Mina De Sade at VON GUTENBERG Burlesque Night March 12

Erik von Gutenberg announces Madame Sadist Rubber ( Mina De Sade ) to perform Friday Night at the VON GUTENBERG FETISH BALL March 12 in the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

Tickets: http://www.vongutenberg.com/shop/Event-Tickets/  

Madame S/R/N is a Lifestylist of the Fetish , BDSM , and Kink world for over 13yrs. She is currently a educator , Rubber Go-go dancer , BDSM performance artist , Domme and Fetish Model of the BDSM , Heavy Rubber and Latex lifestyle .  Her concentrations and background are Heavy Rubber , Containment fetish , Uniform , Smoking , Femme Domination, Encasement , Medical Fetish/Bondage and Fetish Burlesque . Ms. S/R/N has been seen @ Club Dungeon L.A. , Bondage Ball L.A. , Club Sanctus LA. , Confession LA., Batcave L.A. and Frightmare club L.A.  She was the former Ms. West Coast Olympus Leather 2008 & 2009 and 1st runner up Ms.International Olympus Leather 2008 . Madame Sadist Rubber has been a performer , educator and living the kink , fetish , bdsm life for over 13years and counting.

Burlesque and Rubber, how do you combine both?

I am what I am …. a Rubber go-go … I been dancing and strutting my shininess for over 13 yrs . I usually in pvc or zentia when I dance .. but now it is time to combine My 2 guilty pleasures / Sins …. Rubber and Dance.. Rubber is my skin .. it clings and molds as if you were born with it on …. In burlesque it is a sultry , active display of showing one true nature.. You are exposing ones inner and outer sexual persona …. This is a way for me to show both .. I feel my sexiest in Heavy Rubber and latex.. Since I love being a tease on the dance floor and stage back home in L.A. I want to bring the 2 most sexiest things that are within myself .. Burlesque and Rubber … I want to show that one can dance , tease , and taunt with out having to peel her skin to show the inner her !. I want to have the world fall in love with my second skin while they can still be able to see my ” human form ” … I love being in a transparent latex body and wearing latex lingerie on top . Making me feel so naked but so covered all the same …. I want to show the true flesh and bone of a Rubber girl … She is all transparent, 20g of shiny perfection !.

What do you like about Fetish?

* Fetish is my blood and my mind … I even work in a environment where I get to clean , shine and sell Latex , Leather and Kink supplies all day long . My uniform is complete with a rubber smock which I wear in pride and in lust … I love the psychological connections I have to my sexuality and my personality when involved or surrounded by one of my fetishes . It is even a point that i perform and educate in fetish identification and culture of fetishes and how they can complete a persons life . I know that with out my fetishes … I would be nothing more then a pretty face and mind with nothing else to show … But get me started on My fetishes and We can talk all day everyday with a different fetish for each conversation.

Latex, what is so special about this material?

* Latex , Rubber….I am a heavy Fetishist…The way it makes me feel.. I can not even notice at times that it is even on since it is like a second skin .. If any my true skin ! . I love how it has no gender, it is sexy and serious .. can be domineering or submissive . It can be just be purely for fashion yet can lead into sex.. It is something that has no rules but a beauty and a feel that only those who wear it can truly understand. It is the feel of being completely naked and completely covered . It is the epitome of avant gard and in a functional means . I love the idea of wearing something that is customized by your own shape , style and use . I sleep in Latex , have latex bedding and enjoy nights in my vac bed… I wear rubber and pvc shoes at work and educate other how to wear and handle Latex all day in a Rubber Butchers Smock …. I wear it as my second skin underneath all my other latex wears … A catsuit , bra and panties all latex , and then my fashionable latex outfit of choice …. It makes me feel one of a kind and when I see others in it .. I think they are all one of a kind as well.

What is planned for the VON GUTENBERG Burlesque Night, what will we see from you?

* It is a surprise !. I can definitely say I will give a new meaning to Neo Burlesque and shine a bit of latex and light on to the stage . I want to give a old fashion feel with a neo futuristic style … I believe a woman’s form in heavy rubber , latex and in containment is simply sexy ! . I want to show and introduce a form of beauty , sexuality and kink in a way many possibly have not thought about.. It is one thing having a girl dance in Rubber , another taking it off… But to have a true hardcore fetishist of burlesque , Rubber and Containment get on the stage it will be just as much fun for me , as it will be for those who will watch… All I have to say Erik is … It will be what I keep on that will keep you wanting … not what I take off.

You like San Francisco?

* I love San Francisco … i am planning to move to the East Bay or South SF area in late summer of 2010. I been exposed to SF on a regular basis off and on for 3 years and want to live in the town where i feel I connect most . I use to be part of a hook suspension team called CORE and their headquarters is out here and I want to get back into it . I am also a big advocate for kink and fetish and SF has it all for my evolving and all so collective taste in Fetish . I can definitely say in may instance when I had to pack to go back home to My home town Hollywood CA. I wish I did not .. The people , fun and leisure of SF makes me wish I was a local .. My heart is truly in San Francisco …

What are your plans for 2010 going forward?

To be creative as always ! . I just finished designing a few custom hoods and already have a few ideas in latex designs I want to have made . I am currently active in promoting and participating in the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2010, Dom Con LA. & Atlanta 2010 .. I am planning to visit the Rubber Doll Weekend in Minneapolis and whatever fun , fetish events that are to arise threw the course of the year … I hope to become more active in the many Von Gutenberg events and projects threw out the year as well . I love the magazine and the parties are live! I want to be part of such a evolving group of events . CHEERS !!! VON GUTENBERG!