From Head To Celebrity Toe

I’m shooting for some fashion news from further ‘north’ this week, as in:


Shot by the Steven Meisel, Brazilian bombshell model Gisele is sporting darker shorter locks of a decidedly  ‘flapper’ vibe (along with models Isabeli Fontana, Carolyn Murphy and Karen Elson) for Louis Vuitton’s new Fall 2013/Winter 2014 ad campaign. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel was also the leading lady in Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2006 campaign.

It seems Heidi Klum was rating a “10” over the 4th weekend (and if you get that number reference all the better for you). The 40 year old ex model now “America’s Got Talent” judge was frolicking across a Bahama beach sporting Bo Derek-like corn rows. But what was even wilder was the lady sharing pics on Twitter of her hair wild and frizzy after letting out the braids.

Her tweet photo caption: “I don’t know if I prefer the braids or the big curls…”


And wacky celeb of the hour Amanda Bynes arrived in court the other day sporting another wig, this time blue. Looking to give Phil Spector a run for the money on his outrageous judicial locks, Bynes arrived in a NYC court to answer for supposedly chucking a bong out the window from her Manhatten digs this past May.

See, it’s not just the classic ‘nip slip’ or new shoes a designer might be showing that gets us all gaga (not Lady Gaga in this case though). It can be what a lady (or man) is wearing in, on or as their hair.