S.A.G. Awards Stylings

aniston sag awardsAs we’ve said more times than we care to count, what’s an award show without the big “Who Are You Wearing” reveal in the red carpet? This time of year we get the Grammy’s, the Golden Globes and the big daddy Oscar telecast. But with the S.A.G. awards just past (and clocking-in at a respectable mere few hours) we can certainly assume dearly departed Joan Rivers’ territory like on who wore what and the effect of it all.

Birdman nominee Emma Stone slicked her hair down in a side pony and sported shocking ruby red lips, while Best Actress nominee Reese Witherspoon sported her own side pony, though wearing a white gown to Emma’s dark one.  Much is being made about another Best Actress nominee “taking the plunge” as Jennifer Aniston revealed quite a bit of her front in a plunging John Galliano gown. Jared Leto and Mathew McConaughey both sported a great bit of facial hair (and Leto his usual long locks) while the startling transformation of a beardless and quite a few pound-less Zak Galifianakis made the Twitter feed sparkle with a “Who Is that?”

Claire Danes was in a crisscross fronted grown of emerald, Felicity Jones’s in white like Witherspoon (in a Balenciaga gown) and Lupita Nyong’o’s piled high braid made her even more stunning than usual.

There seems to be no end to Hollywood’s self-congratulatory events, but they do bring the best and brightest to our T.V. screens so we can bandy about opinion on fashion and make-up choices. In the end none of this matters to most people’s everyday existences but it is fun to see who is wearing what and read opinions from far and wide.zach gal

And don’t kid yourself, though Emma Stone, Jared Leto and the rest will most likely never hear the opinions of you or me, they are in the business to care about what they look like on and off screen.




The Future of “Fashion Police”

fashion policeAs most of the world (America to be sure) mourned the death of comic legend Joan Rivers there  were those pop fashionistas left wondering about the status of her E! show “Fashion Police.” Up until the week of her procedure/hospitalizing/death Rivers had worked on an Emmy red carpet broadcast and on stage, in fact she was working as much as ever, often joking she’d die on stage.

Living 81 years pretty much doing what you love one can’t ask too much more out of life really.

But what will become of one of the most recently popular shows about fashion? Will Joan Rivers’ death kill-off the popular E! Network award-show broadcast feeding freezing? Will celebs be free now to walk the red carpet no longer fearing Joan and guest hosts comical jabs at what they are wearing? Like it or not, agree with the show’s findings and intent or simply dismiss it all as too much pop culture fodder, “Fashion Police” was a popular show that for many determined the does and don’ts of celebrity style. We don’t have an awards show these days without hours of prelim red carpet entrances, interviews and the ubiquitous “Who are you wearing?” and Fashion Police set the standard for the couture cutting up, wardrobe dress down.

Joan and crew took celebrity down a few notches poking fun at not only what American’s answer to royalty was wearing but how serious they were when wearing it.

Well it seems E! will indeed keep the popular show running. The announcement from the entertainment television network is that “Fashion Police” will indeed return on Monday, January 12th 2015 for Golden Globe Awards coverage. Who all will be on the show that has, at times, featured guest hosts George Kotsiopoulos, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne E! is not yet saying but it seems Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa has a lot of say here and with the network will probably have things well figured before that beginning of January airing.