Eva Green Stirs A Fashionable Controversy in “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”

o-EVA-GREEN-SIN-CITY-A-DAME-TO-KILL-FOR-570If there was one movie that truly displayed a unique visual style (about as unique as the comic book it was based on) it was “Sin City.” The metallic black and whites, the color washes, the film noir vibe and over-the-top characters shone very much like well-lubed latex; hell, the fashions of the costumes could certainly be called alternative, if not outright fetish at times. The first Sin City (released in 2005 ) was a feast for the eyes, the follow-up, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” being released 8/22, looks like another sumptuous feast…it might also prove controversial. Coming from directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller (Miller is the writer of the comic and this movie) the sequel is already mining some press…due to its wardrobe (or lack of one) on a main character played by Eva Green.

The ABC network (owned by Disney who has already curtailed some programming on the network and its cable offshoots) would not air the new Sin City trailer. The claim here is that Eva Green simply exposes too much of herself in the strategically open white robe she wears in the trailer and poster. Her outfit (or lack of one) makes the lady “appear to be naked” the network says in two scenes in the recently released trailer and the powers-that-be over at ABC rejected airing the clip on its stations.

The Sin City poster of Green in that naughty outfit was also taken to task by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Though edits on Green’s attire were attempted from the movie studio that made “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” they did not mollify ABC. But as Green herself told Vanity Fair “I’m not naked. It’s suggested.” But it would seem the suggestion is too much in this case and good press or bad, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” is getting attention because of its fashion sense.

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The Depths of Johnny Depp

tontoMaybe we’re simply tired of him playing weirdoes? Maybe every man or woman not as pretty gets ever more pissed at someone who is hiding his prettiness? Maybe Disney is not a winner every time out (shit, I’ve been worrying about them acquiring the Star Wars franchise and what they might do to it). Or maybe we simply did not want to see a bare-chested mostly chalky white Johnny Depp walking through a two hour send-up of a western legend mugging like Buster Keaton while wearing a dead black bird on his head?!

I saw and liked this summer’s big flop-of-a-film The Lone Ranger but man is that movie getting a thrumming from critics and box office. The nearly 50 million dollar bomb (imagine, a movie only making near 50 million dollars being considered a bomb!) has not even come close to its $225 million budget. And coming off of clunker Dark Shadows (another movie I did see and for which Mr. Depp owes me the price of my ticket, at the very least) and his turns as the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (though a successful big Disney turn that character piloted) and dressing as the Mad Hatter, Ed Wood (maybe my favorite Depp and Tim Burton collaboration) and his iconic latex and knife creation Edward Scissorhands, maybe we’ve had a little much of the weirdness of the ex 21 Jump Street star.

As Depp himself says of his career: “It’s interesting to experience this ride after what was essentially 20 years of enjoying a career based on failure, and then suddenly something clicks. The weird thing is, I never a changed a thing.”

Whatever that ‘thing’ is, tthe different looks, costuming and dead pan delivery in lots of his characters have made for an interesting ‘ride’ for Depp, but it will be as equally interesting to see what comes of all this for the actor in the end and if there is more latex wearing, dead bird hat, slight transvestitism in his future or maybe some normal and sweet as chocolate (or should I saw Chocolat) roles coming from him in the future.