Von Gutenberg Weekly Toy Review MEO Double Electrical Pinwheel

reviewbanner1Erik von Gutenberg recommends the weekly toy review with Mistress Darkniis. She knows the toys as no other and we are proud to have her on the blog reviewing toys & accessories!

MEO – Double Electrical Pinwheel
I love it when a package from MEO arrives on my doorstep. The tags read “Are you hardcore enough?” I think so!!

A smile quickly came to my lips when I opened the carrying case and saw this inside! The Double Electro Pinwheel.

This is fun WITHOUT the electricity attached to it. Not one Whartenberg wheel – but two! The pins on the wheels are nice and sharp to get maximum sensation. When you do hook the wheels up to electricty each point lets off a tiny shock that feels like a lightning bolt from each tip.

A little imagination can go a long way with the pinwheels… There are a lot of very sensitive areas on the body where they can be used. Surprise your blindfolded bottom by running these up and down an arm, a leg, their back, etc. CBT is much more lovely with the assistance of the pinwheel!

MEO carries a lot of lovely powerboxes and accesories if electrosex is what you want to do today! Are YOU hardcore enough?

Exclusive toy review Mistress Darkniis