Latexfashion from DVOTE simply amazing

dvote_group1MARQUIS AMERICA recommends Latex fashion from DVOTE, simply amazing fashion for men in Latex.

Ongoing Steampunk Goes Fetish coverage: if you want to wear a kilt like Steampunk rockstar Nathaniel Johnstone from Abney Park, but a little more fetish, the dvote men’s kilt is perfect.


The men’s corset and uniform shirts are also great for a fetish airship commander- you could create a men’s version of the look Angelina Jolie wore in “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”!


At Devote Clothing Ltd  the team is devoted to the design, manufacture and retail of exclusive clothing and innovative accessories of great quality. They are passionate about what they do and their customers recognise this dedication. Together the team cumulates more than 20 years of experience of the fetish world. Experience and strong commitment lead dvote to create a new distinctive brand which pleases the most eclectic tastes. Devote’s aim is to produce quality garments with a wide choice of styles that reflects the changing tastes within the fetish world.



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