Super Bowl Halftime Stylin’


According to designer Rubin Singer in 2 months time there were at least five fittings, 200 man hours and a team of 14 working on Beyoncé Pepsi Super Bowl’s Half Time show look. Not only designing the singer’s opening ‘dress’ (which was just a skirt) and outfitting J-Z’s wife with the lace-bottomed body suit she wore under it, as well as a cropped motorcycle jacket she quickly disposed of, the NY-based designer also dressed the 120 background singers for the show and also Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams.

But really, were you listening to the music anyway?

No knock on Miss Knowles but a half time concert is less about the music then it is a big American event (like the Super Bowl itself being less about the football and really the commercials shown in between the game.) It’s no wonder so much attention has been turned to what Beyoncé wore and if and when Destiny Child would show up. But the look of the production-and when I say ‘look’ I really do mean what the star was dressed in-as much as lighting effects, is what catches the public eye.


Beyoncé  ran through “Love on Top,” “Crazy in Love,” and “End of Time,” and more, Destiny’s Child “Bootylicious” and “Independent Woman” to name two, but really lots of people (me included) were much more focused on what the ladies on stage were wearing. And dare I come off as an objectifying pig (which I certainly can be blamed being at times) I think we’ll all admit Mr. Singer did a great job in dressing, but Beyoncé and all the other ladies a better job of wearing.

Check the video of the show here:

And check the just-as-important (at least to us here) V.G. digital link:


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