Katy Perry & Halftime Couture

Article Lead - wide65681167133sy4image.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.133rwv.png1422960825698.jpg-620x349No matter what you thought about it, one thing is for sure…Katy Perry’s Super Bowl 49 performance was colorful. Ascending on a star at the end of the twelve minutes while singing her hit “Firework” might have reminded a few of the ‘older’ rockers in the audience of good old David Lee Roth manning his flying surfboard over the heads of his concert goers. But for sheer spectacle of costume alone, Katy Perry left  even her harshest critics agog.

Though she’s busty enough to experience a wardrobe malfunction if things were not secured, the reigning confectionery pop diva was outfitted well by her long time friend Jeremy Scott. As Scott told Style.com, he was well aware of how many people would be seeing Katy’s performance-and therefore her concert couture-and along with the pop diva he was hoping to create a populist statement. As he says “I love pop culture, and for me that’s one of the things that’s so exciting about this opportunity”.

Melissa Arnette “Missy” Elliott

Of course one has to consider that in a very brief amount of time Katy P. needed to present a bunch of different looks (“worlds” she called them) over the course of the songs she sang, the guests who showed-Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz-and past her many dancers. For this to be accomplished Scott and Katy created what he called a “Russian nesting doll“ effect where Kathy could peel out of her opening flame outfit during the song “Roar” into a more iconic beach ball “California Gurls” look, then don a sparkly hoodie and then that holographic star dress that Scott actually designed for Moschino. It all happened fast, without nary a chance for hiccup, as what Katy Perry wore became as important as every other visual for the brief performance.superbowlfootballkarr22308269920_t755_hc43a344fa6e74e402ad9e10f059e7b69a3c43163

While it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that the NFL was looking to get artists to pony-up a fee for playing such unequaled exposure (112 million people watched Bruno Mars at last year’s halftime, earning the singer almost four times the total of people who peaked into 2014’s Grammys!) Katy (like Mars and Beyoncé) did not pay nor were they paid…but the NFL did cover the halftime’s enormous productions costs.

Including Katy’s costuming.

Superbowl Fashions


Yes, the Superbowl is about more than just the game. Let’s talk about the fashions related to the big game and even just the NFL in general.

It seems Nike designers took inspiration from NFL wide receivers-very much like the Superbowl winners the Seattle Seahawks-who flash team logos on the palms of their gloves (gloves that also allow texting). Nike’s gloves for the upcoming Sochi Olympics are based directly on the NFL gloves

Did you catch Bruno Mars and his band wearing Saint Laurent during their performance at halftime? Part of the Saint Laurent Music Project marketing ethos, the company has already outfitted  Daft Punk, Jerry Lee Lewis and most recently Wiz Khalifa and Miguel at the Grammys.

Fans were watching Fox sportcaster Erin Andrews rather closely all week as she tweeted and broadcast her quandary of what to wear for the big game. In the end Erin (and her stylist Lee Harris) picked a big warm Burberry coat.

And not that he is new to controversy (or wearing fur) but none of than 70 year-old ex Jet quarterback Broadway Joe Namath could be clearly seen wearing a fur coat for the coin toss at the start of the Superbowl and caught a tone of flack on Twitter about it.

We also had soprano Renée Fleming sporting her custom black-and-white Vera Wang while singing the National Anthem and on the other end of the musical spectrum (and jumping round Mars and his band, shirtless no less!) Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers wore a pair of Jeremy Scott leggings.

Is that enough fashion for you?

This Superbowl, as any others in the modern era, is just as much about the bad food, the parties, the extra-silly over expensive commercials as it is football. I hoped you got your fashion fill at the Superbowl this year, whether you were into those 50’s style jackets Mars wore or you like that super chic diva opera look of Flemings. Short on latex, sorry to say (given the event and the weather) still there was lots to look at and get your fill of…from corn nuts to fashion.


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It’s No Secret

As ‘Hercules Strong’, media critic on the website aint-it-cool-news.com opined: “CBS’s  Victoria’s Secret special did a lot better in the Vegas slot last Tuesday than Vegas ever did.”

I ask: is anybody surprised that the special of scantily clad models would do better then a run-of-the-mill T.V. drama?

Let’s face it, high-end sexy fashion is as mainstreamed as mainstreamed can get and yes, though I am aware of what demographic makes-up a lot of the audience for these specials, there is no denying how super popular the yearly VS show is and how they give everyday America (and the rest of the world actually) a great chance to see some startlingly cool new lingerie and also performances of some of today’s more popular musical acts.

Fashion mixing with popular music, T.V. and celebrity is nothing new (Victoria’s Secret actually snagged ole Bob Dylan for an advertisement in 2004, if you recall) but trotting out stunning beautiful beauties wearing very little on late night T.V. is a rather new phenomena.

Begun in 1995, the Victoria’s Secret ‘Runway Angels’ (you’ve seen the runway models sporting wings, right?) have been strutting into the hearts, minds and libidos of all who watch them on the special’s night or those who stream some video of the night later. This year none other than Rihanna (up on the catwalk with some models) joined in the bra and panty revealing (I mean to say she sang, she didn’t strut really!) along with Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber. “I would rather be here than anywhere in the world.” Bieber commented, proving the kid might be young but he certainly understands the important things in life.

The whole V.S. thang was begun by Roy Raymond back in 1977. He was embarrassed when purchasing lingerie for his wife Gayle, routing round a department store through fuzzy bathrobes and the like and thought there should be a store in the mall that sold lingerie exclusively and made it easier for men to go in a buy their wives or girlfriends something sexy (or actually for men to buy themselves the present their significant others would wear for them). Now the brand has become synonymous with all kinds of naughty, yet high-end wear. This year’s show, taped on Nov. 8th in New York featured those amazing angels-Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima, Joan Small, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge-to name a few and due to the recent upheavals on the upper east coast of the U.S. (especially in the N.Y. area) VS and CBS (the network that aired the special that beat out Vegas) each donated to Sandy relief efforts.

Every year there is usually a wickedly expensive piece of lingerie featured, something that most of us could never afford and this year Alessandra Ambrosio donned a jewel-heavy “Fantasy Bra” (that’s rubies, sapphires and diamond jewels) priced as $2.5 million.