The Continuing Photoshopping Controversy

Jimmy Choo Nicole KidmanIn new pre-fall 2014 Jimmy Choo adds Nicole Kidman is all but unrecognizable because of photoshopping. And the point is? The 46 year-old actress can be made to look much younger and wholly unlike herself. Critics are lining-up to cry foul over a technique models have been undergoing since the days of airbrushing fueling the fire of the continuing photoshopping controversy.

This debate and the actual paradigm resulting from it, where the ‘thing’ that critics rail against becomes the actual ‘thing’ is akin to auto-tuning in modern day singers. Once simply a tool used by studio engineers for woefully out-of-tune singers, Cher made the actual auto-tuning ‘flange’ sound a recognized effect in her hit “Believe”. As we all know Cher can sing and Nichole Kidman in any stage of photo trickery is certainly worthy of any fashion modeling. It’s just that what used to pass as the effects and trickery used to bring people up to certain standards now seems to be the standard bearer.

H.B.O. “Girls” creator Lena Dunham appeared on a February Vogue cover obviously photoshopped. Her pictures ignited such a fire storm that website Jezebel offered $10,000.00 for the untouched images, which they did eventually get. To all this silliness Dunham tweet: “Some s–t is just too ridiculous to engage…let’s use our energy wisely, 2014.”

Yes, we could come to consider this all a great big cheat, but if pro baseballs stars are allowed to take drugs to enhance their current performance, and it becomes de rigueur, well that’s the playing field (pardon my pun) we are all now playing on, isn’t it? The couture world certainly is in the center of questions about the legitimacy of photoshopping, but really in almost all business a form of  ‘cheating’ (if we can even call it that) occurs all the time.

Is this cheating simply the evolution of our abilities?

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CableDrop and Cableyoyo, ‘in fashion’…for your comuter

Yes, I know this is usually a blog about fashion couture and latex lifestyle (at the very top of our interests); that we have featured everyone from Megan Massacare  to Rubberdoll to Bianca Beauchamp in this blog, through our issues 1 through eight and even on some behind the scenes video you see here from time to time; we champion Mode/Moda/Fashion in all its global forms by penning exposes on art, feature fetish and fantasy fiction and bringing you updates and photo collages on such renown  designers of latex-or pretty much any material-from houses like House of Harlot, Polymorphe, Inner Inner Sanctum to Jimmy Choo and Karl Lagerfeld.

Really we’re trying to cover as much of what we know interests us and our friends as we can.
So you can’t damn me when I get some handy dandy neato item to review that might fall afield of our usual reporting but I think truly ‘fashionable’ and certainly something we truly all could use in this day and age.

The CableDrop and Cableyoyo from both fit low data cords (the drops a little bit more as they can hold ear buds, glasses and pencils) are self adhesive beauties you can pretty much stick anyplace. The yoyo is actually a portable item, a square thin plate that allows you to coil up to 6 feet of a low voltage cord and when unwinding that cord from the yoyo you’ll find that cord remaining straight. You can put this little Cableyoyo in your pocket for on-the-go use. The drops, available in lime green, light mustard and pink are plastic ‘drops’ flat on one side (where they have a peel-and-stick backing) round on their other where a thin groove runs half through the thing’s face center horizontally.


See, it’s not all about tattoos, Ophelia Overdose or latex catsuits here at Von Gutenberg (not that we don’t love Ophelia and wouldn’t want to see her in a  catsuit!) The point is there’s a lot more to fashion then what people are wearing, as I have opined plenty of times (see my blog here on   ). Products like the CableDrop and Cableyoyo are truly fashionable for our times and worth a little look-see from you our Von Gutenberg reader….I know I’m going to use the ones I got.

Issue number eight of Von Gutenberg is worth a look-see too and if you have yet to have a look-see at our infamous tattoo issue with Miss Megan Massacre on its candy pink cover have a look here:

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Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo


So guess who is looking super leggy sexy in a new Jimmy Choo add? Tom Cruise’s ex Nicole Kidman is showing off quite a bit of herself for the 2014 spring-summer Choo line. This certainly thunder-from-down-under Aussie 46 year-old poses topless in one shot, reveals plenty of gams in others and basically displays her class and beauty with strappy orange sandals, a truly micro short dress, a clutch and plenty of other items she makes look delicious.

As the lady herself explained: “I loved the minimal styling and how the shoes and bags became like a sensual second skin to me.”

You can see all things Jimmy Choo at their website here: and God knows they are tops in the field of proving well made classy shoes, but Mrs Keith Urban lends such a high stepping class to their fashion that its hard to ignore what a celebrity of Kidman’s standing can do for a brand. Be it shoes, hair care products, dresses, showing-off alabaster like complexions (like Kidman’s) or models sporting piercings or tats (just like our VG #8 cover model Megan Massacre does) the right lady (or man for that matter) in the right ad simply rocks a product.

Nicole Kidman rocks Jimmy Choo.


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Fergie confesses shoe fetish

58818Fergie has to keep building new closets to house her enormous collection of shoes, but admits she may have to give some of them away when she starts trying for a baby later this year.

Fergie owns over 500 pairs of shoes.

The Black Eyed Peas star – who has just launched her own footwear collection called ‘Fergie’ – is so obsessed with buying new pairs of pumps, heels and sneakers, she has to keep building new storage space.

She said: “I’m a girl, and I love accessories. It’s one of the reasons I have huge closets, and we keep making room in the house for more closets. I don’t like to throw anything away.”

The 34-year-old star may have to think about downscaling her footwear collection – she and husband Josh Duhamel, 36, are planning to try for a baby when she finishes touring.

She said: “I’m not going to get pregnant on the tour because I’m too physical onstage. So after that, we can talk about babies.”

Fergie is not the only celebrity to boast a huge shoe collection.

Megan Fox claims her footwear habit is taking over her room.

She said: “I have upwards of, I would guess, 30 to 50 pairs of dress shoes. But they’re all really amazing! I love Jimmy Choo, and Casadei, and Cavalli. I’ve got pairs and pairs of them in the wardrobe, all over the floor – they’re all over the place!”

Kate Hudson recently admitted she is unable to stop herself from buying fancy footwear.

She said: “I’m a total shopaholic! I’ve tried to stop, but I love clothes and fashion way too much! I probably own more than 400 pairs of shoes. That’s a lot, isn’t it?”

ballet-1020smKeira Knightley is another star unable to control herself when she is near a shoe shop.

She admitted: “If I see a pair of shoes that I adore and they haven’t got them in my size, I still have to have them.”

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  • Source: bang showbiz
  • Date: 3 April 2009