all. Lotsa questions  like “Why are those heels so high ”  and “what are those things the  girls are wearing?” (they were corsets of course} because back then no one knew anything about what fetish was or  even what the ‘look’ of it was . A few people were ahead of the  curve back then but not too many.

8690bWhat would people be most surprised to know about you?

That I dont smoke, drink or do drugs ( I quit partying in my 20’s)  that I have a sewing machine and I  know how to  use it  and  I love puppies. 

If you weren’t in this business, where would you be?

I’d probably  be a stripper casue my boobs are really big LOL! 

What tips would you give women and men in general to be well rounded, balancing out life and career?


#1…..If someone in your life is making you  unhappy or stressing you  out  GET RID OF THEM ….


#2….Learn your craft    Dont just pick up a  camera   and   voila youre a photographer, It doesnt work  like that! Take the time to study  the  craft.


#3….Follow your  passions  ……follow your dreams don’t let anyone else stop you   or stand in  your way  . 

What can your fans expect from you in the future going forward?

  I have a smokin deal  at http://www.myspace.com/diva_dolls  and tons of girls have signed up for it. Ive dropped my  price so girls who need photos  can get them and its a great deal for  new models  especially. And Ive gotten  some of the Dive Dolls I’ve shot magazine covers and full pages in  a lot of  mags as well as  in my  new MOTORGIRLS calendar. One girl Jenny  had never modelled before  and she got the calendar COVER   and another page inside. So its got great possibilities for  new models. So theres that, and  the next thing would be my  new exhibit coming up in 2010 at Verve Gallery on Gallery Row at Wilshire & LA Brea. .Thats not til 2010  but Im working on that right now and will be shooting ELVIRA  soon for that. That shows gonna be a blowout.  


Last question,  where can we see your work online?

  www.justicehoward.com   always has new content of course and we are  in the middle of a site rebuild which will be up in a couple of months now. Stay fierce my lovelies!!! 


Source: Interview from Erik von Gutenberg with Justice Howard, exclusive for MARQUIS AMERICA

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