Thievery Corporation Rocks Webster Hall, NYC

ThieveryCorporationV#FE8E54 There are just some events that occur in NYC that can’t be missed. Yes, it is a wild rockin’ city just full to the brim with theatre, films, poetry reading, concerts, etc. And getting to even a few of these events can stretch one’s time, temperament and budget to be sure…especially post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas! But the one place the Von Gutenberg team got to this crazy week of one holiday and before another was Webster Hall down on 11th street to see Thievery Corporation.

As a lifestyle, latex and fantasy portal we try and keep up with all that tickles the senses (as you can see on our Fantasy Event List Rob Garza and Eric Hilton’s Thievery Corporation provided quite the tickle…and then some. The sold-out crowd standing at Webster Hall, danced, bounced, sung and other wise rocked this night (as our video below will attest) to the D.C. D.J.’s collection of amazing musicians. The multi-member band ran through their mélange of music styles, from Indian classical, bossa nova, ballads and modern ska, giving us the full smorgasbord of their talents.

One could barely catch their breath in all the wild lights and deep rich sounds. Standing as close as we were to the stage (as our pictures will surely show) we were especially struck with the clutch and sway of the groove coming off the stage and shooting out over the crowd.ThieveryCorporationV#FE90D6

We’d like to say you could catch the band tonight at Webster Hall, but they are sold out. An act this hot wasn’t going to roll through a city like Manhattan-and this time of year no less-and not sell tickets! Here is the link for the venue anyway and for Thievery Corporation, A trip downtown might prove fruitful if you can scalp a ticket; it is well worth trying!

Sometimes all the elements come together famously and you experience one of those nights…this was certainly one of those nights. Great music, great crowd, great venue in a great city that can be as inspiring as it can be intimidating.

Von Gutenberg thanks Thievery Corporation for a great night in a fabulous city.

ThieveryCorporationV#FE8FD2Photos & Video credit: Erik Von Gutenberg.

The Grey Areas

Letting anyone else define your actions is dangerous; trying to discern your reasons why you need the things you need might lead you astray; defining yourself by any one label might see you ignoring a perfectly legitimate alternates from your kink/sexual preferences when they come upon you; twisting yourself into knots nightly worrying that your fantasies do not conform to some preconceived or-worse yet-religious or political definition of ‘the norm’ will probably see you in therapy for years and lastly, wondering if what you engage in is kink, fetish, lifestyle or yes, even obsession is bound to give you a headache.

Walking the resolutely lesbian side of the street what happens when you’re at one of those high-end marquis kinky events we advertise in our Fantasy Event List only to find yourself bent over a spanking bench at the behest of a gentleman you not only find attractive but find you want more than just a spanking from? All this time you have had a penchant for leather in your life but suddenly you’re reading a copy of Von Gutenberg magazine (artfully shot by Erik Von Gutenberg and expertly editored-in-chief-ed by his youthful ward Ralph Greco, Jr.) considering some latex outfits you never would have previously. You kind of know you want to be collared but then again you kind of know you don’t want to be.

As humans we live in the grey areas lots of the time, and if anything we should revel doing so. We are always on our way to the next weigh station really, even if we happen to be inert and lots of fun can be had consistently morphing into our next phase even if we are unaware we are a’moprhing. We need less definition as we do delight, really; less pressure in our lives and more pleasure and God knows it is a hell of a lot easier going with the flow when we’re not so worried where that flow is aflowin’.

There will come as many challenges to what it is that you do as there will be to you trying to define how important what you do is to you. Take it easy on yourself.


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Cupcakes, Corsets and Puppy Dog Tails

I am coming to learn that not every kinky event need be specifically so kinky.

Living in the NYC area I am exposed to and can attend many a party/munch/convention…but truth be told, I rarely do. It’s not that I think I am above it all, that I don’t have or can’t find friends at these get to-gethers, that some of what we list in our Fantasy Event List: don’t just sound like the bees knees of a good night out to me, it’s just that I am crotchety and don’t really get out much.

But I had been keeping-up a correspondence with Justina Walford of NYC’s own Bare Naked Bake Sale organization: the marquis group who mix some good old fashion topless fun, yummy baked goods and collecting funds for organizations like the Fallen Heroes Fund and last night’s cause for rescued pets. As Justina’s group say they are out to “change the world with the shirt off your back”.

Pet-dressed attendees were allowed free admission and I saw as much bouncing boobs on display as I did attached tails and various types of faux animal ears. It really was a happy crowd down at Madam X lounge in the village of NYC, a perfect plush venue for those of us as interested in corsets and cleavage as those who have a penchant to dress-up like a tiger…and the cupcakes were damn good too!

Hardcore to mild, the see-to-be-scensters to strict voyeurs, spankos to power-exchange couples playing in foursomes, to those into belonephilia or straight porn fans who attend conventions amassing autographs of their favorite stars to being among a nice Thursday night group of women baring boobies, selling cupcakes and working hard to raise awareness for pets really there are so many events happening that a lifestyler could enjoy.

I just happened to hit one of them and now am back in my little hovel once again avoiding the light of a new day.!/pages/Von-Gutenberg-Couture/198437400176423!/groups/261144418631/!/Von_Gutenberg

So, Who Says What's Kinky?

Yes the weekend you are your play partner are at might be labeled a marquis kinky event. Yes, you might frequent Fetlife or shop in stores known for their adult toys (I have been lucky to hit one’s in London, NYC, L.A. and San Francisco-strictly for research purposes of course); you might even spend time with people who read Von Gutenberg magazine or you have turned-on a few folks to our pages; you might brag about a wardrobe that competes with our couture line, found here.

But rest assured, no matter how much you play, ruminate over or share some time with like-minded folk, nobody but nobody has a clear definition of what kinky really is.

And that’s the way it should be; one’s man meat is another’s poison and all that. If playing airline pilot and stewardess is your thing, then have it, just don’t try and convince me that this is the apogee of kinky then I’m into wearing my Jackboots everywhere and get-off on making my lover smell the sweaty socks I wear with them. I double-dog dare you to convince me that you have the clear objective definition of what kinky is, because I assure you you don’t.

Von Gutenberg is a decidedly lifestyle fetish magazine, more often than not showcasing latex and leather but you will see by our articles or all the kinky events we list on our Fantasy Event List that we include as many interests and happenings as we come in contact with and are always on the look-out for more.

From the mild to the wild it is up to you to determine which, if either works in your life and your specific definition of both.







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I know I have been on about this before, but…

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Interested in sin-o-matic in Boston, or a global event like Montreal Fetish Weekend? Are you making plans to attend Torture Garden in London or the German or Japan Fetish Ball? We offer the dates and links to the event home pages, constantly updated with information you can rely on.

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Fetish Greetings,

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