Oscar Couture 2014: The Good, The Bad and The McConaissance Of Fashion

Jared Leto OscarWe really do get so caught up with the pomp and circumstance. We know it is all just A-list asslicking, still we get wrapped up. Surely Angelina Jolie doesn’t need any more recognition, Julia Roberts another moment to seemingly be amazed or Meryl Streep another nomination. And God knows the whole blessed thing goes on far too long. But we will never give up our love for Oscar night…or Oscar couture.

This year we had Jennifer Lawrence tripping outside not even ‘in’ the theater yet…as she did tripping up the stairs on the way to accepting her Oscar last year. This time she wore a trippingly fantastic form-fitting orange/red strapless number from Dior. Lupita Nyong’o was in Prada blue that she designed herself. Leonardo DiCaprio wore an Armani tux. Best actor Matthew McConaughey sported contrasting Dolce & Gabbana jacket and pants and Jared Leto white Saint Laurent shirt and jacket, black pants and red bow tie.

So there was a lot to see, lots for E TV to cover and everybody else to quibble over. Plenty of fashion designers got shout-outs and there were hours pre the show to get a good look at everybody. It all made for another great turn where we watched, wished and applauded as Hollywood patted itself on the back.

Host Ellen Lee DeGeneres broke Twitter with a seflie, “Gravity” grabbed a whole bunch of technical awards. Bruce Dern got passed over but the 86th Academy Awards came and went with its fashions and we took notice.

Take notice of what is happening in Von Gutenberg issue #8 with cover girl Megan Massacre.

300: Rise of an Empire…Blood, Action and Hot Leather Couture


It’s time to get turned on by overly saturated metallic colors and dudes in bare chest-ed fashions flexing in slow motion; 300: Rise of an Empire is marching towards us faster than even we could imagine.

In this more-then-a-fantasy sequel to 2007’s 300 General Themistokles is leading the charge against invading Persian forces led by the mortal-turned-god Xerxes and commander Artemisia. It’s more than just super cool wardrobe that spurn these men on though, as these films are known for their slow motion action style…sure to be evident in this new film as well.

After its victory over Leonidas’ 300 (the first movie) the Persian Army under Xerxes marches towards the major Greek city-states in Rise. Athens lies first on Xerxes’ path so it’s up to Admiral Themistocles fleet, aligned with his enemy Sparta, to do battle against Xerxes. In this film we are also said to witness the Battle of Salamis.

Audiences seem to like historical recreations of insurmountable odds (300 did very well at the box office) as well as leather, sweat and hunky nearly bare dudes (sounds like quite the fetish gathering, huh?) All that stretched leather, metal and even sweat certainly plays well to us here at Von Gutenberg; we wouldn’t be worth anything in the old latex lifestyle fashion field if we couldn’t recognize some thrill with what 300 Rise of an Empire is throwing on the big screen.

The question is, can this second movie make as startling an impression as the first?

Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel writing (the man who some would say resurrected the Batman franchise) and featuring the costuming talents of Alexandra Byrne (and a make-up department I can’t even list here there are too many names) 300: Rise of an Empire is released 3/7.

We will certainly be there.

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Von Gutenberg mourns the un’fashionable’ (and untimely) death of Fashion Designer Michele Savoia


Some very unusual things do happen round NYC city way…as you can well imagine. Fetish, fashion (alternative and straight), fun, frolicking, abound in the winter months in the Big Apple as well as any other time. In the case of the Fashion Week that just passed, sometimes all those ‘f’s’ come together…and it’s a good time had by all.

But sometimes news from the NYC fashion world is not co couture-tastic.

It seems that fashion designer, Michele Savoia was ‘discovered on Feb. 16th, Sunday afternoon near his houseboat in Manhattan’s very cold Hudson River.

The 55 year-old Savoia was born not so far from the site of his body being discovered, across the water in Hoboken N.J. Hoping to pursue a career as a cartoonist at Disney, Savoia was encouraged to change the course of his life for a more ‘serious’ career of fashion designer, by both his father and his grandfather who was a master tailor.

Graduating from NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology in the ‘70s, Savoia trained under designer Bill Kaiserman than launched his House of Savoia in the year Orwell loved.

Celebs like Matt Dillon, Robert DeNiro, and Mickey Rourke wore Savoia’s designs, and the man also created costumes for Broadway shows like the revival of “Evita” and Nora Ephron’s  “Lucky Guy.” He also designed nightclub interiors and owned two clubs –sexy lifestyle village bar the Fat Black Pussycat and The Cheetah Club — until mid-1990s. Quite the Big Apple character, “Savoia the Tailor” loved art deco, rode motorcycles and enjoyed tattoos like our latest Von Gutenberg cover girl, Megan Massacre.

Working in latex or not we salute all iconoclast designers at Von Gutenberg Magazine. The alternative fashion world, as well as the world in general will miss a spirit like Michele Savoia’s.



agentprovocteurErik von Gutenberg is proud to present the Classic Collection!

A hyper feminine sexiness is released with a luxurious sensual attitude towards perfection. Womanly silhouettes and amazing quality describes Agent Provocateur and the offering ranges from a wide range of products from decadent lingerie to more risque bedroom accessories, giving a broad appeal.

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ISSUE # 5 Von Gutenberg Magazine

Ralph Greco Jr   June 30, 2011

Press Release: Von Gutenberg Magazine

Issue # 5 is Alive!

As editor/CEO Erik Von Gutenberg makes plain: “Fantasy, Fetish and Lifestyle are life expressions where we seek self-fulfillment and happiness,” and at Von Gutenberg you get all three in resplendent color and sticky sweet relief.

This latest issue of the famous magazine will once again be gobbled-up by collectors as well as all fans of fashion.

Inside issue 5

Designer Inner Sanctum is profiled in a 6-page photo essay that sets Von Gutenberg’s pages alight with full combustion. With their recent move to Hamburg and connection with designer hevas-Heaven this piece on this infamous design house simply cannot be missed.

London’s Ectomorph detail their 26 years in the business and their new collection that mixes the trio of styles of a 4o’s Dior look, bold silhouettes and sculptural cuts and 80’s punk studding, zips and military detail.

Lastly the “Couture Leather for Apocalyptic Flesh” AMF Korsets reveal their mix of the bizarre and the elegant in photos and reporting, detailing Louis Fleischauer’s start in Los Angeles to his move to Berlin in 2008.  His custom pieces shock as much as they titillate.

Cover girl Jean ‘The Rubber Doll’ Bardot is only one of the featured beauties in issue # 5; she Kendra James, Angela Ryan and Taylor Wane, grace Von Gutenberg’s thick pages, each wearing a different designer’s unique outfits and styles. Issue #5 also sees the official release of Gutenberg’s Couture, a line of fashion sure to heat-up an already sizzling summer.

Fantasy Art spreads by Armando Huerta and Ed Mironiuk, fiction and round-up report from one-of-a kind fashion parties from around the globe round out what proves to be the best Von Gutenberg Magazine yet!

Von Gutenberg Magazine issue #5 hits newsstands the first week of July at its usual retailers Borders Music And Books and Barnes and Nobles Booksellers as well as European fashion retailers and specialty shops. For the first time ever Von Gutenberg will also be sold in New York’s JFK airport’s various Hudson News retailers.

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