Sweet Miley Cyrus


Less we forget, very much like Cary Grant growing in his popularity as a movie star more than he ever was an actor (and a good actor at that), Cap’n Crunch as much a commercial cartoon character as breakfast cereal that could rot your teeth the recent maligned Miley Cyrus is a pop personality before she really is a musician. So why could anyone be truly surprised, up in arms, offended even by her display the other night at the VMA’s, a show surely built on the shaky ground of visual pop-dom over musicianship.

Like it or leave that wagging foam finger and the girl’s granny-panties bikini, one fact is clear from our pov: the lady, ex Disney brand, Billy Ray Cyrus’ kid has every right to shake her thang in the camera to oversized teddy bears and into Robin Thicke’s crotch as much as she wants.

You might not recall-and I certainly wasn’t born yet to have seen it originally-but back in the day folks were enraged over Elvis’ gyrations (a man seen as a pop star more than ever a musician, which is a shame because he had a fantastic voice all the way up to the overweight jumpsuit end of his days) that Marilyn Monroe (cultural sex symbol more than ever an actress, which is sad seeing her comedic turn in “Some Like It Hot”) singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. Prez…i…denta”  to her lover JFK was seen as quite scandalous and God knows Madonna (like Miley and MTV darling at one time and certainly media whore to the nth degree) has seen her time or two on a stage (or in her overpriced SEX book) where people simply scratched their hands and said: “What he f***?

Like those tragic movie theater shootings, what I saw the other night of Miley shaking her thang has me saying “Why doesn’t stuff like this happen more often?” as opposed to “Why does it?” Being a pop star or a serial killer (and both get huge attention from our media) both need to truly make a statement in their endeavors to have any impact (that’s what makes serial killers and pop stars so dangerous…albeit one very much more so then the other).

But as I don’t and never would with a serial killer, I do in indeed applaud Billy Ray’s daughter’s bump-and-twerk, not because me thinks the actual gyrations all that good actually-I thought them quite lame-(I saw a posting online that said Cyrus’ “twerking is not working”)-but because I live in a country where a performer can still do ‘things like that’ but that ex-Hannah Montana knows enough at this point in the pop-star-more important then-musicianship state MTV has put us in that what she did the other night is exactly what is expected of our best and brightest.

You go girl.

Check what it’s all about here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrPGxRsaQvY