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PES – Stanley Junior – Arcrylic Anal/Vaginal Probe

First, PES brought us the Stanley anal/vaginal quad pole electrode. Not for the feint of heart – Stanley has pleased many people with his performance…

For those of us who are NOT size queens however – we were left out in the dark…

Then came Stanley Jr. to the rescue!

At 1 3/4″ thick and 6″ long – this gives the “average” user an alternative to the quad pole electrode.


4 poles gives the user lots of alternatives. As shown in the photo above you can attain a “push-pull” sensation by using two separate power boxes.

I only have the one power box (so far!) to work with at my house. With the quad pole electrode I highly recommend purchasing the umbilical cord pictured above. Talk about convenience! It keeps all the leads neat and tidy. PES also sent along the belt clip. Slip a 9-volt battery into the power box and put the belt clip on – now you have the portability to be experiencing a PES probe while doing completely mundane tasks such as laundry! Let’s make housework as exciting as possible!

This electrode is very similar in feeling to the vaginal probe previously tested. Because there are 4 poles however – playing with the dials on the power box allows for much more variance in sensations. This probe is not as “mild” as the vaginal probe. Myself being the complete nerd that I am, was fascinated by the fact that you can actually watch the vaginal muscles rhythmically contract when the probe is in use.

For the Dominant hand controlling the knobs on the power box – you will certainly be able to make them squirm. The higher you turn the knob – the more intense the feeling pleasure bordering on pain. The longer you leave them on a specific setting – the more they will get used to it and the higher you will be able to turn it up. Again I would suggest having all the knobs on the lowest setting when starting out – it can be a very “shocking” experience.

The entire PES line is designed to give stronger, more intense orgasms. This is very true of their products! For those of you who have been reluctant to try electro-stimulation you really should give it a go – I promise you will like it!

Exclusive toy review for Erik von Gutenberg for MARQUIS AMERICA

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