Machete Kills…fashion

You know how it is, some movies just catch the cultural zeitgeist through their action, dialogue and situations…and fashion. I recall everybody being so jazzed back in ‘94 when Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction came out, as much for the movies amazing fun violent scenes, spectacular performances by Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson and a returning-to-form John Travolta as for the styles of dress and hair: Travolta’s cool black suit look, Uma Thurman’s hair, etc. A movie of a considerably lower budget (though born from a fake trailer run during a Tarantino movie) will be released in a month and I think post Star Trek, Superman and all the other big budget summer fare this one, Machete Kills, the sequel to   Machete make a splash for its outlandish plot, violence, cast…and its fashions.

The voluptuous star of “Modern Family”, Sofia Vergara sports leggings and a big thick ‘bullet bra’…which actually shoots bullets from each nipple. Austin Powers’ Fembots have nothing on Vergara.


Lady Gaga makes an appearance here, looking damn well damn ‘foxy’ walking into scenes in a silver leotard, fur and of course the requisite big gun behind her back.


Bustier-then-I-ever-thought-she-was Amber Heard manages a strip tease out of a dangerously low cut red dress.


In shiny blue suit and cape (I just love the added touch of the cape!) Mel Gibson plays the main bad guy here billionaire Luther Voz and Danny Trejo, who plays Machete once again, is hired by the President (Charlie Sheen) to take him down.


That much star power, as much action as the first movie had and such well known movie stars sporting such cool fashions (not so much comic book tights and masks but cool nonetheless) Machete Kills, opening 9/13 could be a very cool movie to catch indeed.