So, Let Me Tell You About Bianca Beauchamp

Sorry to say I am not available for every shoot we do at Von Gutenberg. Yes, I jump at the opportunity to interview our captivating ladies in person (oh yeah, to lube them too, I almost forgot about the lubing…tee hee) Though I had the pleasure in issue # 6 to feast my eyes upon, in person, the incredible woman-ness that is Mimi Cherry, Deanna Storm and Miss Mischief, I did not enjoy that same pleasure with Bianca Beauchamp.

But this doesn’t mean I like the lady any less.

Bianca, like our cover girl Mimi, is a Canadian lady. She was the first model to dedicate her whole web site-Bianca’s Latex Lair-to latex fetish erotica, has worked with Playboy and has hosted fetish events in the U.S. U.K., Germany and Montreal. In her photo shoot for us she wore fashions from Westward Bound, Polymorphe and HWD Design and wore them so well her pictures are incindiary! If you have yet to see them, might I refer you to pick-up the marquis latex lifestyle magazine (if I might be so bold to say) here.

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Answering That Syren Call

One of the many wonderful things about working at Von Gutenberg is being introduced to all the designers working in latex/leather and leather presently. In our new issue #6 especially we have contributions by private designers and bigger firms alike-in the case of Deanna Storm, the lady wore some of her own designs-and one and all these design houses and the men and women who work for them, stepped-up their proverbial A-game (as they always do) to outfit our models and send us over some amazing photo essays making the magazine a truly unique visual artifact.

In our latest issue we feature an 8-page spread from fetish designer Syren. Showcasing the inspired photography of Steve Diet Goedde shooting model Ancilla Tilia we get a good representation of what this designers’ L.A. store carries (and of course what you could order inline). As the world’s premier rubber couturier Syren made Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman suit, Malin Akerman’s Silk Spectre costume in Watchmen and the most recent Rubber Man suit for super scary T.V. show American Horror Story.

Stars such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry and a host of others have worn Syren designs.


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Fang Ling Lee

It really does pay to get out sometimes.

Erik V and I happened to spin through the NJ Exxxotica convention this year (as I already reported: and while there met quite a few people both he and I knew and made some new friends. Among the new was the artist Fang Ling Lee. Her work, displayed on a high make-shift six-wall ‘gallery’ set on her specific piece of pink carpet was so startling and sexy, and the artist herself about the nicest young woman one could ever wish to meet, that Erik made a decision right then and there to include her in issue #6.

Because this is an issue centered around comics, you’ll find schmushed right there between the pictures of our four models-cover girl MiMi Cherry, Canada’s Bianca Beauchamp, sultry Deanna Storm and the inimitable Miss Mischief-great art from people like Armando Huerta, Ed Mironiuk and Chainsaw Chuck.

And there is this great art from Fang Ling Lee, our new friend here at Von Gutenberg.

Check it all out at and the lady herself at: