CableDrop and Cableyoyo, ‘in fashion’…for your comuter

Yes, I know this is usually a blog about fashion couture and latex lifestyle (at the very top of our interests); that we have featured everyone from Megan Massacare  to Rubberdoll to Bianca Beauchamp in this blog, through our issues 1 through eight and even on some behind the scenes video you see here from time to time; we champion Mode/Moda/Fashion in all its global forms by penning exposes on art, feature fetish and fantasy fiction and bringing you updates and photo collages on such renown  designers of latex-or pretty much any material-from houses like House of Harlot, Polymorphe, Inner Inner Sanctum to Jimmy Choo and Karl Lagerfeld.

Really we’re trying to cover as much of what we know interests us and our friends as we can.
So you can’t damn me when I get some handy dandy neato item to review that might fall afield of our usual reporting but I think truly ‘fashionable’ and certainly something we truly all could use in this day and age.

The CableDrop and Cableyoyo from both fit low data cords (the drops a little bit more as they can hold ear buds, glasses and pencils) are self adhesive beauties you can pretty much stick anyplace. The yoyo is actually a portable item, a square thin plate that allows you to coil up to 6 feet of a low voltage cord and when unwinding that cord from the yoyo you’ll find that cord remaining straight. You can put this little Cableyoyo in your pocket for on-the-go use. The drops, available in lime green, light mustard and pink are plastic ‘drops’ flat on one side (where they have a peel-and-stick backing) round on their other where a thin groove runs half through the thing’s face center horizontally.


See, it’s not all about tattoos, Ophelia Overdose or latex catsuits here at Von Gutenberg (not that we don’t love Ophelia and wouldn’t want to see her in a  catsuit!) The point is there’s a lot more to fashion then what people are wearing, as I have opined plenty of times (see my blog here on   ). Products like the CableDrop and Cableyoyo are truly fashionable for our times and worth a little look-see from you our Von Gutenberg reader….I know I’m going to use the ones I got.

Issue number eight of Von Gutenberg is worth a look-see too and if you have yet to have a look-see at our infamous tattoo issue with Miss Megan Massacre on its candy pink cover have a look here:

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Von Gutenberg Magazine Issue 8 with Megan Massacre


Erik von Gutenberg is especially proud to announce Issue 8 with Megan Massacre, an amazing artist, great person and friend of Von Gutenberg!

TLC star Megan Massacre lights up tat-tastic issue # 8 of our international fashion quarterly, Von Gutenberg Magazine. Megan is the star of shows “N.Y. Ink” & “America’s Worst Tattoos” and along with models Bibiana Atada from Switzerland and Germany’s Onna Sakura, the petite tattooed T.V. star graces the startling candy colored cover of our fall 2013/winter 2014 issue.

Regulars Armando Huerta and Fang Ling Lee are on board with their fantasy art, Robert Archer’s House of Harlot and Louis Fleischauer’s AMF Korsets from Germany are the featured designers and photographers like Phillip Faith and Florida’s Antonio Angelo Piracci add to the provocative latex mayhem that makes Von Gutenberg the one-of-a-kind lifestyler’s dream publication.

Offered as both a print periodical and digitally for all eReaders, this latest issue of Von Gutenberg Magazine is another in a fine line of elegant issues released from your most trusted name in Fetish Fashion Couture.

Video on You Tube  from Issue 8 here: 


  • Megan Massacre
  • Onna Sakura
  • Mistress Absolute
  • Bibiana Atada
  • Soma Snakeoil


  • House of Harlot
  • Mad Duck
  • AMF Korsets


  • Phillip Faith
  • coJac
  • Ali Mere
  • Antonio Angelo Piracci
  • Toni Chaptom

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Enjoy this amazing Issue of VON GUTENBERG MAGAZINE

London Fetish Weekend New 'New Designer Award'

Now as you may know, we have listed the London Fetish Weekend 2012 in the Von Gutenberg Fantasy Event List (here is their direct website: but this year the kinky event will present its first ever New Designer Award. Three new designers will be chosen to participate in the evening from all the entries slamming into the events’ offices even now and premier on Friday Oct 5th, 2012.

Entries for this new award are invited from fashion students, start-up designers or budding creators of fetish and/or alternative design. The award is specifically designed to highlight ‘home grown’ talent so only entries from the UK are being considered.

The judges for this award include: Rubber Couture King; Robin from House of Harlot, Corset maker to the stars; Velda Lauder, Tyrannical Tailor; Jed Phoenix, Mandy X; proprietor of fantasy and fetish retail giant Honour Clothing, and James Pegg; Senior Lecturer at London College of Fashion.

Promising a flurry of fabulous fetish fashion on this Friday night a dance party will follow with top London DJs Simon Iriduim, Miles Gorfy and headliner DJ Bam Bo Tang.

Entries for the New Designer of the Year Award are being accepted up until 10th September  and entry forms are available from

The event itself is on 5th October @ Pulse, No 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, London, SE1 9UF – for more information or to apply for a press pass please email

This will prove to be one of the marquis kinky happenings of 2012 so be sure to be there and if you are a UK designer , get your resume/portfolio into the good folks at the LFW.

check out more happenings here: & on Twitter :
Fantasy Event List on twitter:!/Von_Gutenberg


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Busy As A Mosquito In A Nudist Colony…

I was thinking, I spend so much time on the computer – and so much of that looking at latex – I thought it might be fun to post a weekly “What’s-New-What’s-In-My-Running-Wish-list?!” Many of us know, acquiring latex and other fetish-y goodnesses is quite the delicate process. I mean, putting on latex or corsets, et al, isn’t something you can rush! As well, a girl has to budget her dough for other “fun” things like tattoos, shoes, books, music, and good food! So consider this my little NSFW “picks-of-the-week”, enjoy!

Well, if you read my last post, you know I’m currently obsessed with HMS’s (Sophie’s) designs! I’m waiting on her new neck-piece to arrive into my grubby hands, and I think I’m going to soon purchase THIS skirt to match:



On the perpetual “quest” for the perfect catsuit, today I ran across one at House Of Harlot that almost sent me to the floor:

(c) HOH

(c) HOH

It’s form fitting and boasts a built in catsuit. Another thing I love is the neckline! I personally prefer to show that part off, not so much because of my billowing chest, but because of my chest tattoo. It’s all about aesthetics, right? I would love any feedback if anyone has this or had the chance to try it on!

Finally, I am dearly blessed to be around the corner from Syren/Stockroom! I’ve had the pleasure of being personally fitted for their Basic Rubber Corset ::swoon::

Tomorrow I’m going to stop by because I’ve been dying to see their new Strapless Ruffle Dress “in person”:

(c) Syren Latex

(c) Syren Latex


Oh, I don’t forget about the boys! Of course, I own one myself :)

(c) Syren Latex

(c) Syren Latex

Hoping they have a pair of these in his size for trying on. I might have to treat him to a belated Christmas gift.

Hope you enjoy! I’ll post more about my adventures at Syren on Sunday :)

Kinky tidings,