Reveling In One's Community

We all do what we do, get into what we are into, live, love, enjoy or reject what we do for a whole host of reasons. You might be into leather boots, your girlfriend into cooking, your next door neighbor into video games and the couple down the street might love to go antiquing on the weekend…and they might not even be a gay male couple. We just do what we do because we do it, sometimes there is no more reason that then.

I was reminded this week of the many facets of our interests when I attended NYC’s Comicon at the sprawling Javitz Center. I know lots of us have been to conventions, events, parties, weekend get-a-ways for our particular interests and/or fetishes, but I have to tell you the tons of folks who attend Comicon are a zealot, fun breed.

First of all, about 40% of this crowd is dressed, dressed in such amazing homemade costumes of Lycra, leather and other materials it would make any lifestyle fetishist chartreuse with envy. Secondly, these folks-and it’s not just light-shy teenage boys that populate these conventions as it was when I hit the second-ever Star Trek convention back in the day so many years ago I won’t dare admit to you now what year that was-I saw a great cross section of old and young, male and female at Comicon. And lastly, there is so much stuff at Comicon you could get lost picking out a leather corset (yes, we were well represented in this crowd, believe me) as much as those comics you have been looking for the past decade or so.

But mostly this convention tickled me (as Exxxotica will do in a few weeks here in NJ) as TES Fest did and does for me every July 4th weekend and as any of the events you will find on our FantasyEventList site do. When I see like-minded people reveling in their interest, no matter what that interest might my ever-dwindling faith in human kind is bolstered.

A weekend full of gaming, NYC hotdogs and girls dressed as their favorite Anima characters… all is good in the hood my friends.

Hey, Your Not Entitled!

I see it way too often in the everyday vanilla dating world, where a man pays a little attention to a woman and suddenly he feels he is entitled to some personal information from her…or at least her cell phone digits. Or some lady sidles-up to a guy in what she feels is just the right way, flashing and wiggling all her charms and she just assumes she is entitled to that man’s attentions. And don’t think you gay girls or guys are getting away with this either.

Just because we find somebody attractive and make them aware we do doesn’t mean we are entitled to have them be attracted back.

It just don’t work that way kids.
We can send all the Facebook requests we like, make inroads and overtures until our little hearts beat out our chests, but nobody owes anybody else the time of day, sorry kids, but that’s just the way it be.

Even in our little kinky community, a need to be spanked or maybe to truss some one up in binding leather boots does not mean we will see this need met. We all still have to err on the side of politeness in our kinks, at our parties, in our clubs, even if we’ve come to a play space for the night and everybody is of a like-mind.

Though I am a creaky old curmudgeon whose best days are well behind him I still just want to see everybody get along and I want everybody to be civil. Some of the nicest people I have met are those with a penchant for leather or maybe someone who likes to be peed on (who’d a thunk that the kinky amongst us could be the most polite?) but still even in our lifestyle I still see some incredible forwardness.

When you begin to peruse our fantasyeventslist in the upcoming weeks ahead, remember if you get your shapely little rear to one or two of the events make sure to always be nice, respectful and polite.

You never know what you’ll find if you are.