The Most ‘Fashionable’ Apps

thm_whiplrThe Business Insider website published the Nielsen list (yes T.V.-watcher Nielsen) of most popular apps of 2014 ( Among top contenders were iTunes Radio/iCloud, Instagram (of course), Google Maps, Google Play and Google Search. But this ten (and ten toppers that rated on others lists across the web) are the big boys, the “fashionable” apps we would all expect to see topping any list as they are supported by very powerful parent companies that have been in the game a while. The question is: is their room for other and often times more innovative mobile applications? Are there apps presently growing a huge consistent following, without the benefit of the Facebook or Apple name behind them? If we have learned anything in this age of the net, there is plenty of space across cyber-space for new approaches, consistent innovations and a real need for people to search for ever more apps in a seemingly rapid daily desire for more and ever better.

What grows into fashion as a popular app changes all the time. What adults come to use especially in their personal interactions across their portable digital devices-not just when they might be looking for a pizzeria or needing a map-needs to be powerful indeed. And when chat, search, event coordination and profiles are wanted all in one application then the field narrows greatly for apps that can deliver all of what the user wants.

Certainly a Facebook delivers, it’s proven to be a truly fashionable website and app in all possible ways but again, it is one of the known players in the game, so much so it is ubiquitous. .In many cases a dating site might boast an app-like the population specific ChristinaDatingForFree app-born from its popular site. In other cases a mobile messenger app is created specifically for adults looking to log-on chat, interact and search off their mobile device, as is the case with Whirplr.

What of all these many apps will favor you better? Which might fall out of fashion with you personally or with the populace in general as more apps offer more? Who can say? For the time being we all just need to keep downloading.

So, Give Our App A Try with Von Gutenberg Magazine

It’s a funny thing about communicating across cyber space for Von Gutenberg Magazine, unless you are sending text messages you are hoping for a reply on, mostly none of us ever know (unless we are diligently checking the analytics on a site or sadly hoping for the numbers to increase on the amount of friends we court on Facebook) just who might be looking at our tweets, blogs or anything else we get up to online.

This holds true for the blogging I do here. Sure I hope somebody’s reading me (and by last count you are out there for sure!) but I can’t really let the amount of hits we get determine the content of what I produce for Von Gutenberg here twice weekly. To do what I do to the best of my ability I have to keep reporting/commenting/exposing in the same way I always have and hope it all proves entertaining; if I ever tried to second guess myself I’d be lost.

That said, I really do hope you’ll come to checking us out at Apple. I do want to imagine you out there downloading or app, giving us a look, coming along for the ride with us as we prick the digital sphere with just the very beginnings of all we’re planning to present.

You can as much download a sample of the digital magazine (as you know from past blogs, issue #7 is as much out on newsstands and in shops around the world as it is now available on various digital formats) from Apple as much as grab a copy for $3.99. The free sample includes video and pictures of our cover girl Ophelia Overdose and will give you direct entre to the magazine if you wish it. To say we are delighted to be the first and only latex couture magazine on Apple’s newsstand would be an understatement!

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No stranger to controversy, it seems all Lady Gaga had to do for her latest brouhaha was stand there.

In pictures that grace Vogue’s cover and an inside photo-spread for their Sept. issue, the provocative singer is seen wearing a purple Marc Jacobs gown that Prince would be envious of, sporting a tinier then tiny waist, small but gravity-defying bust and a halo of yellow hair. As one would expect, yes Gaga’s Vogue images have been airbrushed, but to some industry movers and shakers (or at least people who see the need to Twitter and blog about such things) a behind-the-scenes video showing the differences between real Gaga (as if there really is a real Gaga) and airbushed Gaga has raised the often raised question of where are we going with all this photo-shop retouching and airbrushing? As Amy Odell blogged on BuzzFeed: “Sometimes I wonder why people bother with the original photography anymore when the end result is basically just a photo illustration.”

