So You Want To Flirt?

If you’re looking to flirt I double-dog dare you to find a better two-page article about this ancient art of interpersonal play then Erik and my “Flirt Tips-From Flirt To Sex…In One Night?” in issue number 6 of Von Gutenberg magazine (see it’s not all just about the latex and the girls!). We run the gambit in our suggestions from ‘Stimulate their mind: Inspire for more’ ‘Imitating: To copy what he or she is “doing”’ and the ever dangerous but oh-so-effective ‘Flirt with others: Seek out your intended’s friends’.

According to the almighty Wikipedia flirting is “…a playful, romantic, or sexual overture by one person to another subtly indicating an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person, and can involve verbal communication as well as body language.” I just know it is a damn well fun way to spend one’s time and might lead to a little bumpy-bumpy at the end of the night if one plays their cards right and keeps to our rules.

The way Erik and I see it, Cosmo and Vogue can dispense their top ten lists like “How To Be His Wild Harlot In Bed” and the “5 Things Men Really Wish You’d Do With Your Mouth” so why can’t we offer our own Von Gutenberg advice, lists and questionnaires, as we did so in issue 5 with our “How Kinky Are You?” test? We view Von Gutenberg magazine, as much as we do all the various sites, like our kinky event listing Fantasy Event List and everywhere else within the brand as maintaining a high marquis water-mark in the lifestyle and want to entertain, inform and always maintain a dialogue with you our close friends and loyal readers.

So pick up issue #6 here, get your flirting groove on and thank Erik and I when you’re not knee-deep in more dates then you know what to do with!

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