So, Give Our App A Try with Von Gutenberg Magazine

It’s a funny thing about communicating across cyber space for Von Gutenberg Magazine, unless you are sending text messages you are hoping for a reply on, mostly none of us ever know (unless we are diligently checking the analytics on a site or sadly hoping for the numbers to increase on the amount of friends we court on Facebook) just who might be looking at our tweets, blogs or anything else we get up to online.

This holds true for the blogging I do here. Sure I hope somebody’s reading me (and by last count you are out there for sure!) but I can’t really let the amount of hits we get determine the content of what I produce for Von Gutenberg here twice weekly. To do what I do to the best of my ability I have to keep reporting/commenting/exposing in the same way I always have and hope it all proves entertaining; if I ever tried to second guess myself I’d be lost.

That said, I really do hope you’ll come to checking us out at Apple. I do want to imagine you out there downloading or app, giving us a look, coming along for the ride with us as we prick the digital sphere with just the very beginnings of all we’re planning to present.

You can as much download a sample of the digital magazine (as you know from past blogs, issue #7 is as much out on newsstands and in shops around the world as it is now available on various digital formats) from Apple as much as grab a copy for $3.99. The free sample includes video and pictures of our cover girl Ophelia Overdose and will give you direct entre to the magazine if you wish it. To say we are delighted to be the first and only latex couture magazine on Apple’s newsstand would be an understatement!

So, give us a try: (

Von Gutenberg Magazine also at Google Android and Amazon Kindle Fire Reader:

Von Gutenberg Magazine Issue # 7-DIGITAL

Our first press release for the just released issue #7 (available in print and online now) is up here: We’re especially proud of this issue as it is our first in the digital format (Apple, Kindle, Google), features international modeling star Ophelia Overdose as our cover girl, photography by Matt Christie and Violet Photography (to name just two); fashion expose by Libidex, Ectomorph and Lust Designs; fiction and articles by M. Christian and Midori and even a new review book/music review section.

As you will see from that press release and as you will hear Erik and I opine quote often when discussing this issue (and the future of V.G.) publishing the magazine now in digital- as well as in print-was tantamount to its survival. It’s a decision all other publishers are making, hell name me a business that is staying competitive these days that’s not considering its digital options? But above and beyond just being good business, seeing the magazine published in digital formats like Apple’s newsstand (we are the first latex couture magazine to be offered there, something we are very proud of) ‘going digital’ will see untapped potential for us in what we publish…and when.

I’m not revealing anything we’re planning for 2013, but just know Erik has plenty of ideas for the future of our Fashion, Latex and Lifestyle portal. In the blogs ahead I will focus on the talented men and women who came together to make issue #7 the startling Steampunk issue it is.

For now I welcome you to check out all the doings of the issue in the digital realm here:




The iPhone 5 Revealed

Boasting 84 million iPads sales in June 2012, 7 million people downloading the Mountain Line operating system and the tsunami of interest, rumor and all-round buzz for today’s unveiling of their iPhone 5, Apple is at the top of their game with their portable devices-as they are with mostly everything else their produce-and don’t seem to show any signs of slacking.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and vice pres. of marketing Phil Schiller took the stage in San Francisco today to present what Schiller called “an absolute jewel” speaking about the glass-aluminum new iPhone. Compatible with HSPA+, DC-HSDPA and LTE systems, the iPhone 5 is able to match wireless speeds with Samsung’s Galaxy products. This new phone is also twice as fast as the 4S-sporting as it does a new A6 processor-and the phone’s 8MP camera now boasting a better low light performance and image capture.

Personally what I find I like the most about all this excitement…is the sheer excitement these Apple unveilings seem to muster. Akin to a important live concert or some sort of huge political rally, every time Apple gathers the press, their company members and fans together for an unveiling-viewed online just as ardently as in person-the product launch is an unmatched cultural event.

Lets’ face it, whether you are an Apple user or not, there is no denying that Steve Jobs’ inventions and innovations changed the world. And with the man recently departed it seems people like Cook and Schiller-along with all the amazingly talented visionary folk who work for the company-are forging right ahead with ever more amazing inventions that always receive rock star-like attention. But unlike too many things we see and hear hyped these days, Apple does deliver and when they can’t they are in none too quick a rush to just flood the market with an inferior product; everything they release now just seems that much better, faster and more convienent for their customer’s use.