Amy might have a point but then again is complaining about something like akin to raising the alarm on singers who use Auto-Tune to the exclusion of singing in tune or fretting over which professional athlete is juicing? It is as much the way of the world that we don’t see friends anymore as much as we Facebook them as it is that with tools like photo-shop at our finger tips we’re damn well going to use them to alter pics…as famed duo Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas let their team do on the Gaga photos.

Either way Vogue’s issue hits the stands and they released that behind the scenes video so I guess the complaints over altering the photos don’t fazing them a bit.


Being the nice guy I like to think I am I stopped midway crossing the parking lot when called over to give directions to a smiling young woman looking up at me from her driver’s side window. I am nothing if not polite, especially to a comely lass twenty years my junior and after establishing that yes, this woman was from the area and knew well of the roads I spoke, I quickly directed her to the nearest FedEx store. But the tide turned on all this neighborly jawing when I didn’t know the store’s address. Looking up at me with sudden abject disdain and smart phone in hand (it was hot out but not that hot that my brain had suddenly sprung a sprocket and I began speaking gibberish) when I couldn’t supply the info the woman needed for her GPS-as if I walk around with the street address to local FedEx places in my head when I have future Von Gutenberg blogs taking-up the limited space in my noggin already-I felt my obsolescence ride cross me as I wished a passing cloud had done at that moment to cool me. This most impatient of drivers (and yes I am stepping out on a chauvinistic limb here I know, but women in their 20’s are without a doubt the most impatient of drivers, sorry but it is true…hell, they are the most impatient doing anything, come to think of it!) treated me to the requisite 23 year-old eye roll as if nothing I had said before even mattered when in all actuality she’d simply see the damn Fed Ex place looming up before her well before she passed it anyway!

Actually I did happen to know of a famous N.J. diner (a NJ diner you exclaim, what a surprise!) right next to the FedEx place so I told the lowlady of of my nightmare to look that up-I gave her the diner name and everything, because even in the face of an abject brush-off my mother always told me to be a nice young man-but after she left and I got in my car to drive the five minutes back to my home, I realized that man, not only are we ever so lazy these days, that we rely so heavily on our machines (and portable ones at that) to get us to and fro we really have little to no tolerance for when things do not fit in the way we think/want/need/expect things to fit for us.

Have we lost the ability to complete simple tasks because all our machines do them for us? God knows how spelling and grammar have been affected with in our ‘LOL’, ‘l8ter’ texting world. And don’t even get me started on the sleeves, vibrating ‘rabbits’, 4-speed Lithium rechargeable sex toys presently all the rage when each one of us knows that nothing quite gets the job done like our own hands.

I am all for technology and machines bettering our lives, but at what cost? God forbid you actually admit you are ‘not on’ Facebook or you shut your cell phone off for an afternoon! I am not saying don’t not enjoy this blog, our Fantasy Even List or every other kinky event or marquis fetish lifestyle welcome the Von Gutenberg portal allows you via the web-shit, I die when my cable goes down for even an hour!-and really dude keep as addicted to your freaking GPS as you like, but don’t dismiss a still supremely handsome gentleman crossing a Quick Check parking lot on a Saturday afternoon who wants nothing more to then to help get you to your destination and maybe take a peek down your shirt.




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The Rise and Occasional Fall Of The Semi-Luddite

Unlike ‘these kids today’, I am not so up on the latest social networking, don’t sport the greatest smart phone, I really don’t enjoy downloaded music or movies all that often. In a lot of ways I believe I am like a lot of people, I use my computer and phone for just the few things I really need them for and leave all that other stuff alone in the fear that I’ll download a virus, break a part or get too addicted to socializing across a certain platform I won’t get on with my day.

I consider myself a semi-Luddite. I love technology, I use the net (this blogs would not exist without it) and I want you to visit our Fantasy Event List:, become a friend/fan on our Facebook pages:!/pages/Von-Gutenberg-Couture/198437400176423 or!/groups/261144418631/ shop our online store:, join our Twitter feed:!/Von_Gutenberg but really to live an ever richer online life is something I’m not even sure I could pull-off.

