Perish Fetish Superstar at the VG Fetish Ball in San Francisco next weekend

Erik von Gutenberg announces PERISH, fetish superstar and performer! March 13 at the Glas Kat Club in San Francisco.

International Fetish Superstar Perish is an ever-evolving force unfolding multiple artistic expressions.  Well known Marquis and SkinTwo have featured him as one of the first male models to put a face to male fetish fashion and performance.  He’s both a working Industrial Designer and Engineer as well as a Fashion Architect who has developed his own latex clothing, stage props and even music that you will find captivating audiences around the globe.  Always eager to shoot with anyone who asks him for a photo his inspiration he says is within the community.  Perish is not perishing anytime soon… He ads  “Its all just good foreplay seducing a more desirable outlook on everyday life.”  Visit perish’s sites at


Fire and Glitz, Powertool Instruments & Exploding giant phallus’s… yeah you guessed right!  Perish is on stage!  Make sure to get up close and join him and friends this weekend for the Von Gutenburg fetish Weekend!!!

Get your tickets here:

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