Arch Enemys the art of pin up and high heels

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ArchEnemys was founded in 1997 by Nate LaChance with a mission to sell high heel  footwear.  We offered much more than average footwear.  It consisted of very expensive high heel shoes & boots with an extremely high heel.

As time passed we realized that the stock photos displayed on our site was not enough to describe such a unique product.  Customers asked if additional photos were available.  They really wanted to see what the shoes actually looked like an.  So we started doing our own photography & even started shooting video.  During this whole time a huge fan base began to develop.  Emails started to pour in about our  photos & videos.  They not only loved it, they wanted more.

Meanwhile Carrie LaChance came onboard, and approached us about taking ArchEnemys to a brand new level.  She explained her vision in a way that created a whole new look & feel for ArchEnemys.  We began to lay out a plan that highlighted  100% quality & customer satisfaction.  Simply put, Carrie wanted to get professional! 

Within 1 years time we began marketing our company through our new found “professional” Pin-Up photography & video.  We added an extensive line of clothing, latex, posters, accessories, videos, built a photography studio, opened up a retail store and launched two other websites.  ArchEnemys has earned a true position in the world of Pin-Up and we intend to keep getting better & better.  It is always a challenge trying to keep up with our edgy high heel pin-up theme.  Always striving to take it to the edge while maintaining a clean and sexy feel.  In the world that is today, to accomplish something this wonderful is a true blessing.

All our videos have two things in common, beautiful women in high heels.  You don’t need much more than that to make a video interesting  but if you really want to create something more than just “eye candy” you need to work a lot harder & become creative.  What makes our videos so popular you might ask?  Well, being sexy is probably the number 1 reason for sure.  But just like Hollywood, mix in a little drama, suspense and humor and you create the perfect recipe for real entertainment.  Even a 5 minute video clip becomes worth it’s weight in gold.  So, we basically find something that people find interesting and add our own ArchEnemys twist to it. 

ArchEnemys has have a lot of really big plans for the near future.  One thing in the works is “The ArchEnemys Show” hosted by The Latex Twins, and another is the very first ArchEnemys feature film slotted for 2010. These are just a few things that ArchEnemys is working on, so keep an eye out on our website for more updates!

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