I applaud all the people who can though, the literal millions making their way in the constant connection of Twitter, Stumble Bumble upon, those using Facebook for socializing as much as going out with a friend to grab coffee. Really, if this is what you are into and you feel comfortable getting around online almost exclusively, go with God’s speed, I say.

It’s really how I feel about whatever you, I or anybody is into sexually…have at it man. Semi, full, not even a kinkster, whatever you do, do it well. Hit that kinky event, shop, look for friends or stay in and abuse yourself all night long. Take full advantage of technology for your naughtiness or just rub and stroke with your wife’s panties in your mouth, really whatever it is you want to do, even if it is part-time, have at it dude. Just don’t mock me for being a semi Luddite or a full-time kinkster and I won’t judge you.



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Deal or Don't Deal

It’s not the easiest thing to do, as we all have found, but somewhere along the way we have to place the ex in the right compartment in our mind and heart if we want to get on with our lives. Young or older, gay or straight, guy or girl, we have all been at the precipice of teetering for the rest of our days or turning our back finally and firmly, pickin’-up our britches and getting on getting on.

It ain’t easy, I know. Shit, with Facebook staring us in the face at every turn, God knows it’s so tempting to look-up-the-old flame and get those answers you have been dying for near a half decade…or at least get to ask the questions. It’s a dangerous path to walk though and memories are a bitch; it’s best leave them be, really.

How ‘bout getting out some latex? How ‘bout attending one of those amazing marquis kinky events you read about on the equally amazing Von Gutenberg Fantasy Event List? How ‘bout letting your freak flag fly and finally inviting your very best girlfriend to come over, share a glass of wine and finally reveal your desire for her to spank you bare bottom? How about completing the cross-dressing you have only ever dabbled in before or traipsing cross the boundaries of bisexuality and hitting a few sites you normally would not.

I’m not saying sexual and/or kinky pursuits put the worry and pining over our ex’s in the proper perspective…actually, I think that is exactly what I am saying.

Really dude and dudesses…get off the fucking Facebook and meet some friends outside and out of your house for a cup of coffee, take a twirl across Fetlife? Pick-up issue #6 on Von Gutenberg magazine (available here) and get on with your life.

The ex will always be out there, it’s up to you how you deal with him or her, where you place your memories and how you get on with getting on. Fan the cards and deal or don’t, it’s up to you Potsie.







M. Christian in Issue 6

So kids, let’s talk about issue #6.

We’re going to be running lots of Facebook alerts, tweeting and twatting, shooting out emails to our friends, designers, the models, writers, and just about everybody else about the fact that our issue #6 is out and about. In time I will try to amass a list of where you might be able to pick-up the magazine in your area. Really, we are so very proud of this issue, from front cover to last, and we want you to see it!

One of our features this time is a great big piece by M. Christian (and we all know Christian has a great big piece, this is why he is so popular with the ladies!) you just have to read his historical overview on comics and pulps and how and steamy they all got way back in the day. His Breast Plates To Bondage: An Informal Look At Sex In Comic Books and Pulp Magazines is a wonderful 4-page spread you have to read to believe. Yes, Von Gutenberg is about all those delicious models dressed in dripping hot latex, and God knows we got them this time around, but if I do say so myself, the text we have in the magazine this time around, M. Christian’s piece one of the shining examples, is exemplary.

So check out our brand spanking new (and I know how much so many of you out there love to be spanked) issue #6 at check our all things M. Christian at his site

Facebook Now, Really?

Once again I feel I have to warn you about the dangers of growing addicted to Facebook…

Just this week a Trevor Jones went to rob a home in Atlanta, as one is want to do every now and again, while the home’s owner went out for a walk. Expert criminal that he is, ole Trev left his car running in the driveway, the car windows open and his wallet inside. To add insult to injury (at least to Trev), the homeowner returned and realizing she was being robbed reached into Trevor’s car, grabbed his wallet and while watching him rob her home from a location down the street called the police. Jones broke into another house-and this is where it gets really good-and with even less sense (if you can believe it) found a computer in the 2nd home and logged onto his Facebook account while there!

