MARQUIS FETISH BALL with House of Bias

marquisfetishballjuly4aErik von Gutenberg is very proud to announce another high class and style latex fetish designer, House of Bias from Chicago! You will see outrageous, simply beautiful latex outfits on stage with the most amazing fetish models.

Alexandria Taylor is the founder and Designer of House of Bias:

A prior student of the School of The Art Institute of Chicago for fashion design, this young designer has had a hand in the clothing industry for more than a decade. An admitted fan of all things avant, Alexandria has coined the term avant couture for her design house.

“The goal is the recreate the versatility, hands-on craftsmanship and tailoring of Parisian design houses, when a label committed to more than ready-to-wear and outfitted their followers from their bodies to their homes. We plan on reshaping the aesthetic of our primary material of choice while not limiting ourselves to it. Our debut collection was meant to show our versatility in readapting a similar aesthetic to fit more than one customer base.”

We will see some amazing pieces from her at the MARQUIS FETISH BALL in San Francisco July 18 in the supperclub!

ESCPEND2We will have amazing designers, great latex fashion, beautiful models and lots of fun!

The current fashion line up includes:

Blacklikorish Latex
Antiseptic Fashions
Second Skin Couture
Tactical Corsets

and of course House of Bias! smiles

Please go here and get your ticket today at

Happy 4th of July!

Erik von Gutenberg and the whole MARQUIS AMERICA team