Midori in Issue #6

You know how the classic fans’ defense of Playboy always was “No, I really do read it for the articles!” well with Von Gutenberg #6 we really do present great articles, stories, reporting, text in general (being the editor-in-chief I know of what I speak). I mentioned the talents of M. Christian (as I have plenty before) and his piece in #6 “Breast Plates To Bondage: An Informal Look At Sex In Comic Books and Pulp Magazines” is a great romp through rather recent history that should prompt you to want to look back through some old pulp mags or maybe get out that thin plastic superhero’s cape you have kept in your closet.

Adding to that great text this time out we also have another in our long running series of columns from Midori, this one called “Holy D/s, Batman! Lessons on Dominance & Submission from the Caped Crusader”.  As I have mentioned before issue #6 has a comic theme running through it and Midori’s piece considers all manner of naughtiness from one of our better know comic super stars, stuff I know you had been just thinking yourself.

For those of you who don’t knowand I can’t see how you wouldn’t know-Midori is a writer, speaker, educator based in San Fran-dam-Ciscokid. She has been and we hope will always continue to be a great friend of the Von Gutenberg family and her inclusion in issue #6-as her inclusion in all our issues-really does give our readers the chance to say: “No, I ready do read it for the articles” and not have that be a hollow boast.

Find all things Midori here: http://www.planetmidori.com/

Find issue 6 here: http://vongutenbergcouture.com/