Art Imitating Life Imitating Fight Club With Shangguan Zhe & Sankuanz

0a6720452efa82602067cf1657a8be347fe9cdccChinese designer Shangguan Zhe of Sankuanz enlisted makeup artist Maria Comparetto to paint black eyes, bruises, and busted-up lips to his models for a Fight Club-inspired look. Helping to contrast the almost cartoon-like Sankuanz collection, designer and team were hoping to bring a smidgen of “boys being boys” “roughhousing” “theater” (all terms Zhe used to describe what she was after) to the showing.

As in the Fight Club movie, where members were not allowed to talk about Fight Club, nobody was much talking about the fake bruises and cuts here either. In the end actually only one major fashion mag even covered the show these models walked at. Still, what has most fashionistas and opinion makers opining is that, had these been female models all faux busted-up, the resultant story would have been quite different. In the climate of a rampant amp-up by the media (in the U.S. alone) over violence against women, this is no time for even a slight hint of such subjects, unless one is taking a decidedly serious view. We all know what a trip-up in the politically correct spectrum of life can saddle one with.

“Even if I were asked, I would not have put bruises on a female model,” Zhe said.

One does wonder, when viewing runaway shows as much as pondering the trailers for the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey (a story with its own brand of exploitation of women and a studied amount of violent actions) as well in light of the recent AMSR rulings on pornography in the UK, where does fantasy end and reality begin? Or is it all one-and-the-same, that what we dream about if made reality can trip the high wire of what polite society deems worthy of talking or legislating against?

Shangguan Zhe’s statement safe, sane or dangerous?

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The Book of Filthy Sex Games A Guide to Kink, Fetish and BDSM Through Adult Play By Jackson Rocco: A Review

BOFSEG coverThere truly is no stone left un-turned in Jackson Rocco’s The Book of Filthy Sex Games A Guide to Kink, Fetish and BDSM Through Adult Play.

As one would hope when delving into the world of intimate kink games the subject is taken seriously as much as it is rendered for good old fashion fetish fun here. Let’s face it, when one is looking to indulge in some ‘alternative’ play one should know well what one is getting into. That Rocco takes the better part of the first near 50 pages of this book to discuss subjects like “pulse points” “safe words” and “aftercare” (to name but a few) certainly might seem a slow read before the good stuff. But believe me it shows the man thought well about this subject and has done his research. There’s a wealth of information in this first section alone I think worth the price of this book.

And then comes the…

There are 69 ‘games’ here making-up the true meat-and-taters of Rocco’s book. Beginning forays like “Coming Home to Lovedoll” to “The Handyman or Nurse” or the self-explanatory title of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” are all informed by Rocco’s long laundry list details and descriptions.  At the Intermediate level there are games like “Fluffy Domination” the Tantra-infused “No End in Sight” and the nasty “40 Cellophane Hell O’ Pain.” At the Advanced level games like “Fox and Hound” with a suggested venue of ‘fields, forest/woods, great outdoors’ and equipment: ‘butt plug, lube, maps, torch’ truly up the ante for players.

Through it all Rocco painstaking details every aspect of not only what players need in order to play each particular game but what they might feel and what might happen when and if they do. There’s an ending library of kink and fetish books here where Rocco recommends some reading, a glossary of terms and acknowledgement of his references.

Sure there is lots of naughty fetish fiction out there ripe for the plucking (50 Shades of Grey certainly comes to mind). But for a serious and at the same time fun non-fiction instructional romp about BDSM you won’t find a better book then The Book of Filthy Sex Games A Guide to Kink, Fetish and BDSM Through Adult Play
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9 1/2 Weeks

So, the powers that be round this way (our CEO Erik Von Gutenberg) liked my Prêt-à-Porter blog so much it got him thinking about movies, then we began speaking about the holidays and love and don’t ask me how we got on the subject of titillation on film, stuff that sticks with you well beyond the pale, kinda naughty, what some folks would label ‘kinky’ (let’s face it, being a latex couture magazine we definitely see our share of the slightly off-center and sexy if you know what I mean) and Erik opined, while attempting to describe to a friend of ours who will remain nameless (ok, our magazines’ designer) who hadn’t seen it, how masterful and at times all out hot the movie 9 ½ Weeks was.

Have you seen it, the 1986 movie starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger? It is considered a classic of mainstream naughtiness and one of those modern go-to’s, very much like what Fifty Shades Of Grey is currently enjoying or when some other song, film or book suddenly seems to take to the culture landscape like a brush fire, getting just about everybody hot. Every few years or so something takes off like 9 ½ weeks did or Shades is now and people who have never considered certain ‘approaches’ suddenly do so, those who had in their earlier single days rekindle some moldy yet fun ideas with their current significant other or those who have played slightly off-center all along feel a twinge of justification.

Presenting what we do on this blog, on our website, and in our magazine we champion as many different ‘approaches’ to whatever it might be you are approaching as possible (God knows the many designers we present can outfit you for whatever you’re into!) so when it comes to stuff like 9 1/2 weeks, Fifty Shades or whatever have you, we are ‘down’ for it all!

Either way, Erik is right to point out the stylish and sexy 9 1/2 Weeks and he’s right, it does play as much for love as it does lust.

Who Needs Fifty?

Being one myself, I applaud any erotic author who can gain even a small foothold in our current cultural zeitgeist.  E.L. James of Fifty Shades Of Grey fame seems surprised at her success but she is doing well indeed with her book (which is one of three in the story) and it seems that housewives and inquisitive talk-show hosts everywhere are devouring her tome.

Now I can’t comment on the book as I haven’t read it-I did have someone regale me of the naughtier parts after I quizzed her about: “Does he whip her?” and “What kind of toys does the main character use?”, but you know how this stuff usually goes…one man’s poison and all that. What I mean is, that for you gentle readers of this blog and fans of Von Gutenberg magazine probably some of, if not all of the stuff in the “Fifty Shades” will read tame in comparison to what you are getting up to nightly…you lucky little pups! I’m sure we have all seen some randy stuff at those kinky events we attend or have just this past weekend enjoyed some romping that would set the pages of Ms. James’ book alight. What I have heard of the scenes in “Fifty” they even pale in comparison to even good ole’ Nine ½ Weeks, another BDSM driven cultural phenom that I found more or less tame (though Mickey Rourke was a good looking guy way back in the day, wasn’t he?)

So, have at “Shades” but if you are even slightly kink-minded I doubt you will find many revelations. What I do find interesting though is that if this book is making such a splash, how staid is the everyday sex life of most people (women mostly because they are the ones who seem to be taking to the book mostly and blushing when commenting on it) that it is making such a splash? Consider, as I always do, that the voodoo that you do-do might really be quite afield from the everyday sex lives of most people who we bump into at the store.

Your gray areas indeed might shine deep red to everyday folks.!/pages/Von-Gutenberg-Couture/198437400176423!/groups/261144418631/!/Von_Gutenberg