Yolinda Vixen’s My Sultry Confessions

Yolinda Vixen’s My Sultry Confessions will be released on September 9th, by CPRomance. Available in all (internet) bookshops, both as hardcover volume and eBook, this lusty collection of fantasy woven with reality tales is illustrated with stylish photographs.

Cover My sultry confessions-front

Yolinda Vixen is a fetish and pin-up model, modeling for (among others) Very Cherry’s boutique as well as being a cover model for CPRomance and its parent company Celtica Publishing. Born in 1990, Yolinda grew up as a shy, blond girl with blue eyes in a small town in the vicinity of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. When she was in high-school, she wrote poems and short stories and as she grew older so did those stories grow sultrier. Besides being a model, and with the publication of My Sultry Confessions now a published author, Yolinda is a professional make-up artist, works in a vitamin & sports nutrition shop in Rotterdam as well as studying to become a food nutritionist.

My Sultry Confessions contains an autobiographic intro as well as its super hot stories.

About the publisher: CPRomance is short for Celtica Publishing Romance. This part of the parent company, Celtica Publishing, was founded in 2012 as the romantic and more realistic “sister” of a publisher that mainly aims for the fantastic genre. With My Sultry Confessions Celtica expects to reach a broad and international public, with CPRomance growing at the same rate as its parent company.

Yolinda Vixen

Find more info on My Sultry Confessions as well as Celtica Publishing and its CPRomance line here: www.cpromance.nl & www.celtica-publishing.nl