John Galliano’s Fall…And Rise?

John-Galliano-at-the-Dior-007Hate him, love him (or his designs at least), dismiss or praise him, John Galliano is ‘back’. The fashion designer best known for working with Givenchy in the mid 90’s, Christian Dior 96-’11, making frocks for Kylie Minogue and running his own eponymous label is working for Oscar de la Renta currently and has even received a measure of absolution from the Anti-Defamation League, post his anti-semantic rant in a Paris bar. As with most things any of us say, but certainly celebrities, opinion, silly stunts, even our sex lives can go viral within minutes and this is exactly what happened to a supposed drunk Galliano back in ’11.

In a video licensed and broadcast by UK’s The Sun Galliano was seated at a table in L’Absinthe insulting a group of Italian ladies,certainly more then 3-sheets-to-the-wind at the time, saying, among other things “ I love Hitler”. Galliano was subsequently fired by Dior who he was working for at the time, and it seems in Paris one can be arrested for “public insults based on the origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity”, which Galliano was.

So much for free speech ‘gay ole Paree’ huh?


Certainly plenty of people damned Galliano’s comments, others stated that the man is not a racist or anti-Semite and that the rant was actually a bit of satirical living ‘theatre’, coming from a man certainly known for his theatricality. Galliano himself says he was a black-out drunk at the time, does not recall the incident (even when shown it) and that he does not, nor has ever held, such views.

He says now that he is “living amends every day”, happy to be back at work and no longer drinking.


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