Fang Lee Goes To The Movies


Our good friend Fang Lee (see her artwork in our issues 6&7 and she’ll be in #8 too: has just announced that she has been signed on as Production Designer for the independent feature film, The Red Man to take place in Las Vegas beginning in Oct. and running through to December.

Fang creates the most stunning artwork, fantasy landscapes and startling portraits that capture the eye on journeys to far off spheres and sometimes dark daydreams. The lady herself is completely open and approachable, humble around compliments and a pleasure to work with (which we hope to always be doing.) To say we are thrilled with all good things coming Fang Lee’s way would be an understatement!

Jimmie Gonzalez directs the film, Shane Daly is the cinematographer, and Exxxotica regular Dan Diamond (it was at N.J.’s Exxxotica-happening Oct 4th through the 6th-and Fang will again be on hand) that we first met this fantastically talented lady. You Facebookers out there can follow the progress of the shoot here: Red Man Film Facebook page.

In light of Fang’s commitment to the film she is releasing her entire inventory for sale until next week…Oct 2nd (giving a 20% discount when one uses the code REDMAN). It will be her last studio sale of the year, but she’ll be updating all weekend with new items and editions so keep checking back to see if your favorite painting is in the inventory.

The Vimeo ‘concept trailer’ for The Red Man is here

And the website for Fang Ling Lee is here:


Fang Ling Lee

It really does pay to get out sometimes.

Erik V and I happened to spin through the NJ Exxxotica convention this year (as I already reported: and while there met quite a few people both he and I knew and made some new friends. Among the new was the artist Fang Ling Lee. Her work, displayed on a high make-shift six-wall ‘gallery’ set on her specific piece of pink carpet was so startling and sexy, and the artist herself about the nicest young woman one could ever wish to meet, that Erik made a decision right then and there to include her in issue #6.

Because this is an issue centered around comics, you’ll find schmushed right there between the pictures of our four models-cover girl MiMi Cherry, Canada’s Bianca Beauchamp, sultry Deanna Storm and the inimitable Miss Mischief-great art from people like Armando Huerta, Ed Mironiuk and Chainsaw Chuck.

And there is this great art from Fang Ling Lee, our new friend here at Von Gutenberg.

Check it all out at and the lady herself at:











Exxxotica Redux

I warned you I’d have more to say on the past weekend and all Erik and I got into at Exxxotica…

I just found out that with 28,000 people attending those 3 days the convention reported a record-setting weekend! Nice to know all these sex-minded people could make my NJ home proud. For me personally I enjoyed, as I always do, the diversity of the crowd; from what I reported previously to meeting Digital Playground contract girls Stoya and Riley Steele, to the famous wrestler, now adult performer Chyna, to Erik making his way to some of the contacts he knew, like convention sponsor, to making new friends we hope will figure into the Von Gutenberg world and our shop someday soon.

I happened by Mistress T, a famous dom in NYC and an old friend (she and I had first met at this very convention when I first attended 3 years before reporting for RadioDentata) and I once again saw the ridiculously buff and hung Mr. Marcus, the booth for L.A. Models, not to mention all the local strippers Exxxotica employs to dance in various cages, on swings and ride a seesaw with dildos on each end (not something I recall from my school yard).

This year the convention did not let press in any earlier than the rest of the rabble, which served me better as I wasn’t walking around for hours waiting for people to set-up and even with NJ Friday afternoon traffic, trying to keep my appointment with Jennifer and her Digital Playground ladies and all I knew Erik and I had to get to, we still managed to get in our carousing-personal and business-a solid three hours and were out of the place by 8.

Erik and I meeting our buddy Jeff at a good ole Jersey diner for a yummy dinner, the waitress’ wide smile and some classic freshly made cheesecake made the day perfect.

And I think that’s all I have to now say about that.

And by the way, the quick shots you see here (and in the last blog) were all taken by Erik