Gonna Get SMacked?

So I have a couple of friends who are going to SMack this weekend in NYC-part of the New York Fetish Marathon: http://xris-smack.com/2012-05-13-and I have been put on the list to get in. It’s one of those occasions where I can go, hang with some buddies, do the scene-this event prompts its guests to come as their favorite super hero/super-villian-then report on it later for the various outlets I happen to cover kinky events for (this blog being the main one of course). Especially when it comes to these types of happenings, in NYC you just know there is bound to be a wild variety of really interesting people that are bound to make SMACK a marquis event.

The problem is…I just don’t get out all that much. I write, I help Erik put together the magazine-lubing, interviewing, moving a light here and there-I hang with friends on occasion, do my radio show, I write (did I mention I write?) but basically I am a homebody. It’s not that I don’t have an interest in all the events I list in our Fantasy Event List, found here: http://www.fantasyeventlist.com/ or that I don’t like watching one girl put another across her lap, or that I haven’t attended a munch or two, that I don’t own a pair of black pants, that I’m antisocial or that I’m not a fan of Iron Man or Batgirl (I certainly am), it’s just that I really don’t get out much.

So it’s anybody’s guess (well it’s just my guess, nobody else cares or even knows I am considering the option) if I’m going to this 16th year anniversary of SMack. Maybe I’ll see you there.


Want to wear a VG T-shirt at SMack, get it here:














Out and About

So I find myself once again doing that “step into my office” thing here at my local Starbucks®, this early am…ah the life of a freelance writer…looking at all the peeps coming in for their morning over-priced Joe. Clearing my head from a busy week, I do like to get out and about and the weather here has been unseasonable warm for us this time of year so here I be checking-in for my end-of-the-week Von Gutenberg missive and it puts me in mind of…

The NYC Cinekink Festival was held this past week. It celebrates a wide range of naughty films, from the short erotic to the longer kinky ones. Hit their website http://cinekink.com/ to check it all out. For us ‘alternative’ minded, it is one great time and the festival plays across the country at major cities all during the year.

Our Fantasy Even List. I link the FEL Twitter page every blog now but what I don’t always do is speak about it; I am adding kinky events on an almost daily basis. Check-out our calendar http://www.fantasyeventlist.com/, I am sure there is something happening in a city near you.

Just hanging. Not every place you go, all the people you meet and everything you get into is going to be a marquis happening, but like I am here at the Starbucks-which is filling with so many people now, is everybody a super-hip legend-in-his-own-mind writer like me?-we got to get our asses up off the couch, snuggle into our panties-man/woman both-get off the fucking cult-of-a-Facebook (and yes we have a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/261144418631/ too, I am biting the hand that feeds I know) and get out and about, even if the traffic gets to us and lots of us human beings are an impolite bunch (like this guy next to me bleating too loudly over his cell phone while I try to write this all-important Von Gutenberg blog. Jesus doesn’t he know who I am?!)

But really I’ll take out and about over in and ruminating any day!