The World Just Got A Little Less Bizarre…Magazine

o-BIZARRE-MAGAZINE-570We are certainly aware of the rigors, especially present in this modern age, of publishing a magazine. When the commercial landscape shifted so drastically that the ‘e’ world became a legitimate part of publishing commerce, those of us who published print magazines and books knew we had to now include the digital dissemination of our wares to stay current in the marketplace. That alone killed a bunch of publications and making Von Gutenberg issues available forever onward in all Apple applications, for Android and Amazon readers was one of the most important advances we had to undergo. Add into this soup the fact that we publish a decidedly ‘niche’ global magazine, our concerns of staying alive and well in 2015 and beyond are ever present. Thankfully Von Gutenberg is not going anywhere and is indeed now working on our new issue, new features and ever new innovations, but not all publications of a ‘niche’ manner survive, and in this post today we say goodbye to one of the best and brightest of the bunch, Bizarre magazine.

The Huffington Post’s headline British Bastion Of Fetish, Freaks, Extreme Tattoos And Porn, Closes After 18 Years uses the word ‘Freaks’ but no Bizarre reader would think it a pejorative. The fetish faithful, tattooed, alt. life-styler and just-all-around-curious for something interesting came to this British institution for nearly two decades to read about sex, films, music, even politics. At the height of its publishing the magazine sold 100,000 copies per issue, at its low-presently-11,000. In a statement from Bizarre’s publisher Dennis Publishing it was noted that “with a large proportion of the printed magazine market suffering a decline with lower sales in an increasingly digital age, Dennis Publishing has made the difficult decision to close the publication.”

So, yes digital killed Bizarre.

In light of the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo and a decided homogenizing of world culture that often leads to too much political correctness (something a good dyed-in-the-wool alternative life-styler rejects at every turn) we are sorry to see Bizarre magazine folding and thank them for their unwavering work in the field of fueling all of us freaks for a very long time indeed.

Las Vegas Fantasy and Halloween Ball

111The Entourage-Send ErikErik von Gutenberg recommends the Fetish Ball in Las Vegas!

To say it’s getting better all the time would be an understatement! Back in March the promoter called to thank me for covering the events for BIZARRE and TRANSFORMATION magazines. Right away I could tell something was up and he confirmed my feelings when he told me for the last few years he was trying to book his world famous Sin City Halloween bash to the landmark shrine to rock and roll the famous Hard Rock Hotel. Where the lives of our beloved rock gods and goddesses present and past are memorialized and honored!

Oh what a night this was and the anticipation was heart palpitating because everyone could feel that this was going to be an All Hollow’s Eve bash like no other. Keep in mind this bash has been named as, “ONE OF THE TOP TEN EVENTS IN THE WORLD” by the TRAVEL CHANNEL and “ONE OF FIVE EVENTS YOU WANT TO ATTEND BEFORE YOU DIE” by MAXIM Magazine!

To give you a clue there were tickets being sold on the Internet and the ball was being billed as the “Flesh and Fantasy Halloween Ball”.  Now if you were there then you would understand why!! Hell, hi-heel, hi-heel Hell-O!! Maybe that was why I was singing a few lines from a jingly stripper anthem called”Knockers Up”!!

Knockers up, knockers up for kinked out mistresses, subie sluts, bar whores, sado sluts in Nazi regalia and more! There were burnt out camera batteries everywhere as all night it was a major boob and flesh parade!

Amazing costumes that had to be seen to believe and every where in the Hard Rock that night it was a like a never ending kinked out kinky-verlinky fetish fashion show and the Hard Rock was the red carpeted catwalk.

111Hotties & Boobs on parade all night long!Needless to say my face was tired from smiling so much! Now to fill you in this year I rolled in with an entourage of friends old and new! We were an amazing photo-op special mélange of true lifestyle pervos who I now refer to as the “Triple F-Squad En-Femme”. And that breaks down to Fantasy, Fashion and of course, FUN!

Most everyone has heard of the ever-popular dynamic dom-fetish duo Nicole Lashes and Mistress LeeAntasyKink from San Diego.

They are on the scene here there and everywhere dressed to the sixty-nines in the mistresses custom latex creations. And I had the pleasure of watching her lay out and create on her work table the fabulous outfits she and Nicole wore that night. We had the world renowned pro dom Mistress Lace along with her devoted trans-subie hubby Doreen who ended up getting her PVC covered ass spanked more than a few times by LeeAnntasy Kink!

As soon as we exited the limo I heard Cicci start singing, “We’re cumming up so let’s get the party started nah, na, na nah!. Right away I spot my longtime eye on fetish photo pal Gerry “Fucking” Koehler and I do a three-sixty around him and exclaim, “It’s Alive, it’s alive” and then David Jackson from DDI appears as if Scottie had beamed him down.

They melt away as Mistress Precious waves at them and they are off to take photos. HELL-OH! Now once we entered the main ball room it was total mayhem so we checked out the action in The Joint and found a table for VIP’s waiting! Right away I started taking photos for TRANSFORMATION magazine and meeting gender-benders and admirers of all sorts and persuasions. I would be remiss if I did not do a name drop here as more than a few high profile kinksters were on the scene.

During the what seemed to be a never ending evening I met up with Alexia Jordon, the Insatiable Amazon, Kyra von Kropp, Mistress Nicole, Jordan, Mistress Goddess Soma with her submissive Sybil, Mistress Skye, Switch Spanky along with my lifelong Hell-A scene gal pal Mistress Aves.

Now I could write a book here but what I suggest is that when you are done here log on to and look for the

photo galleries by Dave! I am sure you will be amazed, mesmerized, entertained and thrilled when you see the hundreds and hundreds of images posted. And I will tell you that if you missed this party the good news is that plans are already being made for the 15th Annual Las Vegas Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball! SEE YOU THERE!

by Marlayna Lacie