The Stars Are ‘Stacking’

Our stars are ‘stacking’.  No, I don’t mean breast implants….though God knows there are lots of them out there in Hollywood. What I am on about is this latest fashion accessory, stackable rings. Lady’s like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, plus plenty of others not as notable are sporting what US Weekly’s fashion director calls a totally ‘on trend’ trend of mixing and matching contrasting metallic Though to be sure, Lopez managed to ‘stack’ with her Norman Silverman diamonds at the most recent Grammy’s and Rihanna had brought out Neil Lane pieces. None of us are probably going to be sportin’ such high-end shine, still stacking can be done with cheaper ring clusters like these from Forever21Loud Love Jewelry or do some snaking around from Ariel Gordon.

Don’t be surprised if we see this stackable trend for other jewelry, you know how these things catch like wildfire. One celeb wears her dress backwards and others follow so it becomes a fashion trend, a little striking make-up becomes a big splash. I opine we might see (if we aren’t already) stacking any number of jewelry and accessories. It’s just a matter of time.
But for now consider what or if you are going to stack…then go out and get to it like J-Lo and or RiRi.


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Pop Goes The World

Let’s face it, if you’re Rihanna you can’t tweet a picture of yourself wearing a Rolling Stones tee chosen from super-cool London fashion clothier River Island, then a month later reveal to Ryan Seacrest a desire to design clothes without people wondering if indeed you are going to do just that and if it might indeed be for River Island. It was no surprise then that come mid-summer we learned that a range of ’street to chic’ clothing based on the super-popular singer’s wardrobe and made from her choices is indeed going to hit the High Street shop’s shelves come Spring 2003.

“I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes. I’m looking forward to working with them and creating something really special,” Rihanna said about her proposed RiRi Island designs.

Of course pop stars have been contributing clothing lines for a while now; Beyonce’s House of Dereon, the various Jennifer Lopez creations and even Madonna and her daughter’s junior line and though this new partnership seems to be a can’t miss I know we all tend to view these fashion match-ups (good, bad or indifferent) with more than a little trepidation.

Though River Island’s chief executive Ben Lewis assures us all:

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Rihanna and to be the first fashion brand to work with her in this way.”

Most people are not built like, would ever look like or even on their best day could ever wish to wear clothes, have their hair and make-up come out as good as our stars do. While we all want to emulate celebs and come to think wearing outfits they have either designed or resemble the ones they wear might bring us that much closer to these people we adore and envy, wearing a RiRi top will not make you Rhianna…though that is the underlying promise of a fashion designer marrying a line with a pop star. If the clothes happen to be cool though, if they are made well and carry a unique style, then all the more power to Rhianna or anyone who attempts this.
We’ll all see in Spring ’13.

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