You got to love a burglar with lots of time…

As you might notice I try to prompt you from time to time to go to our shop, check-out the Von Gutenberg Fantasy Event List and tickle your mouse and eye across our Facebook page (just as I am doing now). But as much as I want you to participate in what we got going-on online, am anxious to have you see issue #6 when we get it all finished I hope you get out and about to share a cup of coffee with friends every now and again.

If you are into dressing in a corset and having at or having someone have at you in all manner of nasty ways, do more than just leave missives about your desire on your wall or in a tweet; go do it, man! Life passes us by fast, before you know it you are on the other side of 50 and the more time you spend not doing but texting, tweeting and Facebooking the more you will surely you miss….especially that good nasty stuff. Really, I know you ache for the ex and your kids’ pictures are just too cute not to put up for grammy to see, but Facebook now, really? All the time? To the exclusion or in place of flesh-and-blood encounters?

While you are robbing a house? 

Back To School

The memories I conjure when I hear the simple phrase “back to school” are both good and bad…as I assume they are for us all.  Between too much homework, skirting through hallways with friends I know now await to pounce on me from Facebook, to those days of my college career when I finally came into my own to enjoy a social life I have never seen equaled, I realize my school daze (and they certainly were a daze) provided a full spectrum of experiences I wouldn’t trade for all the world, even if I could go back and change them.

Of course as I have grown into a full-fledged budding lifestyle-er, interested in all things latex, leather, kinky and fun, the words “back to school” often hold a whole different connotation…and I know you know what I mean.

Demerits, wooden rulers, and stern-faced teachers in starch-white blouses and pencil-thin skirts; sitting-up high in that chair at the front of the class in abject humiliation; that requisite trip to the principal’s office…oh yes, we can as much build endless scenarios of classroom badness as we can consider the ole’ pat-on-the-chin from a smiling teacher; sneaking fleeting seconds in classroom coatrooms with a school crush; spiriting a girl into your dorm for yet another sleep-over.

Like medical fetishes, school scenarios and the clothes, props, settings and role-play about school days, teachers and classrooms are probably some of the most common for the beginning kinkster and the old pro both. There really is a plethora of naughty ideas that come to mind when the resident lifestyer or even layman whispers with a wink and knowing smile how much he she wishes they were going “back to school” if maybe just for a night with their lover.

Hell, I won’t even expound on the amount of fun one can have with a pair of white knee socks or a pleated skirt…and that’s just on a girl. One could work plenty of our super sexy Von Gutenberg clothes, found here VGCOUTURE into many a student/teacher scenario.

Let the fall begin I say as we all do our homework in hundreds of naughty little ways.

Pushing Forward

You’d be crazy to think that Facebook, Twitter, all those other super popular social platforms don’t better our lives. I see it here at the magazine, how keeping linked to all the wonderful readers like you helps to make Von Gutenberg the best fetish fantasy lifestyle magazine it can be, how quickly I can list news about an upcoming fetish party or event an d how keeping connected keeps me abreast of new developments in the world of fetish and kink from anywhere around the globe.

But I find there are little bumps in the road of social networking, nothing so very terrible, but as with all things there is the bad with the good.

First of all, I find if I allow myself I can spend an inordinate amount of time Face-bookin’, tweeting, even texting on my cell phone. Like everybody else I have to constantly remind myself that there is a great big wide world out there, filled with people I should get to know face-to-face as much as I know them online.

The other problem with social networking-Facebook particularly-is that it opens the door to your past like nothing else. Before long there’s exes looking you up, that boyfriend you had in high school leaving messages on your wall, you start trolling through names and places hoping to find the girl who used to be Miss So-and-So and is now Mrs. This-and-That. There’s just too many opportunities to tickle back in time with someone you either had a crush on or a relationship with and going back is never as healthy as pushing forward.

With as much going on here at Von Gutenburg as I like to think is going on; planning those fetish parties, shooting those beautiful latex models (yes, it’s a tough life, I know) running the online store (check it out if you haven’t yet) I, like everybody else, need to temper how much time I spend leaving messages on people’s walls as opposed to getting out there having a coffee or a beer with those near and dear to me.