Legs Everywhere In Shorts

Nicci_D__Daisy_Duke_by_GARTARTAs I have opined previously (every summertime here on the ole ‘vonguteberg’ blog) it’s that time of year when not only is the living easy, but the legs are out…and I am so happy

Look, I’m a hetero guy. I like looking at female skin and nowhere is female skin more evident than in seasonably warmer weather. And though surely I love me some bikinis-the ultimate in summer wear for women-today I’d like to talk shorts, specifically what’s trending in women’s shorts currently.

First there are leather shorts. But don’t just think black leather (as I often do, that’s just me) think colorful leather shorts or even ‘metallic’ tones. A looser style leather short will flatter a thigh (or two) by making them appear thinner than they are and God knows one can dress up leather shorts with more leather…a cool jacket, heels, gloves, even in summer.

Denim is in style as well. Not necessarily ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts (though I am a particular fan of those) but denim shorts of various lengths and tightness are all the rage. Denim is great too as one can as much dress-up a look as dress it down by what footwear they chose to wear. From sneakers to sandals to heels you can make those denim shorts work, girlfriend!

I was pleasantly surprised seeing suit sets featuring shorts. Certainly a specific look, and not one every lady exec can get away with I am sure, women’s short suit sets can rock clubbing outings as well as boardroom meets, if one happens to have a creative job where wild styling is encouraged (or you just happen to be the boss and simply dress anyway you like). A very sexy look indeed is the dichotomy of a suit…with shorts.

Sorry, today my mind happened to be on legs and the women’s summer wear, shorts specifically, that show them off.


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