Allison Williams Is Just So Two-Faced

allison-williams-geschminkt-ungeschminkt-instagramEven a seemingly anti-celebrity campaign, though led by celebrities, begun almost as a backlash against the cultural addiction we seem to have with selfies and Instagram, will grow into an Instagram phenomena all its own trying to mock itself. Allison Williams of “Girls” fame, just posted a selfie of herself in what has been called a “Two-Face Style.” The actress made-up one side of her face, while she left the other untouched, giving us half of what seems to be the latest in celebrity chic, the bare-faced pic…for reasons only Williams could know.

Last month super dooper model Heidi Klum took to her Instagram account to record her progression of getting ready for a shoot. She went from a bare canvas face, her unadorned high cheekbone-d mug, to completely tricked-out with make-up and a halo of teased hair. Again…why? As with lots of what we can do across the net these days, does the bare-faced craze fall into that ‘because we can, we should’ category?heidi-klum-before

Three years ago The Children In Need charity raised lots of money and awareness through this trend in their “BearFaced” campaign. Female celebs posed for before and after pics, the bare-faced one featuring a mini bear paw print on the celeb’s cheek…giving the campaign its name. A good cause…certainly. A craze for empowering women…who knows? A trend that gets twisted, overdone and leads to two-faced pics…you be the judge.

Surely we all have a voyeuristic streak in us. Certainly it’s nice to recognize that the mega rich/beautiful/popular are as flawed as you and I. But we want these people we adore and try to emulate to be flawless, to present the image they work hard to maintain; this is exactly why we make them celebrities. In the end, these bare-faced pics show us what we already know…but try to avoid about ourselves all the time by reveling in the lie that is celebrity.


A Topless Heidi Klum Run Out Of Vegas…Maybe

heidi-klum-sharper-imageIt’s nice to know that even in this day and age of ‘been-there, done-that, bought-the-T-shirt, took-the-selfie cool’ pictures can still cause a controversy. Heidi Klum seems to have found some of that controversy (though she is only the model in this case) in Las Vegas of all places. In the new Shaper Image “Gift Right” adds H.K. can be seen posing nude (though she is covering herself) sitting next to Sharper Image products with racy taglines printed on the add next to her. Last week Clark County Las Vegas officials banned these black and white ads at Vegas’ McCarren airport saying that they do not allow “the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering or any portion thereof below the nipple.”

The irony (or is it hypocrisy) of an official statement like this is not lost on anyone who has ever driven out from that Vegas airport. The billboards that litter Las Vegas, highways, McCarren, the infamous “Strip” show more bare female skin then even the most seasoned visitor to the gambling Mecca can stomach. The bared space under Klum’s nipples (nipples that are never exposed anywhere in the ads) seems small by comparison, in offending severity and actually space.

Thankfully for all concerned and for tasteful erotic art in general, it seems Las Vegas is rescinding the ban with Sharper Image as the company is now presented ‘edited’ ads. The Klum ads will be displayed from 1/3-/1/9, just in time for the CES-the Consumer Electronic Show-that hits Las Vegas on (see all about it here:

This is not the first time Sharper has gone tongue-in-cheek sexy. In 2012 they ran a campaign of Megan Fox in stockings pushing their wares. Who knows what they might present next year and what city might move to ban those ads.megan-fox-sharper-image_lo-res

By the way, the initial non-edited adds have been approved in many other city’s NOT Las Vegas.

Kim Kardashian and Paper Magazine ‘Break’ Your Internet

Kim_cover_web_1[1]Sometimes it’s a week for high fashion. Sometimes latex couture sneaks in from something we’ve done or through a super hero movie. Occasionally the twain meet and we can all shout out a hearty “See, we told ya so!” And then there are those days when the net is abuzz with salacious news of some celeb or another flaunting their attributes in something sexy. Sometimes that celeb is sans wardrobe (actually, come to think of it, barely does a day go by these days without a story about some celeb recently releasing a naked selfie.) As none of us would doubt, the naked celeb story this week was of Kim Kardashian’s bare oiled butt Paper magazine shot.

In a climate that saw Prince snap his first selfie this week; Heidi Klum posing her bare self for a “Sharper Image” catalogue; Keira Knightley defiantly revealing her bare ‘untouched’ breasts in Interview as a protest against photo-shopping, Kim K’s cover for Paper Magazine and even more revealing shots littered across the net from that shoot (some full frontal) were released this week. The Paper pic of Kim promised to “break the internet,” though the net seemed to survive Kim’s oiled and bare derriere. We even all survived the admission for Paper’s editorial director Mickey Boardman that Kim’s picture was ‘retouched’…say it isn’t so!

French photographer Jean-Paul Goude and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic managed these photos of the famous reality star. But in an attempt of ‘imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery’ ex-T.V. talk-show host Chelsea Handler took a mirror selfie of her own bare butt a couple days after Kim’s reveal…sans oil, pro lighting and retouching.

How this all betters our lives or if indeed if any of this falls into the wide category of ‘fashion’ who knows. But it is certainly fashion-able for celebrities to show themselves and it seems, as much as themselves that they can these days.

If you feel like showing yourself, in fine latex outfits, to like-minded partiers, might you get yourself over to two Von Gutenberg events: and the Kim_cover_web_2[1]



From Head To Celebrity Toe

I’m shooting for some fashion news from further ‘north’ this week, as in:


Shot by the Steven Meisel, Brazilian bombshell model Gisele is sporting darker shorter locks of a decidedly  ‘flapper’ vibe (along with models Isabeli Fontana, Carolyn Murphy and Karen Elson) for Louis Vuitton’s new Fall 2013/Winter 2014 ad campaign. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel was also the leading lady in Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2006 campaign.

It seems Heidi Klum was rating a “10” over the 4th weekend (and if you get that number reference all the better for you). The 40 year old ex model now “America’s Got Talent” judge was frolicking across a Bahama beach sporting Bo Derek-like corn rows. But what was even wilder was the lady sharing pics on Twitter of her hair wild and frizzy after letting out the braids.

Her tweet photo caption: “I don’t know if I prefer the braids or the big curls…”


And wacky celeb of the hour Amanda Bynes arrived in court the other day sporting another wig, this time blue. Looking to give Phil Spector a run for the money on his outrageous judicial locks, Bynes arrived in a NYC court to answer for supposedly chucking a bong out the window from her Manhatten digs this past May.

See, it’s not just the classic ‘nip slip’ or new shoes a designer might be showing that gets us all gaga (not Lady Gaga in this case though). It can be what a lady (or man) is wearing in, on or as their hair.


Velda Lauder Corsetiere of choice

1Erik von Gutenberg recommends Velda Lauder.

Velda Lauder is the much acclaimed Corsetiere to stars including Dita Von Teese, The Sugarbabes, Sarah Brightman, George Michael, Robbie Williams. Velda has been the Corsetiere of choice for the Victoriaʼs Secret TV catwalk show for the last 3 years; tightlacing Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller and Karolina Kurkova into incredible corset creations.
She has recently worked with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, Swarovski and Courtney Love on one-off commissioned pieces and remains an International press favourite for her work with Burlesque and Performance Artists in London, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York.

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Her website:

Models Maz and Bex, photos by Regis Hertrich